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Letter from the Editor: Mothers, Storytelling and Revolution!

March 22, 2018 in Features

Letter from the Editor – Mothers and Journalism Revolution!

Dear Ethical Hedonist Tribe! Sometimes, life really does happen, and stops me writing to you, and so it is for me, until now. In early January, my remarkable, fiercely independent mum had what I can only describe as a spectacular cognitive, mental health breakdown. It all happened very suddenly  and spectacularly, and led to a crisis of what to do next to bring mum back from the brink of no return, helped by me, my sister, and the amazing natural health companies I turned to for help, (including Pukka Herbs, Weleda and Living Nutrition) and sadly, very little help from the GP or the overly medicalised NHS, who I am sure would prefer us all to expire quietly, past the age of 70 or submit to a cocktail of drugs with side effects which are more unpleasant than the original problem.  I am sorry to have to say that, but it has been our experience. I simply do not agree with dishing out anti-depressants to my mum, when a having a cup of tea, a slice of cake and visitor to talk to works wonders!

Sleeplessness and Sinus Problems

So what caused this meltdown? Looking back, I can tell you that it was mostly triggered by sheer frustration on my mum’s part. Quite simply she was suffering and she wanted to be heard and listened to. Mostly, she was experiencing problems that can become chronic in the third age. She couldn’t sleep, due to painful inflammation in the sinuses and she was having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, which is one of the most troublesome aspects of growing old! Though it can effect us all at any age, especially due to stress or after child birth.

Fixing Loneliness and Depression in Later Life

There was another reason by mum reached a state of crisis. As she has become increasingly frail over the past couple of years, her freedom was being curtailed and life wasn’t fun anymore. She gave up driving a year ago, my father died from cancer very suddenly more than a decade ago, most of her friends and peers have passed away, and she no longer feels strong enough to go on wonderful outings and day trips to the theatre in London or to go away on holiday with other people who have lost their partners. Basically, my mother was suffering from feelings of loneliness, depression, isolation and chronic pain.

A Steady, Holistic Recovery

After two months of dealing with our mum reverting to childhood, I am very relieved and happy to report that she is making a steady recovery, aided by lots of love and attention from her family, planned local outings to look forward to including coffee mornings and local theatre trips. The real progress has been made by really listening to mum, and fixing her chronic health issues one by one, and taking a holistic approach with herbs and gentle supplements and therapeutic teas. This includes: hemp oil from Living Nutrition to aid brain health and relaxation, Pukka’s Night-time complex with valerian to help my mother go off to sleep, Holy Basil, the herb that has been used for centuries to restore and support the mind, which is available from us via Pukka and Living Nutrition and Rhinodoran by Weleda to alleviate sinus using gentle, soothing aloe vera, rather than harsh steroid sprays.

Five Exciting Ways We Can Help You and Help Ethical Hedonist Magazine to Flourish!

Now onto news about the magazine and how you can help us to bring you more and more brilliant and inspiring Ethical Hedonist journalism and ideas.

The magazine is now in it’s four year, and is updated each month, with beautifully crafted features, interviews, opinion pieces, photography and recipes focused on unashamedly alluring, aspirational ways to embrace – slow fashion, organic food, positive banking, investing and insurance, organic health and beauty and slow travel.

I am currently looking into the idea of either running a share offer, for the magazine to release shares in Ethical Hedonist Magazine to our readers and supporters or to become a social enterprise. This all takes time, and we need to get this right.

In the meantime, as independent, sustainable magazine we need to increase our revenues to we can run more features, pay our core staff a living salary and continue to run internships for graduates in journalism and marketing.

Collaborate with Ethical Hedonist in the following 5 Brilliant Ways!




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  6. Until Next Time, Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter, Alison Jane, Christian, Pete, Christy and Arpan.  Image of our editor, Alison Jane Reid, with Chris Kilham the Medicine Hunter, Dale Pinnock, the medicinal chef, and Lei Chan from Viridian Nutrition. Alison Jane interviewed Chris for a project with Viridian on therapeutic herbs and the exciting idea of food as medicine.






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