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Detox Dining, Black Jam, Cafe St Honore, Organic Food Here

January 27, 2017 in Features

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Soil Association Extends Organic Served Here Awards to the Whole of the UK

 After success in Scotland, The Soil Association has rolled out its Organic Food Served Here Awards to the rest of the UK, In a bid to boost the amount of organic food on offer in the UK’s most acclaimed restaurants, cafes and pubs.

The award helps restaurants and cafes celebrate their commitment to using certified organic produce by awarding stars based on the percentage of certified organic ingredients used.

Neil Forbes, the Chef Director of the Café St Honore, Edinburgh, epitomises the kind of chef whose passion for real food is an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to dine in his fabled food gastrodome. The restaurant is an ode to the very best organic, artisan and local produce Scotland’s farmers, fishermen, bakers and cheesemakers have to offer.  Neil has embraced the Organic Food Here Awards  and currently holds a three star rating for his acclaimed, gastronomic restaurant, tucked away down a cobbled Edinburgh street.

Good Food Starts with Our Soil

Says Neil. “Good food starts even before the seed is planted, with our soil quality determining the quality of the food we eat. This award encourages everyone who prepares and sells food to think about that quality. So let’s all grow, cook, eat and learn together, and be part of a future of better food for all.”

Organic Food Serves Here Star Rating

Restaurants with one Organic Served Here star have committed to sourcing 15 – 25% organic; those with two stars source 25 – 50% organic; those with three stars source 50 – 75% organic; four-star restaurants source 75 – 95% organic; and five-star restaurants source 95 – 100% organic.

Visit the Café St Honore

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Click Here For More Info on The Organic Food Served Here Awards


Hunter 486, At The Arch Launches New Detox Menu

Hunter 486 at The Arch London has launched a new Detox Menu so that watching what you eat doesn’t have to affect the pleasure of dining out. Welcome to the idea of guilt free delicious eating! The special menu will be available until 28 February 2017, excluding Valentine’s 10-19 February.

Go for super nourishing and revitalising dishes such as Heritage beetroot, lentil, butternut squash, quinoa and feta salad; and Grilled fillet of gilt bream, saffron potatoes, fennel, blood orange and rocket.

The Detox Menu, devised by Head Chef Gary Durrant, is available for lunch or dinner and is priced at £19 for two courses, including a non-alcoholic, aromatic Seedlip cocktail.  Hunter 486 is open throughout the day and serves lunch from Noon, with last orders for dinner being at 10.30pm.

Book at Table at Hunter 486


Black Lavender Jam – The Best We Have Ever Tasted!

It is not everyday that The Ethical Hedonist is reduced to wild raptures by jam! We want pots of the black stuff! That’s Black Lavender  Preserve – a heady, lip-smacking, curiously grown up, aromatic, but pleasingly, not too sweet preserve, made with velvet finesse, by the Fen End Kitchen. It’s blackberry preserve with a twist. This wicked pot of the dark stuff, is infused with lavender.  This jam is so good, we reckon its euphoric properties could bring about world peace. If you live in Cambridge, you are in for a treat. Otherwise, get in touch, and see if they will post you some, and tell them the Ethical Hedonist told you to.

For More Info  – Fen End Country Kitchen

Images of Hunter 846, Copyright The Arch, London. All Rights Reserved 2017.

Photography of Cafe St Honore and Chef Neil Durrant, Copyright Cafe St Honore.


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