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‘From Eden’ Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Dublin

January 1, 2017 in EH Spy


A Review of From Eden, Powercourt Theatre, Dublin

The New Year often brings with it, a desire for spiritual cleansing, a fresh start, the chance to start over. However, it can also bring with it, an impending dread. This is what ‘From Eden’, a wickedly clever, darkly comedic play, at Bewleys Cafe Theatre’ at Powerscourt, in Dublin, seeks to explore. It’s New Year’s Eve, 11:45pm and Alan (Stephen Jones) and Eva (Seana Kerslake) have met for the very first time, hiding in a bathroom at their friend’s party.

Beautiful Words Shine a Light On Mental Health 

Karl Shiels direction successfully pinpoints the anxieties and loneliness which so often plagues the minds of those suffering from poor mental health. The set which consists of a broken down toilet, a bathtub and a window with a warm, blue light cascading into the room, could have been exploited a little more. The characters are very fixed in their position; however, it serves the plot well; and allows the audience to focus on the beauty of the words.

A Very Irish Story

Written by Jones, the dialogue is so fiendishly Irish, so saturated in youthful culture that it pulls the audience in immediately. So much so that it’s nearly impossible to fully identify where the switch takes place. The switch being the transition from the usual banter you would expect between two young people to an open and candid discussion on matters concerning their past. The wickedly sharp humour intersects the burning moments of tension, which depicts the primal human need to love and feel loved in return.

An Act of Genius

Kerslake offers a dapper performance as the slightly aloof, albeit good-natured lead. Her chemistry with the awkwardly demure stylings of Jones is an act of genius. While the two completely rely on each on other, they still manage to deliver stellar performances that stand on their own merit. Throughout the performance, the actors are funny, alluring and above all, heartfelt.

The new year countdown is an annual tradition adored by billions across the world. ‘From Eden’ offers a hilarious and poignant look on how we can use the holiday as a vehicle to start over, and move on from a past we wish to erase or leave behind.

Reviewed by Intern Kevin Worrall

Photography By Permission of Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Powercourt, Dublin. Copyright, All Rights reserved 2017. 


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