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Crowdfunding a Stellar Interview at the V & A!

May 27, 2018 in Sustainable Fashion

A Stellar Interview Date with the V&A!

Napoleon declared, “Imagination Rules the World”. I couldn’t agree more. As you know I absolutely love what I do.  Serious, long-form journalism is a lifelong passion. Now, I want to take you all with me on an amazing journey of co-collaboration with Ethical Hedonist Magazine. Come with me on a magic carpet ride as we introduce action-packed, fun-filled monthly crowdfunding feature and filmed video and short arts journalism projects for the price of a cup of coffee, from £1.40/ $2 a month –  to support my one of a kind, stellar pieces of long-form journalism, exclusive interviews, video, short films, photo essays and monthly editorials.

Together with my talented, highly skilled editorial team, help me put journalism and the art and craft of feature writing center stage again. We want and tell the great stories of our time, that really, really matter.

So let’s get started.

I am thrilled to tell you that my first special fashion interview and feature project is an interview with Edwina Ehrman the curator behind the V & A Fashioned from Nature Exhibition. I will be filming a video interview for the magazine and YouTube with Edwina at the exhibition with award-winning film director, James Arden on June 5th and 6th 2018. I will also be researching and writing a long-form fashion feature examining the importance of the exhibition and looking at the remarkable history of natural fabrics in fashion. I will also explore trends in sustainable fabric innovation and discuss the future of fashion and its relationship with the natural world. The feature will include comments from leading fashion designers, film icons, and fashion editors. AJ will also look at iconic exhibits from – Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Katherine Hamnett and John Malkovitch.

Help Us Reach Our Budget Swiftly

We have some seed funding from a leading fashion charity, and we are now just £315 short of our target budget! When we go over our budget, the funds will go towards paying for a graduate researcher to assist the editor with the project and for urgent technical and SEO support for the magazine so more people can find Ethical Hedonist Magazine on the web.  Back us now – https://www.patreon.com/EthicalHedonistMag

You can read all about our goals and aims on our Patreon page, which we have just re-launched.

Back us now for behind the scenes perks, rewards, and subscriber-only giveaways and join our Ethical Hedonist Tribe. Your support helps us to provide new monthly features, interviews, and guides on Ethical Hedonist and pay our tiny core staff a living salary. Support a magazine produced by trained journalists that you love and trust. Journalism matters and it vital that the magazine becomes financially sustainable so we can expand and do so much more. From little acorns, a new sustainable and ethical media is born.

My next long-form feature project could be an interview with the explorer Benedict Allen – tell us what you think on social media! Feel free to suggest ideas too – it’s your magazine.

Total Budget for the  V & A  Filmed Interview and Long Form Fashion Feature – £ 3, 300. Amount raised so far  –  £2,985.00. We are just £315 away from our budget! Help us get there now. ( This budget creates paid work for five talented and trained media professionals. It pays our film and editorial team a fair fee for their brilliant, creative work and that includes our undergraduate social media and fashion marketing intern).

Risks and Challenges – None. The feature is confirmed and we have the funds to go ahead. If we don’t raise our full budget, we will simply economise where we can.

Images courtesy of the V & A Museum. Copyright 2017.


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