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Solar Roads, Fairtrade Poinsettias and Diesel Ban

December 15, 2016 in EH Spy


Solar Roadways

Tourouvre has become the first region in France to test out solar-powered roadways. Colas SA have been working on a design which places solar panels onto road surfaces. Coated with thick layers of plastic, each panel is created to be durable and slip-free, making it safe for both vehicle and pedestrian usage. With expectations of 280 kilowats of energy being generated from just the 2800 square meter test site, enough power will be produced to light up to 5000 homes.

Since the reduction in solar pricing, the commercial conditions are favourable for more investment in clean energy in urban environments. With research experiments conducted by Colas over the span of the last five years, Colas is slowly rolling out this new feature across regions in France, Germany and across Africa. With states in America, such as Idaho, producing similar plans, solar roadways could very well be the next big sustainable trend in the coming years.

Click here to read more about  Solar Road Innovation

Fairtrade Plants

Fairtrade poinsettia plants are coming to the UK! A perfect gift for Christmas, Interflora’s poinsettias will be available throughout December.

With their vibrant red hues, and thin paper-like texture, these flowers have been created to mark the beginning of Advent. Choosing Fairtrade gifts this Christmas won’t just make your loved ones feel special, but purchasing ethical, sustainable presents will also deliver real impact for farming communities around the world,” says Kate Lewis, Head of Supply Chain Management at The Fairtrade Foundation.

Every Fairtrade plant purchased helps to invest into sustainable farming communities and development programs in Ethipoia. It ensures that workers are treated fairly and receive a fair wage, as well as access to education

Priced at  £25 (or £30 when you purchase choclate and wine), you will receive your delivery in time for the festive season. For information on how to obtain this offer, visit Interflora here –

Buy Fairtarde Poinsettias at Interflora for Christmas


Dirty Diesel Ban

The African countries of  Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Togo are collectively cracking down on the sale of dirty  diesel fuel, which has been linked to pollution, poor air quality and health problems.  A new report accuses some European based oil companies of taking advantage of the African consumer in a bid to maximise profit. This is a result of an over reliance on European traders to provide particular commodities and exporting products which are run on cheap, dirty fuel. As a result, many citizens are said to suffer from asthmatic diseases.  Swiss NGO Public Eye particularly accused Swiss traders of exporting fuels to Africa that are known to carry high levels of sulphur.

Studies show that sulphur levels in the atmosphere reached as high as 3,000 parts per million, whereas European cities only allows up to 10 parts per million. The Environmental Programme in the UN says the move will help more than 250 million people breathe safer and cleaner air.  “Today we are taking a huge leap forward … this will result in major air quality benefits in our cities and will allow us to set modern vehicle standards”, quotes Amina Mohammed, Nigeria’s environmental minister.

For more info, look at https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2016/dec/06/five-west-african-countries-ban-dirty-diesel-from-europe-nigeria-ghana


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