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Organic Beauty, Art and the Warrior Goddess!

March 19, 2018 in Organic and Natural Beauty

Organic Beauty Feature

With the vogue for the female warrior, in Game of Thrones and Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games, it’s time to embrace a fierce, imaginative, confident new world of evening organic beauty, inspired by the natural riches and colours of planet earth, female power and the freewheeling brush strokes of the artist in this photographic beauty essay entitled ‘Compositions’ by contributing photographer, Clara Copley.

The desire to adorn, paint, mark and illuminate the face goes back at least 4,000 BC, maybe even further. Egyptian women used pigments made from berries, copper, malachite and iron to flaunt their high status and ward of evil spirits.

With a nod to Picasso and his exploration of female power and sexuality, we explore beauty, tribalism, art and the riches of the earth with bright, luminous, organic mineral makeup by Benecos, Inika and Burt’s Bees.

Here, Ruby’s face becomes a living canvas for a series of abstract temporary paintings where lines and curves are drawn in bold pigments of cobalt blue, magenta red, cyan yellow and burnished golden mica.

With spring just around the corner, we love the idea of colourful, bold, confident, wearable art – what living organic canvas will your face become?

Organic Beauty Product Credits
1.Benecos Bright Blue Pencil

Lavera Red Pencil

2. Benecos Bright Blue
bellapierre Money pigment with Evolve lip balm
3 Benecos shimmer powder in Position
Lily Lolo pencil in Ruby red
Lipstick Ilia Humble me
4 Burt’s Bees redwood forest Crayon
True Glue Liquid Eyeliner
5 Benecos Pencil Night Blue
Bellapierre Eye shimmer in Apt
Lilylolo Black pencil
6 occ lip tar
lily lilo Black pencil
Inika shimmer white pencil
All shots: Skincare by Vanderohe
Base Hiro Cosmetics Foundation + Space Balm concealer
Hair using Sachajuan spray
Credits for the team:
Words – Alison Jane Reid
Photography and Retouching: Clara Copley www.claracopley.co.uk
Make up and Hair: Tahira http://www.tahiramakeup.com
Model: Ruby at Premier models
 All Images Copyright Clara Copley 2017 , no reproduction without permission. 
Collaborate with us. Alison Jane and Clare Copley are available for sponsored organic beauty features. Email us for details at – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com

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