t Organic Girl Meets Chemical Boy - Part 1 How to Make Amazing Organic Pizza

My Guilt Free, Valentine’s Organic Pizza Recipe!

February 8, 2017 in Archive

The Adventures of a Thoroughly Organic Girl and a Chemical Consort & How to Cook The Ethical Hedonist, Organic Superfood Pizza

For Valentine’s Day.

Ali on front of green door

The Ethical Hedonist in a heavenly, upcycled lace dress by Victim London; a true red Dior jacket discovered in Twice As Nice, for Age UK on The Isle of Wight; recycled leather and pink fabric boots, Ascension. Photographed at Grey’s Court, near Reading.

Once upon a time, a thoroughly passionate Organic Princess called Scheherazade collided with a clever, naughty and thoroughly beguiling, geek prince. A physicist, who charmed her with wondrous tales of quarks called beauty and charm and how according to the laws of physics, it is impossible for them to co-exist. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, there was another, far more serious problem.

Swapping the Pub and Ciggies for Gardening and Car Detailing

Princess Scheherazade lives a thoroughly green and organic lifestyle. As Hippocrates says, ‘Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food’. Alas, the new man in her life might make her heart skip, and her mind do flippy little somersaults, but his lifestyle is shockingly toxic! Take his idea of dinner. As he would rather spend hours polishing the executive, gas-guzzling, boy-toy, silver chariot to within an inch of its life, or tending his sub tropical garden, (oddly he has swapped boozing and ciggies for gardening and er, Roundup) eating isn’t very high on the agenda.

Isn’t Organic Gobbledy Gook?

In fact, until he met his princess – A packet of blistering chilli crisps, a sandwich and a magnum for dessert, or maybe three, was just dandy. It gets worse.  Mention the word ‘organic’, and he is prone to start gazing into the middle distance, and looking very peculiar. As if he is a computer on standby. LOL. ‘I’m thinking,’ he says dangerously, then comes the bombshell. ‘I always thought organic food was just gobbledy gook. Explain it to me. What does it really mean? What makes it organic? When I’m in the supermarket and something says it’s organic, I put it right back. I think anything organic means it’s going to taste horrible, because all the naughty stuff that makes it taste yummy-delicious has been spoil-sportingly left out.’

Princess Scheherazade let out a forlorn sigh. Wow. She needed to think quickly. “Okay, I will prove to you how delicious and good for you organic food can be. Tonight we will make my organic super food pizza – and if you don’t ask for seconds and thirds, I give up!”

Take One Part  Sceptical Geek, One Part Organic Pizza and a Hot Shade of Pink Lipstick and a Vintage La Perla Dress…

Pizza ready to bake

You can be as imaginative as you like with your toppings – my pizza is ready to go in the oven, with new season olives, vine-ripened tomatoes, parmesan & almond flakes.

Recipe – The Ethical Hedonist Superfood Pizza


4 oz of organic ground almonds or a mix of ground almonds and Linwoods flaxseed mix.

2 ozs organic butter/ or Biona raw coconut oil to make it vegan.



1 Jar of Sainsbury’s SO Organic Tomato Paste (cheat’s topping).

200grams of Yeo Valley Vintage Cheddar of Hafod Cheddar from Waitrose. Or use vegetable toppings, raw or cooked to make a vegan version. Raw avocado, red onion and tomato is delicious too.

100grams of good quality organic feta cheese /1 packet of SO Organic mozzarella cheese/ or organic Parmesan also works well.

Vine ripened organic cherry tomatoes

Four good quality sundried tomatoes cut into half moons

SO Organic new season green olives

For a decadent, luxuriant touch try some wood roasted artichoke pieces

Fresh or dried organic oregano (Bart’s spices do fantastic organic spices)

Buy the ingredients from    www.ocado.com   www.sainsburys.co.uk


You can easily make a vegan version of my pizza with black olives, a tangy tomato sauce and lots of fresh herbs

Martyn Cutler, chef at The Botanic Garden Plantation Room Restaurant made a delicious vegan version of my organic pizza for the 1st Ethical Hedonist Night out at Christmas 2012.


Preheat oven to gas mark 180

In a large mixing bowl combine sifted almond flour and spelt flour and then rub in butter or coconut oil to make medium breadcrumbs. Add water to  combine and work gently to make a pliable dough.

Dust a wooden breadboard with extra flour and roll out pastry into a thin round pizza base. Prick the pastry with a fork, cover with a layer of foil and blind bake on a pizza tray for 10 mins. Return to the oven for a further 5 minutes, making sure that the pastry becomes crisp and lightly golden, but doesn’t burn. Remove from oven  and cool for 5 minutes.

Now comes the fun part. With a palette knife add a thin layer of tomato paste to the cooled pizza base. Follow with a generous layer of grated cheddar cheese. Let your imagination flow, and finish the piece with an artful arrangement of tomato, olive and feta slices and finish either with a dusting of dried oregano or crumble the fresh leaves for an aromatic flourish!

Bake in the oven for 12 minutes until the topping has turned an enticing, light golden colour. Remove from the oven and eat immediately with a pretty salad of seasonal ingredients such as – cos lettuce, carrots, and new season apples and walnuts. Enjoy, and notice how you don’t have an energy slump afterwards.

(Being a girl, I allowed time to take off my pretty apron to eat supper in my favourite, vintage La Perla dress enhanced by the most enhancing shade of intense powder pink lipstick by Jane Iredale – the Queen of film makeup.


Pizza and potato wedges

The Ethical Hedonist, almond crust Superfood Pizza, which will make you want to dance around the house – it tastes so delicious!

‘Wow! This tastes delicious, and it was fun and easy to make with you.’ Is there anymore? This, I might add was after he had demolished a second, very generous slice. Then he paused to look at me intently. ‘That lipstick really suits you. It makes your eyes look very, very blue. I could get seriously lost looking into those eyes.’


With Love from Scheherazade xxx



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6 responses to “My Guilt Free, Valentine’s Organic Pizza Recipe!”

  1. The Objective Nihilist says:

    Well EH, I must now admit defeat in the battle for your heart; that Chemical Boy sounds like a proper dreamboat…you’re one lucky Princess! I must say though, that pizza looks almost as delicious as you. Alas, all I had for dinner tonight was a crust of loneliness…so long Princess…and look after her Chemical Boy, you’ve got yourself a good’un there mate.

  2. Romantic Headcase says:

    EH, what a romantic story! I only hope that it is all true, and that you have not used artistic license to enhance its enchanting splendour. Thank you for brightening an otherwise dreary week. The segment where chemical boy says “I could get seriously lost looking into those eyes” was particularly thrilling; it is refreshing to encounter a man so in touch with his feminine side; does he have any friends?

  3. Alison Jane Reid says:

    Hello Simon, Well, I am glad you found the first chapter of ‘Organic Girl Meets Chemical Boy’, so enchanting. The truth is you couldn’t make it up. He is a challenge! And yet, he has hidden depths! To that you can add that he is shockingly stubborn, and suspicious of even the slightest changes to his monk-like routine. He is immune to the charms of Ecover, the plight of polar bears -‘ why should I care? The bear would have me for lunch – and I don’t kill cows, chicken and sheep and eat them, so why the sentimentality?’The most shocking character defect? He has no passion for the earth and it’s culinary jewels; all he cares about are his palm trees and the silver, executive, gas-guzzler chariot. No appreciation for single estate, intensely fruity, vanilla-scented, organic chocolate made by fair-waged artisans in a wind-powered factory in deepest, darkest Grenada….’ LOL! I prefer a good Lion Bar,’ he says with a look of utter superiority. However, he does have the most poetic, romantic soul. Last week he declared that he wants to ‘tickle my ears until the end of time’… what’s a girl to do? As to friends, well, he only has one, oh and a cat called Belle de Jour, who sort of tolerates him in return for lots of strokes. To be continued. EH

  4. Organic Pumpkin says:

    Hi. My hubby sounds similar to Chemical Boy and Heaven help us if they ever get together! Still, I made the pizza for lunch and he had humble pie for afters! Thanks for recipe, the pizza is delicious. I don’t know if I should ask but is the article on “Embarrassing Wind” aimed at the chemical one? LOL!

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Dear Pumpkin, I am glad you enjoyed the pizza recipe. It is very worrying to hear that there are more of them in the big, bad world outside. I thought ‘Chemical Boy’ was a one-off.

      Monica Wilde, my lovely health expert at Napiers Herbs decided to write about digestion and in particular, wind, because she has seen a lot of patients in her clinic with this problem. The Ethical Hedonist is very passionate about helping people, and being useful and informative.

      Good Luck with that man of yours, EH.

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