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Crowd Funding Alert! Europe’s Wild River Crisis Story

April 10, 2018 in Features

Crowd funding Alert! The Last Wild Rivers of Europe

Listen up Ethical Hedonist Tribe! We’ve got an awesome opportunity to cover a story about Europe’s last wild river, and what will happen if plans to dam and divert this majestic river go ahead destroying facts tracts of fertile land, devastating the lives of communities that depend on the river for fresh water and their very existence.  We are using people power and crowd funding to raise the feature budget for AJ and an award-winning videographer to cover the feature in London on May 2nd.  AJ and her storytelling, freelance editorial team have really cool opportunities to get out and report all the sustainable, green and sexy news you want to read, watch and support! Be part of that journey, get involved and make it happen.

Support Quality, Campaigning Journalism

Here is the first story for May (with more to follow) that AJ, our editor-in-chief would love to report on as journalist with a world-renowned reputation for feature writing honed at: The London Times, Sunday Times, The Independent, The Lady, ES, Country Life and You.

Rivers are Like Trees, Cut off the branches, and they Die

Europe’s last great, untouched wild rivers are in trouble and whole communities and animals are threatened with losing their homes, their habitat and source of fresh drinking water. The forgotten Balkan Peninsula is home the last great, untouched wild river, the Vjosa, which flows for 28o kilometres through spectacular, untouched canyons, ox bow lakes and rich flood plains from Greece, through Albania to the Adriatic Sea.  Now the region is being inundated with 3,000 hydropower projects and diversions, which will destroy the ecology of vast swathes of the region, lead to the extinction of species, including the endangered Balkan lynx, destroy communities and create barren deserts in their wake.

Patagonia, the sustainable fashion company has made a film about the proposed destruction of Europe’s last wild river systems. It is called Blue Heart. AJ and her team have been invited to attend the public premiere, in Hackney on May 2nd 2018.  AJ will interview Natasa Cirnkovic, from the Centre for the Environment, who has been campaigning to stop the damming of the Balkan rivers for the past seven years and Ryan Gellert from Patagonia.

Stop Environmental Catastrophe in the Balkans

The people of the Balkans need to mobilize support all around the globe to stop environmental catastrophe. Help us to tell their stories and watch the trailer.

The Budget for this Review and Feature Project is as follows –

Interview, Research and Writing Time –                            £250

Travel and Subsistence – return train and tube travel £90.00 (We are not based in London).

Optional filming with an award-winning videographer – £100.

Total = £340.00 with videographer – £440.00.

Please note, when we raise more than the basic budget, we will look to film a video interview too. You can donate to our PayPal button on our homepage (at the bottom of the page) or support us on our reactivated @Patreon page

Or become a monthly donor to the magazine for the price of a good cup of coffee. We would love your support.

We will keep you posted on our crowd funding progress and let you know when we have reached our target for this story.


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