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The Power of Video Storytelling for Sustainable Brands

July 3, 2017 in Everything Else

When AJ Met Troy

Ethical Hedonist Magazine is growing up and welcoming more journalists, columnists and filmmakers to help tell compelling stories around the sustainable revolution from fashion to money and a new culture of social impact. Welcome to the ethical video storytelling revolution.

This month, I am very excited to introduce you all to Troy Aidoo. Troy is an award winning, London based videographer and filmmaker, with a compelling, ethical voice and a passion for sustainable fashion, mental health topics, theatre, dance and black culture. Troy garnered an award for his work with the illustrious Rambert Dance Company, and he tells me he became interested in filming the stories behind ethical fashion when he found out about the plight of garment workers in rural China.


Alison Jane filming a story on organic cotton with sustainable couturier Lucy Tammam and film icon Jenny Agutter.

“AJ and I want to help slow, ethical companies companies compete with conventional companies, through compelling ethical video storytelling. It’s time to create a level playing field.”

Troy discovered Ethical Hedonist through our sponsorship of Ethical Hour, and now he is teaming up with me to film interviews with the stars of sustainability and to make compelling videos and films for leading sustainable, organic and social impact brands.

Troy’s Fashion Revolution Video, Who Made My Clothes

We are currently discussing our first video storytelling projects, and would love to hear from sustainable, organic, circular economy and Made in Britain brands that are ready to be discovered and talked about through the power of iconic storytelling. When you work with a leading journalist and award-winning videographer, you are supporting, trained independent journalism and filmmaking. You are also harnessing my 20-year track record as journalist interviewing the world’s icons from Keira Knightley to David Attenborough, Karl Lagerfeld, the girls in Sexy and the City and the stars of Downton Abbey, to name just a few of the remarkable people I have interviewed throughout my career. Storytelling is my USP.

Now it could be you. Get in touch to discuss your dream project. We would love to collaborate with you. Email us at ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com

Zandra Rhodes Interview filmed by Christian Bell for Ethical Hedonist

LFW Week Image by Alex Hall for Ethical Hedonist – http://www.a-h.photography/


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