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I Have a Dream to Create a Green and Sexy Magazine Revolution!

May 17, 2017 in Arts & Entertainment

Crowd fund Ethical Hedonist, Help Me Turn Our World Sustainable

John Dowing

Portrait of our  Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alison Jane Reid by John Downing – Former Chief Photographer at the Daily Express and a Brilliant, Award-winning, Press Photographer.

I have a dream, a big one. I’m creating a new type of green and sexy, sustainable magazine and multi media platform based on the idea that green ideas  are the sexiest, and that creating a super, low carbon society is exciting, smart, fun and full of opportunity, not sacrifice. Ethical Hedonism is about showing that circular ideas are fun and awesome. So, let’s get going.   Crowd fund a green and sexy media revolution right now!

We are live @crowdfunderuk  – To grow this cool, conscious magazine and create an unstoppable green and sexy, revolution, all around the globe!

This is about bringing you the interviews, features you want to read with leading actors and icons, ethical fashion stars, and the inventors and scientists who are inventing and innovating  a new emerald age, jam-packed with greentec and circular economy brilliance and innovation.  From stellar physicists working on making aeroplanes super sustainable – to the inventor who is disrupting the fishing industry with his magical lights, to stop discard fish and bring about a sustainable fishing revolution, backed by Richard Branson.  Plus brilliant, charismatic shopping and lifestyle trend reports on how to live sustainably, buy gorgeous treasures and help save the planet at the same time!

Ethical Hedonist is authentic, disruptive and a very  personal passion project, based on a life-long passion for organic food and farming, that treats our soil with the respect it deserves, because life comes from the soil. We are  different from all the over hyped magazines that no longer recognise independent thought, creativity or celebrate journalism in it purest form  – it’s called Ethical Hedonist.  Back a stellar feature writer and fashion editor,  who has  twice been voted one of the top 100 ethical opinion formers on social media by the Triodos Bank in 2016.

We are live @crowdfunderuk  Ethical Hedonist More Media for Nature Campaign  

This is about bringing you the interviews you want to read with leading actors and icons, who champion sustainability and a major new section focused on natural history and conservation stories from around the globe.  It’s about interviewing your heroes and the stars of conservation, working hard to save our endangered species.

I am Proud to be a Journalist

Will you join me and help crowd fund the magazine I have launched with zeal, passion, a government enterprise loan, many sleepless nights and my remarkable mum? I am proud to be a journalist, and I ask you to support this emerging and inspiring Fair-trade, sustainable, organic magazine now in its third year. My illustrious track record in  journalism as a feature writer on icons and sustainable champion speaks for itself. Read my LinkedIn profile here – https://goo.gl/X7iNaU

Alison Jane, The Ethical Hedonist with some of her guests at The EH Slow Pukka Party

Alison Jane, The Ethical Hedonist with some of her guests at The EH Slow Fairtrade Pukka Party – A Showcase of Sustainable Producers

Make A Small Donation or Pick a Brilliant Reward to Fund Ethical Hedonist and Fund An Ethical Hedonist Revolution

We need you to pledge for an exciting reward to help fund Ethical Hedonist and secure its future, and to keep the magazine inspiringly independent.  If there is a reward you would like that harnesses my storytelling telling and creativity, get in you touch and we will include it. Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comment box. Rewards start from £3.00 for the special digital download of Ethical Hedonist, post crowd funding. Every business that back us with a business reward will be featured in this very special edition of the magazine.

Alison Jane, Editor of Ethical Hedonist goes for a bike ride along the Thames towpath.

Alison Jane goes for a bike ride along the Thames towpath in Sustainable, Slow Luxury Fashion by Bichobichejo; Made in Britain Pashley Bicycle courtesy of the Bingham Hotel, Richmond.

Become our Patron on Crowdfunderuk  and for a Small Donation Help Secure Three Magazine Jobs and Help Me Champion Sustainability and Thousands of Small Producers in the UK and globally.

Our aim is to raise a minimum of £60,000 to fund the next year of Ethical Hedonist Magazine. (Please note, we are now raising part of this money off-line, so are target on crowd funder is £20,000, with £10,000 of that hopefully coming from match funding for social impact. Help us get to £10,000 as fast as possible).  This would enable me to  fund our basic editorial operating costs and pay off a government backed startup loan used to launch the magazine in 2013/14. We will have the budget  to go out every month and film interviews, features and news stories for our YouTube channel.  It will also enable us to  fund two part-time journalism internships for the brightest undergraduates in multi media journalism and sustainable entrepreneurship. One of my dreams is to establish a charitable fund for internships and award bursaries to journalists of all ages to work on assignment for the magazine.   Most importantly, we will be able to expand  our editorial coverage, freeing me to focus on writing the features you love so much. We would also need to be pay for website innovations, get get help with SEO, pr and marketing so that more of you can find the magazine and become truly inspired – together we can achieve incredible goals and truly turn this extraordinary planet a vibrant shade of emerald green! I have more journalists, photo journalists and wildlife film makers onboard and we will be launching a competition to find the  best Ethical Hedonist Wildlife Journalist and Photo Journalist of 2017!

Becca wears a coat of many colours by hot British designer and clever,magpie recycler, Lu Flu.

Becca Models an up cycled coat by designer Lu Flux at the Ethical Hedonist Slow, Fairtrade Fashion Tea Party as Alison Jane Compares the Catwalk. Picture Jo Monk.

From Icons to Attenborough and Chilli Loving Grandmothers Dealing with HIV

I’m a dreamer and a rebel and a journalist who never, ever stands still.  While I have breath in this body there are so many extraordinary people I want to write about. I want to interview Sir David Attenborough again, for the fourth time!  I want to talk about boffins and brilliant, sustainable innovation and the chilli loving grandmas of Swaziland who are taking care of children, left motherless by HIV.

The Chill Growing Grandmothers of Swaziland, working with Traidcraft to Transform Families Orphaned by HIV.

The Chill Growing Grandmothers of Swaziland, working with Traidcraft to Transform Families Orphaned by HIV.

An Intelligent Slow Luxury Magazine for a Changing World Order

I want to write about slow couture that makes the heart flutter and the artist who captures the magnificence of the tiger in thousands of twinkling Swarovski crystals, raising awareness to save our endangered species from extinction. I want to share journalistic enquiry and storytelling with acting icons such as Colin Morgan, an inspiring conservationist, you will never forget. But I can do it without you.

Our Iconic Poster of Colin Morgan, Styled as a homage to James Bond. Picture Mike Owen. Fashion Direction Alison Jane Reid

Our Iconic Poster of Colin Morgan, Styled as a homage to James Bond. Picture Mike Owen. Fashion Direction Alison Jane Reid. Picture Mike Owen. Fashion Direction Alison Jane Reid.

Ethical Hedonist is a magazine that champions and inspires a new world order – one based on fairness, compassion, ethics and beauty – not greed, unethical or cruel behaviour. A magazine that fights for decency, equal opportunity and care for our fellow humans.  And I want to create jobs for talented, ethical journalists of all ages who can’t find work in a world where we are all over marketed to by big business. Ruthless companies that sell cheap clothes that pollute and exploit our world and food companies that don’t give a damn about our health, happiness or wellbeing. Isn’t it time for an ethical hedonist revolution?

Sir David Attenborough, Frozen Planet & An Elegiac Lament for a Vanishing World

Sir David Attenborough and Our Frozen Planet – Copyright The BBC. All Rights Reserved.

Crowdfund Ethical Hedonist Magazine and Help Create an Ethical Media Revolution!

Do you love what I am doing going as a journalist and editor? Then get involved. I invite you to become a patron of the arts.  We need a lot of people to give a small amount month or buy an exciting reward to help fund Ethical Hedonist and secure its future, free from vested interests and to keep the magazine inspiringly independent.

What are you waiting for? The time is drawing near! Fund Ethical Hedonist!  #1001EthicalStories #letsmakeamagazine coming soon @crowdfunderuk

Please sign up to our newsletter so we can contact with details of when to get ready to pledge.

Alison Jane – Journalist Extraordinaire, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

You can also help fund the magazine’s editorial running costs by buying you favourite organic products via our magazine shop and purchasing our first iconic art poster from Alison Jane’s fashion feature with Colin Morgan, an inspirational actor and a keen environmentalist: www.ethical-hedonist.com/colin_morgan

How very Ethical Hedonist! Alison Jane enjoys an early morning yoga session at The Bingham, beside the Thames at Richmond.

Alison Jane enjoys an early morning yoga session at The Bingham, a sustainable hotel beside the Thames at Richmond. Picture Elisabetta Landoni.

Alison Jane Tastes Slow, Rare Breed Lamb with Michelin-Starred Chef Andy McFadden.

Alison Jane Tastes Slow, Rare Breed Lamb with Michelin-Starred Chef Andy McFadden. Picture Alex Hall.


about the author

Alison Jane Reid

Alison Jane Reid - Journalist, Editor & Emerald Princess of Slow, Sustainable Luxury Living - 18 year track record interviewing real icons for: The Times, The Lady, You, The Mirror and Country Life. Now leading her alluring fairtrade, emerald revolution - Don’t Miss Out - Have you joined The Ethical Hedonist set?

5 responses to “I Have a Dream to Create a Green and Sexy Magazine Revolution!”

  1. Lina Hogg says:

    Love what you’re doing Alison! Would you be interested in our story at Arya Candles http://www.aryacandles.com? We’re a socially and environmentally conscious business. From some of the proceeds we sponsor women survivors of war through the charity Women for Women International. This Friday we are launch our brand new design and branding. We are also crowd funding for 20% equity, soon to be launched.

    Best regards

  2. I’m really excited about this, because I think it will bring awareness to many.
    I formulate organic skincare with sustainable plant oils and botanical extracts and package them as eco as possible. There are endangered species widely used in cosmetics such as rosewood and Indian sandalwood essential oil, and palm oil, there is no need, there are hundreds of alternatives.
    There is also a huge waste with packaging. I order from organic suppliers who are doing there bit and to be fair the majority do use biodegradable packaging, but some don’t seem to see the whole story – the amount of bubble wrap and packing peanuts that goes into landfill must be horrendous.
    I do have a friend who is an extremely knowledgable aromatherapy and complimentary therapy lecturer and organic skincare formulation consultant. We do holistic health hub events together and try and spread the word on holistic health. She has written an article on sandalwood forests – I am sure she would be happy to write about palm oil substitutes and or rosewood – maybe it would be a good article for when your magazine cones out?

    Kind regards
    Mercedes Harris
    Vedani Botanicals

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Thank you Mercedes,That’s really good to hear. Please spread the word and email us about you and your organic skincare. Maybe we can team up and collaborate? Warmest Regards, AJ and Team EH.

  3. Kate Evans says:

    Lovely Alison, well done. I will definitely be buying it when it launches, I can’t wait. I’m going to go and have a look at the crowdfunding page now to see what I can do to help.
    Wishing you all the best of luck
    Kate Evans
    Graduate Planet

  4. Alison Jane Reid says:

    Thank you Kate, That’s great to hear. The crowd funding campaign is designed to give us the funding we really need to expand and write more features. We will continue to grow online, and I hope to be able to do a print version, backed by advertising in the future.
    Do email me if you would like to know more. And thank you for supporting our campaign. Warmest Regards, Alison Jane.

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