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Bird Watching is Sexy and Good for Mental Health!

March 10, 2017 in EH Spy

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Birding is officially super cool! Could it be the David Attenborough effect and watching the kaleidoscopic soap operas of Planet Earth 2? Bird watching and the desire to get up close and personal with nature is giving way to a new generation of Bill Oddie’s and Chris Packham’s. It’s hip to be a nature nerd, and the pursuit of choice for 1 in 3, earth-conscious millennials aged 25-34.

Self confessed celebrity fans of urban birding include: Blur’s Damon Albarn, Elbow’s Guy Garvey, TV presenter Alex Zane and artist Matt Sewell. Even better, A recent University of Exeter study has found that positive mental health is directly associated with being able to see nature.  People who spent less time outside were more likely to feel anxious or depressed.  Results also suggested that the number of birds spotted had a more important mental health effect than the type of bird spotted. So time to start looking out of the window or get out learn the difference between a Song Thrush and a Chaffinch. If you want to get really serious you will need some birding gadgets. Laptops Direct has seen a 110% increase in sales for a new generation of high tech, photographic devices that are helping to capture nature for a 21st century generation.
Science Daily (25 February 2017)

Hospital food can be better
Following public concern about poor quality meals at Ipswich Hospital, Soil Association Certification’s Rich Watts took to the airwaves to discuss the challenges that hospitals face in offering patients, consistent, healthy, nutritious food, that can help patient recovery. Rich talked about the importance of using local, fresh and organic food to achieve real improvements.  Rich explained how improvements might be achieved in practice, for example by using hub kitchens.  He highlighted that awards such as the Catering Mark are valuable ways of raising food standards.
Radio Suffolk (27 February 2017) (Segment begins at 2:04:00; Rich features from 2:39:40)
Learn how Catering Mark is transforming the Care UK Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre and theNorth Bristol NHS Trust

Science Daily  Strong organic dairy exports mean more opportunities for UK farmers
Thanks to the strength of demand from overseas markets, Omsco, the organic dairy co-op, are set to increase their milk supplier pool by nearly a third over the next two years. Omsco already have trade deals in place with China and the US and will now increase their organic milk supply to meet rapidly expanding overseas demand as well as satisfying the slower growing UK market.
The Grocer (27 February 2017)
Learn more about the benefits of choosing organic meat and dairy products

Bird Images By Ben Hall Courtesy of the RSPB. rspb-images.com  For everything you could wish to know about birding, visit the website RSPB


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