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The Bespoke Farrah Fawcett Jumpsuit!

October 9, 2017 in Slow Luxury Fashion

The Farah Fawcett Jumpsuit, and It’s Eco Conscious!

Do you love the bold, Studio 54 allure and glamour of the seventies, and fearless, yet feminine icons like Charlie’s Angels, leonine, Farah Fawcett; or David Bowie’s beautiful wife, Iman?

Then you will love the sassy, head-turning sex appeal of the Farah Fawcett inspired, eco conscious, black jumpsuit, reinvented for today’s conscious consumer by artisan fashion house, AnnaBorgia. The label has a stylish foot in two worlds – Rome for wonderful artisan seamstresses and tailoring, and San Fransisco for innovation and that breezy can do American girl attitude.

As a young woman growing up in patriarchal Italy, Daniela, the creative director, was endlessly drawn to heroines in novels and films who exuded a fearless feminine power. “ As a young girl, I would have been happy to trade places with Pippi Longstocking. Then, in my teenager years, it was the unconventional Jo in Little Women, and the fabulous chutzpah and defiance of Katherine Hepburn in Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.”

Nor did Daniela miss an episode of Charlie’s Angels. “I was mesmerised by the powerful force and confidence of all the female leads, but especially Farrah Fawcett, who in my mind, more than the others, combined confidence, strength and sex appeal, while remaining unaffected and genuine. She had such charm and feminine grace.”

Inspired by Farrah Fawcett’s need to move in a hurry, as an accomplished sportswoman and action girl, Daniela has simplified the jumpsuit for the minimalist loving, 21st century woman, and the AnnaBorgia jumpsuit is as easy to slip into as a pair of elegant pants. The cut exudes that celebrated La Dolce Vita style and offers slow, sensuous, effortless glamour.  All you need to do is tie the halter with a flourish, add a fabulous pair of heels and maybe an elegant, embellished sash for evening and you are ready for your action adventure to unfold.

Eco Cred

AnnaBorgia clothing is made to order in Italy, using local artisans and state of the art, luxurious, vegan-friendly fabrics, that look and feel like silk.

Locally Made – Anna Borgia uses highly skilled local fashion artisans, and everything is made to order, to save on waste. AnnaBorgia sources it’s cruelty-free, luxury fabric from the Japanese textile company Zentex.  The silk-like fabric used for the jumpsuit is hand-washable, vegan friendly and wrinkle-resistant. The aim is to produce timeless capsule wardrobe staples that will last for many seasons, and not land up in landfill anytime soon.

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