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Magnificent Seven Eco Travel Resolutions!

March 22, 2017 in Slow Travel


Who could ever tire of the opportunity for authentic, sustainable travel? To get lost on magnificent adventures great and small, and be forever changed by the experience? From epic tales of sleeping in the street to relying on the kindness of strangers, each tale contains a story of endurance, determination, and love for a world beyond borders. For those who are just beginning in their traveling career, it can become overwhelming when faced with the countless possibilities of what to see and do. On the other hand, seasoned travellers can fall into a trap of complacency and believe that they have lived it all. Been there, done that.

Striking the right balance can be quite hard.

So we’ve comprised a short list of seven must-lived eco travel resolutions, hoping it might ignite spark of inspiration to ignite your next adventure, begin a new journey, find a new home!

To the Northpole

Christmas is considered to be a “stay-at-home” type of holiday. There’s nothing more romantic than the image of curling up on a sofa with a warm mug of tea and a good book whilst a powerful blizzard blasts outside. The scent of spicy candles and burning logs intermingled with the pattering of rain on the window is an image filled with comfort and familiarity.  However, picture standing beneath the blackest of skies, breathing in the crispiest of air, becoming intoxicated by the fresh smell of nature whilst a lighting cascade shines above! Yes, the Northern Lights are a must for all travellers bucket lists. The incentives for traveling during in the dead of winter are bountiful!! This winter, you could find yourself gazing into wonder and spectacle that makes up this theatre of the natural world. But if that ain’t quite your style, you could try your hand at skiing! The adrenaline rush of sweeping down the icy face of the mountain will have your heart racing like never before. You’ll create a lifelong memory as you conquer some of the harshest landscapes man has ever faced. Responsible Travel lists wondrous ethical holiday packages which allow you to rifle through some of the most majestic and exciting places for getting away from it all and recharging your batteries.
Beyond the Four-Poster Bed
The thought collapsing into a queen-sized bed after a long day of exploring can be all too alluring. You can simply order some room service, sip on a cocktail and embrace the warmth and coziness that is the modern hotel suite! But why not try something different? You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort, in fact, your comfort can be optimized through a heightened sense of stillness and privacy whilst surrounded by bustling, extraordinary nature. Eco Companion enlists a collection of lodgings and eco-packages for you to explore. All of which are wholly environmentally sustainable and aim to give the traveler the most authentic getaway possible. You can pick from a variety of places which offer a fresh range of experiences, that allow you to choose how much noise you would like to live with, the type of sights you would like to surround you, even the type of bed you’d like to lie your head on.
A Dish for All
Oh, the temptation of visiting a homestyle pub is burning! It’s safe. It’s familiar. It can be so easy to make it a travel habit. However, you went away for a reason, and that was to try something new! Ditch the chips and mushy peas for something a little more curious and daring.  Sample the local cuisine that is on offer, add a new dish to your palette, and widen your cultural knowledge on food and drink! There is an eclectic range of dishes all across the world that are begging to be discovered. From the pungent Caribbean flavours across Latin America to the burning spices of East Asia, the world is a buffet of exciting and fresh tastes that are daring you to take a bite!
Get Wild, Be Free, Go See
Travel pushes us to explore and test our limits.  The fun and excitement is ending up in the most unlikely of circumstances, in a good way; like being caught in a sandstorm in the Jordan deserts, or sledding down a mountain against the gusto of a blizzard in Scandinavia. It might seem a little crazy that the prospect of facing these challenges is paramount in embarking on world travel, but one can’t deny the feelings of exhilaration that come with it. Use the experience to unleash your inner daredevil. You’ve already thrown caution to the wind just by embarking on an exhilarating holiday. There are so many adventure style vacations that are on offer. Once that will push you to your limits, get your adrenalin pumping and give you a new experience to add to your growing scrapbook of treasured memories. From skiing to hiking, rock-climbing to sky-diving, face your fears along your epic journey. You’ll experience the most exhilarating of journeys on foot, trekking through the rough hills of India or the coastal Tropicana that is Dominica, taking in the incredible scenery. Walking tours can be found on Responsible Travel which list an eclectic bunch of packages which range from scenic nature routes through whistling rainforest to swimming in the gushing plunge pools of iconic waterfalls.
When Nature Calls, You Answer
Whilst the dazzling lights of New York City or the hustle and bustle of the West End might seem like the dream holiday, venturing out somewhere a little more rural might, just take you by surprise. Imagine surrounding yourself under a canopy of trees, surrounded by picturesque mountains and exotic forest trails! It can be so refreshing to take a break out of the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life into a world that is drastically cut off from our own. Surrounding yourself with stillness might just be the spiritual soul searching session you were craving. Reconnect with the natural world and use it a chance to cleanse your mind, taking yourself off the grid and delving into your earthly side. Picture embarking on a yoga retreat surrounded by the desert sands of Jordan, finding your inner zen and clearing away all of the dark clouds which have troubled your everyday life. Yoga Retreat Jordan.
To Be an Explorer, Not A Tourist
One of the most frustrating things about living with the travel bug is finding someone to go with you. No matter how much you pester your spouse or your best friend, sometimes you’ll just have to bite the bullet and go it alone! However, traveling as a soloist doesn’t have to be a lonely ordeal. Nor does it mean that all of the accommodation expense fall on you. Go Cambio is a fairly new enterprise which offers tourists a place to stay in exchange for teaching their host a particular skill. This can be as simple as lessons in English! Not only will you save on expenses, you will be assured on making a friend for life. It gives you the chance to peer behind doors to the everyday lives of people all around the world. See the cultural traditions in action and discover the history of the host city through the eyes of those who are apart of it.
Live Like a Local
Skip all the pesky, overblown tourist sites. The magic of discovering a new place can often be sucked away when you have to battle through long queues, souvenir shops, and over-priced touristy restaurants. Travel Local customises your experience, allowing you to plan out the trip of your dreams! Mingle with the locals, act just as the natives do, delve into the real authenticity of the culture and help to enhance and support it too. Acting like the natives do is the only way of finding the heart and soul of a country. You get to see the unedited, blemished, authentic culture that the souvenir books overlook. You’ll see the world through the eyes of people who live in it. Travelling won’t just be about visiting, it will be about imprinting your mark.
Written and researched by Intern Kevin Worrall and Edited by Alison Jane Reid.

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