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We Want a Gung Ho Stag Beetle Sweatshirt!

August 21, 2017 in Slow Luxury Fashion

Object of Desire – Gung Ho Stag Beetle Sweatshirt

Who knew that a stag beetle could become an emblem of conscious fashion lust and desire? Do you adore a dash of British whimsy and over the top, animal magnetism and flower power fabulousness? Then Gung Ho is the go to, sustainable luxury fashion label to covet.

We want a Gung Ho organic sweatshirt, emblazoned with artist, Sophie Dunster’s, most magnetic of golden beetles – and we want one now. We declare that beetles, moths and bees are the fantastic creatures to flaunt as you choose to wear your sustainable, green and sexy fashion conscience oh so close to your heart.

Sustainable Luxury Fashion Can Be Sexy, Beautifully Designed and Covetable

Congratulations are in order too. Sophie has just successfully crowd funded her first artisan, made in Britain, charismatic capsule collection on @kickstarter – with a noble aim – to ditch the idea that eco fashion is dull and make it utterly adorable, sexy and arresting.

With typical ‘Gung Ho’ spirit, Sophie declares, “since our style choices tell us so much about our personalities, this way we can not only wear what we love, but what we believe in.”

Secret Messages About Conservation and Endangered Species

The collection features verdant, opulent, botanical prints with hidden messages about our most endangered species. Each time a garment is sold, a donation is made to a wildlife or conservation charity referenced within the print. It’s a confident, alluring debut from this quintessentially British artist who is one to watch and collect.

Snap up pieces from the collection at the @kickstarter preview price. Gung Ho Design


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  1. eslglobal says:

    My name is Sophie Dunster and I am the founder of Gung Ho Design, an ethical brand on a mission to create fashion that means more.

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