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Scientist Creates Super Natural Antioxidant from Apples

September 28, 2016 in Featured

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


A scientist at the University of Newcastle in Australia has succeeded in creating the most powerful super food, dietary antioxidant currently available anywhere in the world, by harnessing the anti-inflammatory properties of apples.

Dr Vincent Candrawinata developed the extraction technique using only apples and water. Remarkably, he states that no chemicals were used or needed at any stage of the process. The university where Dr Candrawinata works has hailed this as a first in the eighty-year history of supplement development.

Harnessing the Power of Phenolics

This new antioxidant is the first to harness the activated power of ‘phenolics’ a new breed of ‘ultra’ antioxidants that surpass others in their ability to mop up and safely transport free radicals out of the body without side effects. Phenolics occur in high concentration in apples and act as natural preservatives. “ In apples, phenolics are responsible for protecting the fruit from degradation from UV light and disease. They perform the same role in humans, protecing our cells against damage which can lead to ageing, inflammation and cell mutations,” explains Dr Candrawinata.

La Reinette du Canada Organic Apples from my local nunnery on the Isle of Wight

“ The profound health benefits of phenolics have long been a holy grail for scientists, however, until now we couldn’t figure out how to extract them from food state sources in a way that is compatible with the human body.

A True Super, Superfood

“This new extraction technology results in a highly water soluble antioxidant, which is 100% natural and entirely compatible with the human body. In this way it is closer to being a ‘more super’ superfood than a supplement as we traditionally know them.”

The discovery will enable continued exploration of a new frontier in the prevention of cancers of the bowel and lung and other inflammatory diseases.

Dr Candrawinata is now looking at ways to export the technology to apple growing regions around the globe.

Click here to read more aboutDr Candwinata and his research at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

To follow the University of Newcastle, Australia on Twitter  –  @Uni_Newcastle

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