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Dance of Venus Workshop Glastonbury

June 29, 2017 in Slow Travel

Groundbreaking Dance of Venus workshop in Glastonbury this Sunday explores what Venus can teach us about living in harmony on Earth

Leading world experts on Venus – astrologer John Wadsworth and publisher/cosmologist John Martineau – will converge in Glastonbury this Sunday to present a unique and innovative workshop at the Red Brick Building, entitled, ‘The Dance of Venus: Exploring Pattern, Harmony & Beauty in the Solar System & Beyond’.

Featuring a series of fascinating talks and experiential mini-workshop sessions, the workshop will bring a rare synthesis of astrology, sacred geometry, astronomy and aesthetics, blended with music, gongs and dance.

The event will share frontline knowledge about the Dance of Venus and the huge significance of this planet for our times. As John Martineau, publisher of Wooden Books and author of A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System explains, the workshop comes at a momentous juncture in the history of astronomy:

“It’s an extremely exciting time in astronomy right now, we’ve gone from having maps of no other solar system other than our own to having maps of nine thousand other solar systems in just a few years, and it’s estimated that within the next two to three years we’ll have maps of a million other solar systems and have a good indication of what their atmospheres consist of. There will never be an acceleration in our understanding and knowledge of exoplanets as huge as this – we’ll have gone from nearly nothing to a million other solar systems within just five years!”

From their studies of Venus, the two Johns have discovered that Venus draws a beautiful five-petalled rose pattern in space around the Earth every eight years. This remarkable dance is composed of five heart-shaped movements, each consisting of an inferior and superior conjunction to the sun, five of each of which then form two pentagrams in the zodiac over the eight years. The rose and the pentagram are traditional symbols of Venus, as is the apple, which reveals a pentagram in the five pips of its core when cut in half.  Eight earth years equates to thirteen Venus years, the difference between these numbers producing the five petals of the rose pattern.  Five, eight and thirteen are early numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, widely used by flowering plants on Earth. The Fibonacci sequence also approximates the golden ratio, embodied in the pentagram.

Why does Venus, named for the Goddess of love, beauty and harmony, dance for the Earth in this most elegant and symmetrical way?

“It makes perfect sense to the symbolist and the sacred geometer and it confirms her astrological meaning,” elucidates John Wadsworth, author of exciting upcoming book Turning the Wheel of Your Zodiac Soul (published March 2018). “As we’ll explore on Sunday, new discoveries of alien solar systems and exoplanets reveal other resonant dances, but Venus and Earth’s unique relationship continues to fascinate. With Venusian principles in mind – fairness, harmony, beauty and truth – we’ll also be explaining how we can re-envision relationships, restructure communities and renew the economy.”

John Martineau says: “Dedicating a whole day to looking at Venus may seem a strange thing to do but she is our closest planetary neighbour, and the way she moves around the Earth and some of the numbers she produces are quite extraordinary. Yet because it’s so extraordinary, its generally always omitted from mainstream astronomy books so surprisingly few people know about it.”

The Dance of Venus workshop takes places from 9.30am–5.30pm at the Red Brick Building, Morland Enterprise Park, Morland Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9FT. Cost: £50.00. For more information/bookings for the Dance of Venus workshop and to view Sunday’s programme visit: http://redbrickbuilding.co.uk/event/venus/






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