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Skinfood – Organic Beauty Superstar!

December 14, 2017 in Organic & Natural Beauty

Skinfood – A List Organic Beauty Icon

Organic skincare, based on the plantastic power of plants to heal, calm and rejuvenate our skin and feed our senses is not a new fangled idea. It might surprise you to learn that one rather beloved organic skincare hero, is the same magnificent age as the Queen, David Attenborough and Winnie the Pooh! That’s right, 1926 was a vintage year for giving birth to icons, including green and organic ones.

Intrigued? Meet Skinfood by Weleda – first aid for skin in a paintbox green tube, beloved by A list film icons such as Julia Roberts and the singer Adele. I first stumbled across Skinfood, which celebrated its 90th birthday last year, in a health food shop at university. I was soon smitten.

Skinfood is like no other moisturiser. It’s isn’t just a pleasant, organic moisturiser. It’s a super duper, multi-tasking organic first-aid wonder cream for thirsty, stressed out skin, anywhere it is needed.  The texture is luxuriously thick and creamy, but it soon sinks in, creating a silken veil, and it smells like sherbet lemons, only, the green and organic version. The key key to its enduring success is that it doesn’t come with an A list price tag, given the powerhouse of anti-inflammatory, calming essentials oils and plant extracts, including extracts of – wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and rosemary. Remarkably, the formula hasn’t changed since 1926, because it’s perfect.Why would you dare mess with a paraben and preservative free formula that works brilliantly as first aid for skin that needs some gentle, effective, plant-based TLC?

Plants and herbs adapt to the harshest conditions in the wild, and that is why they are indispensable and valuable to us, and we must learn to cherish their therapeutic gifts. For this is healing skin food for humans.  Many of the plant extracts contained in Weleda’s formulations, are still grown in their organic and biodynamic gardens in – Derbyshire, England and at sites in Germany, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and South America.

Adele and Skinfood On Tour

Adele likes to use it after she has been on tour, and has to wear a lot of makeup. She says she feels that her skin can breathe again.

Skinfood can be used to restore dry, rough hands, as a body moisturiser, foot balm and my favourite – as a soothing organic face masque to restore a rose bloom to a palid winter complexion. You can buy Skinfood from our new shop portal here. Every purchase helps to support this sustainable magazine, and our editorial running costs. Fund an ethical journalism revolution and champion sustainable, organic farming.

Buy from the Ethical Hedonist @Weleda Shop

Our partnership works as a referral and advisor scheme.  You can email us if you would like advice from our editor AJ, with our #ASKAJ service on Weleda purchases, or to book a one to one phone or Skype Consultation. Minimum Spends of £100 apply for a 30 min personal consultation.

About Weleda

Weleda is one of the oldest natural and organic health and wellbeing companies in the world. The company is run by not for profit trust, set up by the founders.

What started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own plant garden, is today a world-leading manufacturer of certified natural by NATRUE personal care. Our founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner along with Dr. Ita Wegman, and a team of scientists created the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms.

Today, Weleda is represented in over 50 countries on all five continents. The three main sites are still where Weleda’s history began: in Arlesheim, near Basel in Switzerland; in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart in Germany and in the French city of Huningue, Alsace. From these bases – and from our company branches the world over – Weleda produces hundreds of natural cosmetics and thousands of pharmaceuticals, still partly produced from medicinal plants from our own organic and biodynamic gardens. You can read more on Weleda via our portal.



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