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Love is the Smell of Onagre Natural Perfume!

March 2, 2018 in Organic and Natural Beauty



Reader I’m in love. No, not with Benedict Cumberbatch, and not with the Crown on Netflix… though both are pretty essential to my happiness levels right now.

I’m smitten with a plant-based, award-winning natural perfume called Onagre, made by a remarkable, best kept secret, organic and ethical skincare company you might not have heard of, because they don’t do glossy advertising budgets the size of small African countries to seduce you. Though they do have plenty of genuine A list fans, including – Adele, Julia Roberts, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and a galaxy of supers.

The company is called Weleda.

Move over Chanel, Gucci, Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana, blah, blah, and meet a green and sexy, organic skincare company that has heritage allure by the organic garden load! Yes, they even grow some of their own organic plants, flowers and herbs. Weleda also just happens to be a household name in Germany and Switzerland, but deserves to become far more popular in the UK.

Onagre is a natural and organic perfume created to evoke a high summer day, with a bouquet of precious, warm and spicy organic essential oils and flower extracts. It also comes in a chic, minimalist, eco conscious glass bottle, in the Pantone colour de jour – ultra violet. As I have discovered, it is also so much more than a perfume. It’s a magical, flower power, happiness in a bottle mood booster. Boom! One or two strategic pumps and sense of calm and joy descends on the wearer, like a protective veil. Reader, I now keep a bottle on my desk for an instant shot of flower power rocket fuel. Natural aromas can really do that.

Natural perfumes formulated with precious essential oils are so different to the cloying, oppressive, artificial perfumes that beckon to us on the pages of the world’s glossy magazines.

Go Green, Sexy and Organic with Perfume!

By contrast, mass produced perfume is all showy, siren allure and no substance – made from a cocktail of obscure chemical compounds that require a Ph d in chemistry to understand, a marketing budget that could transform thousands of lives, and a glittery illusion of a lifestyle fit for a Hollywood princess. Go organic and sustainable with your perfume and help support a sustainable, Fair-trade farming revolution all around our planet.

Just before Christmas, Weleda asked me if I would like to try their new perfume in the Jardin de Vie Collection, inspired by their Evening Primrose Skincare collection.I was intrigued. Smell is such a powerful thing, but it has to be the right smell. One we have evolved to recognise and respond to as animals.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much, when I first uncapped Onagre, and sprayed this warm, enigmatic perfume, based on top notes of magnolia, cardamom and sustainable sandalwood from the highlands of Sri Lanka, liberally into the soft, fleshy hollow of my supersternal knot and just behind my ears. ( I should have known better. Weleda is rightly adored for creating skincare with wonderful aromas). Then a very interesting reaction took place. This perfume smelt like joy, like summer, like a holiday for two on the isle of Capri. It was bottled sunshine on a winter’s day. As Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, and expert on plants says. “Plants will blow your mind.” He is absolutely right.

Onagre offers a powerful, instant mood upliftment, in a way over-hyped commercial perfume just can’t do, because the smell is fake.

A Natural Perfume Star

In the short time since its winter launch, am excited to report that Onagre has been quite a hit in the UK, and garnered several awards.I believe Onagre by Weleda, possesses all the ingredients to become a classic fragrance with added happiness benefits, if it doesn’t disappear before it has a chance to become a cult smell! I am sure that has much to go with the growing interest in organic skincare, as more and more of us become educated about what goes into our skincare, and look for ethical, plant-based products that don’t harm humans or our environment. I suggest we all all snap up supplies, so that Onagre is given a chance to establish itself as a natural perfume star – not just in the UK, but in every country where woman love and respond to the power of nature to uplift the heart, senses and mind.

Try a Dash of Organic, Flower Power Rocket Fuel!

As I survey the snow storm outside my window, it is lovely to reach for a dash of organic, flower power perfume from the comfort of my desk. We all need a dash of summer sunshine, whatever the weather.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of journalism, hand-crafted with passion and love for the profession of writing. You can champion me and support this emerging organic and ethical magazine by buying your favourite Weleda products through our Weleda Shop Portal Here –  Buy Weleda Through Ethical Hedonist Magazine

One to One Expert Advice Need some help or one to advice on Weleda or a particular skin concern?  I would love to hear from you. Email me – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com

Win An Onagre Ribbon Gift Box

Tell me what it would mean to you and a loved one to win a gift box of Weleda Onagre Perfume, Evening Primrose Body Lotion and Evening Primrose Body Wash. This exquisite box is worth £35.00. The winner will be announced next week.  The editor’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative.

More on Weleda and Sustainable Sandalwood –

To ensure a sustainable supply of sandalwood essential oil, Weleda has invested in an agriculture project for the future: part of a reforestation project in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, allowing harvesting of trees planted today in twenty years’ time. One hundred kilograms of the precious wood produces around one litre of sandalwood essential oil.

The idea of cultivating sandalwood plants alongside other crops such as tea, fruit trees and cinnamon is a new one. The organically-certified tea bushes ensure a basic income for the growers. Weleda has been making a contribution here since 2009, by giving the farmers a higher, contractually agreed kilo price for sandalwood oil. The daily wage for agricultural workers is also one-quarter higher than usual. To achieve a sustainable harvest, the naturally grown sandalwood trees have to be harvested in phases. At the same time, 250 trees per hectare are replanted every year.


My Life in Perfume

Perfume is a powerful olfactory talisman. Reader, which perfume evokes intense snapshots in your life? Write and tell me about your perfume discoveries.

For me, my life in perfumed notes began when I was fifteen. Every week I had a different crush. I was mad about Sting and drawn to watching Catherine Deneuve in her entire back catalogue of sub titled films. I can still remember the secret thrill of saving my Saturday job money to buy my very first bottle of blue, black Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent. At the time, it was a scent that seemed so daring, so mysterious, so dangerous, so tres chic to my overwrought teenage imagination!

I longed to be Deneuve dressing in a mannish, Le Smoking jacket and skinny pants and dazzling a whole galaxy of admirers at Studio 54. Later, wanting to find a more natural scent, I bought little bottles of sticky, unctuous patchouli oil in my local health food shop, and mused on the tragic, boho beauty of Talitha Getty. Then, in my thirties, I discovered the impossibly sophisticated allure of Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, created by the House of Creed and loved by the incendiary film star, Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner and the Perfume Hall at Fortnum and Mason

I first discovered the House of Creed in the lofty perfume hall at Fortnum and Mason. Surely this is the most beautiful place to embark on a new grand passion in top notes and flower power hearts? As for Fleur de The, I imagined, this was the scent of impetuous, crazy love, trysts in the afternoon and a wardrobe of picture hats and haute couture gowns in which to break hearts. Creed’s signature perfume has plenty of va, va voom. It is a subtle, sophisticated scent worn by Ava during her tempestuous marriage to Frank Sinatra. I wonder if she bathed in Creed before driving Frank crazy?

Now, knowing that many great perfumes no longer contain natural essential oils and flower, extracts, I am always on a quest to discover new or obscure perfumes that go back to the very beginning of perfume making. To a time when only real flowers, spices, herbs and plants were used to make perfume of extraordinary depth, power and the super powers of mother nature to uplift hearts and calm frazzled brains even on the stormiest of Mondays.


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