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AmaElla – Let’s Crowdfund Our Organic Knickers!

November 2, 2016 in Everything Else



Readers, fashion lovers and the most discerning lingerie aficionados, lend me your ears…

AmaElla Lingerie 2016

Is there any possible impediment to the idea that sustainable luxury lingerie can’t be heart-stoppingly lovely, desirable, sensuous and elegant? No, we thought not.

If we were having a Marilyn Monroe Moment, and our beautiful sun-pleated day dress blew up and billowed around our pins, we would want to ensure we were wearing AmaElla’s darling, ‘romance’, vintage inspired hydrangea print knickers in the softest, GOTS certified organic cotton!

We also had better come clean. We just adore hydrangeas! Always have, and we always will. We are thoroughly smitten with this oversized flower power star. We coo over these extrovert, oversized, luscious blooms in the local botanic garden; we hang them upside down and dry them to festoon the house in late autumn; and they remind us of an impossibly alluring, ladylike, Norman Parkinson shoot for Vogue in the fifties, with a brace of models in trembling, flower power, couture hats. So organic knickers in a hydrangea print – it’s a darling idea!

Don’t Panic It’s Organic – Knickers Inspired by Nature and Flower Power!

You might like to know that the perfect bikini brief can be complemented by the most darling duchess bra to match, with carefully sculpted, soft cups and under wiring, and you can crowd fund your first matching set right this minute here. AmaElla on UpEffect  What are you waiting for? You can be part of the birth of an exciting new slow luxury, socially minded lingerie house, based in that fabled bastion of learning and now eco rebellion – Cambridge! It gives a whole new meaning to knickers and what we can do to create the kind of world we all want to live in, all inspired by nature and the language of flowers.


Two friends, Cambridge-based social entrepreneurs, Lara San Gil and Julie Kervadec, are the founders of AmaElla, which is a word play in Spanish for ‘She Love’ and there is no doubt in our minds, AmaElla is going to be a huge, girl power success and put ethical luxury lingerie on every ethical style mavens’ wish list this Christmas.

Best Friends and Ethical Entrepreneurs

Lara and Julie met whilst studying for a Masters in International Marketing and Communication in Madrid. Hitting it off from the moment they met, they decided to collaborate on a L’Oreal brainstorming competition and made it through to the finals.

Along the way, the friends discovered a shared passion for sustainable living, timeless style and social entrepreneurship and one day they were lamenting the lack of beautiful lingerie made from organic cotton.

“As consumers, we’re both very mindful of health, ethical and style concerns. We got talking about our frustration at being unable to find organic cotton lingerie that looked elegant. Whilst there are brands offering stylish non-synthetic clothing, none seemed to be developing stylish non-synthetic lingerie, the layer we wear closest to our skin,” observes Julie.

AmaElla Lingerie 2016

The issue is that synthetic materials, commonly used in lingerie, hold moisture close to the skin, increasing the likeliness of infection and at the very least, discomfort. More than 75% of women experience a yeast infection in their lifetime, with 1 in 20 having recurrent thrush. To avoid these problems, dermatologists and skincare experts recommend cotton or silk to guarantee good skin perspiration and breathability, yet the organic cotton lingerie on the market lacks appeal to style conscious consumers,” says Lara.

Organic Knickers Are Kind to You and the Environment

We agree. While we are aware of a couple of longstanding high-end, ethical lingerie marques, that specialise more in special occasion underpinnings in the most delicate, sensuous organic silks, there is an exciting gap in the market for beautifully elegant, everyday organic cotton lingerie, especially, well designed bras. The kind of lingerie no self-respecting French, Italian or Spanish lady would be without in her lingerie draw – pretty, elegant and practical lingerie that still keeps its shape and looks fabulous after fifty washes. This is the market AmaElla takes dead aim at with its beautiful, retro, flower power prints, sensuous voiles, velvet trimmings and playful, triangle detailing.

AmaElla Lingerie 2016

AmaElla’s first ethical luxury lingerie collection offers the perfect capsule collection to revolutionise your underwear draw – and we want it all, including the adorable tap pants, gauzy camisole and sweet negligee in crisp cotton voile and all-important velvet detailing.

What started out, as a chance conversation quickly became an exciting ethical fashion business idea. AmaElla was accepted into Cambridge Social Ventures’ incubator programme, part of the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School, in January 2016. The two friends have since worked tirelessly to develop their business plan and first product range. They chose a crowd-funding campaign, rather than turning to more traditional methods of finance, to fund their venture, because it fits in with their business model and values.

Why We are Crowdfunding

“ Upeffect it is a crowd-funding platform for ethically conscious consumers. It’s a great fit with our target audience. The way Upeffect supports social business, from the beginning to the end of the campaign, matches exactly our needs. We’re so excited about launching and seeing how much interest there is for our ethical brand,” explains Lara.

As we go to press, it is exciting to be able report that Lara and Julie are already close to hitting their £10,000 target for their very first production run. AmaElla is offering a range of rewards to slow fashion conscious investors, including pre-ordering at discounted prices to ensure they receive their lingerie ahead of retailers. Perhaps the biggest reward though, is the knowledge that your investment is enabling a new brand of ethical lingerie that offers health conscious, style savvy, ethical consumers garments that are:

AmaElla Lingerie 2016
  • Organic, carbon neutral and free from hazardous chemicals
  • Manufactured in Europe by suppliers who comply with strict social criteria, including: no outsourcing; no child labour; no forced labour; strong health & safety policy and some evidence of activities that increase the wellbeing of local communities
  • Driving awareness and engagement in the ethical fashion movement

Become an Ambassador

As well as crowd-funders, Lara and Julie are looking for brand ambassadors to help spread the word about ethical fashion. They invite readers to follow, like and share their campaign on twitter, Face book and instagram. As Sienna Miller, told me. ‘If we all start to buy organic knickers, we can start an ethical fashion revolution’, let’s start that revolution now.

W: www.amaella.com   AmaElla Crowdfunding on UpEffect

Address: AmaElla, Future Business Centre, King’s Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2HY.

Facebook: AmaElla

Twitter: AmaEllaLingerie

Instagram: AmaElla_Lingerie



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