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How to Wear Flower Prints Like the Duchess of Cambridge

April 5, 2017 in Slow Luxury Fashion

How wear flower power like the Duchess of Cambridge

It is hard to feel anything other than admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge in her feminine, flower power-strewn Bafta evening gown, designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Flower symbolism is a time-honoured fashion conceit, and one we can simply never get enough off, because flowers denote such positive feminine qualities, including: charm, femininity, constancy, beauty and fragility. And yet pretty Kate! How we would love you to be a bit more daring and less predictable in your fashion choices!

A Fashion House Based in London’s Portobello, Notting Hill Land

While Kate’s dress is a flight of fantasy couture masterpiece, and would cost thousands to construct stitch by stitch, there is a sustainable luxury British fashion house, based in London’s Portobello, called Beautiful Soul that everyone should know about. It would be great to see Kate strike out from her fashion comfort zone, and support an up and coming sustainable fashion star, with impeccable Made in Britain credentials and a dash of Victoriana, buttoned up, demure sexiness! Just the ticket for a Duchess.  This best kept secret atelier, is beloved of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Amber Valetta and Pippa Middleton, and is quietly the go to fashion house for equally ravishing, pretty as a picture gowns and day dresses, like the Hannah dress, with its darkly, opulent print of gladioli, a flower which stands for strength of character, remembrance and sincerity. The house proudly manufactures in England, and makes use of exquisite English lace and organic, fair-trade jacquard.

Beautiful Soul is a quintessentially British fashion house, focused on the language and fecund symbolism of English garden flowers. The quality and attention to details is peerless. I’ve never understood the concept of fast fashion. I prefer the joy and familiarity of putting on a luxurious dress again and again and revelling in the cost per wear factor! A garment that feels like a constant best friend, a beautiful, feminine suit of armour. A dress to go out in, feel like a goddess and conquer the world and journalism. A dress you invest in, cherish and love for life. I first met Nicola Woods, the creative director at Beautiful Soul, more than six years ago at London Fashion Week. Fresh out of fashion school, she was up-cycling, exquisite vintage kimonos, into alluring evening dresses with a touch of the mystery and allure of the geisha.

Beautiful Soul, the Best Kept Secret of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Erin O’Connor

Fast forward to 2017, and she has quietly created a following for ravishing, divinely ladylike print tea dresses and fluttering gowns in sensuous prints that are beloved of fashion icons, including: Erin O’Connor, Amber Valetta and the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa. Declares Nicola, “I love to create pieces for the truly inspiring and elegant women, who care about where their clothes are made and who are confident to stand up to the ugly fast fashion system. It’s all about educating consumers that it’s okay to wear their favourite outfit again and again!”

I Would Love to Make Pieces for the Duchess of Cambridge

Yes! Yes! Yes! We couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, it won’t be long before Nicola gets the call from the palace to design a dress for the Duchess of Cambridge, using one of her timeless, beautiful, English garden, flower prints. “The Duchess clearly believes in the idea of slow fashion. She is always happy to wear her favourite pieces season after season and I would love to create some special pieces for her.”

For more info and to view the collection   www.beautiful-soul.co.uk





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