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Letter from the Editor: My Organic December

December 23, 2017 in Arts & Entertainment

FLetter from the Editor- My Organic December

Welcome to my editor’s scrapbook and journal, where I share what I have been up to, who I’ve interviewed, places I have stumbled across and some of the artisan, handmade, organic and sustainable treasures I have discovered on my green and sexy editing travels in December….

I love the twinkling time leading up to Christmas and New Year. For me it is about celebrating the darkness, cocooning in front of the fire and most importantly, spending more time with loved ones and having time to jump off the merry-go-round of being a journalist for a few days. I like to  read the books I never seem to have time for, mooch around, watch old movies and yes, eat artisan and organic food from my favourite local producers and a little too much good, organic chocolate!

So, for those who don’t know this already, I really, really do love very good artisan, organic chocolate, and the best milk chocolate I have tasted so far is by the gloriously whimsical Zotter Chocolate.  As an organic chocolate devotee, I can recommend the Zotter Fifty Per Cent Milk Chocolate Bar – for the best of both world’s – a darker shade of milk, which is tantalisingly creamy, not too sweet, with notes of burnt caramel, malt and a long, silken, pleasurable finish. I don’t really like dark chocolate. I know it is better for our health, but I just miss the creamy, buttery, sensual pleasure that comes with eating milk chocolate. So a dark milk chocolate is the best of all possible chocolate heaven! Made with beans from Nicaragua, this deliciously satisfying bar offers a grown up odyssey of taste, pleasure and delight to the most serious chocolate connoisseur. It’s like the best scene in when Harry Met Sally. You know the one I mean!!!

Now I have some exciting news. I am developing our creative storytelling and content services for authentic, heritage brands at Ethical Hedonist. I would like to introduce you all to the talented Troy Aidoo, filmmaker and videographer, who deservedly garnered an award for his elegant Rambert Dance video. Troy and I have teamed up to film some exciting interviews, including a new interview with my friend, Brazilian artist Kim Poor, who has a Christmas exhibition – Amazonia Imagined – at the Brazilian Embassy in London, now extended until January. . If you really want to understand the importance of the Amazon, for its biodiversity and the wisdom  and living stories of the indigenous people, this is the exhibition to immerse yourself in, with Kim’s dreamy, poetic, haunting diaphanous paintings, admired by Salvador Dali.

Look out for Kim’s image of the elusive jaguar cat. Kim’s jaguar is a cat of distinction, mysticism and a born fashion icon. The painting is based on Kim’s own fleeting encounter with the rainforest cat one morning, as it drank from the Amazon before slinking back into the forest. I can’t help thinking Kim’s iconic, charismatic, impressionistic paintings would really lend themselves to scarves and dresses… so watch this space.

You can watch a highlight from the interview on the magazine where Kim talks about the family love affair that links her to Amazonia, with her own Pocahontas story. The full interview will air after Christmas.

We are now very much focused on the idea of journalistic projects, and we would love your support to make them happen.

If you would like to donate towards the magazine or the Kim Poor Interview you can donate to our Paypal button or join us on our new @Patreon page.

Our new film project for early 2018 – will be a series of Tea and Fashion Interviews in London, where I will interview some of the leading stars of Made in Britain, sustainable, artisan luxury fashion. (Featured dress by Nade in Britain, slow luxe label label Dai). Get in touch if you would like to help support, be featured or  co sponsor  these exciting interviews. Troy with be filming them, and we hope to team up with Le Pain Quotidien and their atmospheric organic and local stores around London as a backdrop for the interviews.

I would love you all to get involved. What are the hot topics across food, fashion, health and wellbeing, the arts and circular innovation that you would like me to interview and film with my talented collaborators? Talk to us and together we can make them happen. Leave a comment or get in touch by email, twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Now to news of our exciting new collaboration with Weleda, one of the oldest natural and organic wellbeing companies in the world. In fact Weleda is 95 years old, outdoing the Queen and Sir David Attenborough by four years!

I’ve partnered with Weleda, one of my favourite organic and sustainable hero brands to raise much needed operating revenue for Ethical Hedonist Magazine, and you can support us simply by purchasing a vast array of organic beauty, skincare and wellbeing products via our Weleda shop portal here – Ethical Hedonist at Weleda Shop    Look out for the Weleda Sale which starts this weekend, with 20% of selected collections. I will be setting up some exciting in conversation  events with Weleda in 2018, focused on organic farming and plant-based beauty and wellbeing. Do leave a comment if you would like to come to one of these events or  would like us to stage a virtual Weleda wellbeing party for you and a group of friends. You can email me if you would like some expert, one to one advice for a wonderful organic liftoff to 2018!

See you in 2018, AJ, Christy, Sonam, Troy and Christian.







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