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Bhuti Wellness and Izzy Lane Winter Coats

September 27, 2016 in Everything Else

Ethical Hedonist Spy


Ethical Fashion Lovers, our small, but perfectly formed sustainable fashion industry needs your support this winter. If a new winter coat is top of your style agenda, then we encourage you to buy a darling, cinched at the waist Izzy Lane coat, in a delicious shade of Campbell’s soup red or impeccable hounds tooth. These lovely wrap coats come with quite the pedigree. They are fashioned from wool from Izzy’s rescued flock of Wensleydale sheep. Each coat made in Britain and a wonderful  wonderful example of our hugely endangered artisan garment industry. This is the kind of coat your glamorous aunt wore back in the sixties. It is a fashion heirloom, and reflects the art and skills of the weaver, spinner and mill – so go mad and buy three! There are plenty of colours to fall in love with, and the coats are a fashion steal at £265.00.

Ditch The High Street and Be a Fashion Revolutionary!

Just imagine the conversations your swish, elegant, ladylike new coat will provoke. Ditch the overblown high street, with its fast fashion engineered to fall apart after one season, poor quality and celebrity razzmatazz. Be a fashion revolutionary! Invest in a coat with sustainable cred and a heartwarming story of the sheep that have sashayed the catwalks of London, Paris and New York,  and don’t land up on the dinner table. We think it is a swell way to pay homage to a sixties fashion icon – Jean Shrimpton or the ‘Shrimp’ as she was called.

To visit Izzy Lane – http://shop.izzylane.com/category/coats

Bhuti Wellness Retreat


Spas and holistic retreats can often be expensively disappointing and impersonal. Places where you don’t feel like an individual, more like a number and they all look the same; a spa experience by numbers. Not so, at Bhuti, a new oasis of ethical calm, warmth and organic rejuvenation close to The Thames at Richmond. What we loved most about Bhuti is that it doesn’t look like a spa or retreat. In fact it is more like the Doctor Who Tardis, with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to relax in. While the lovely historical façade immediately sets Bhuti apart, as a friendly, welcoming place for the entire community, not just the super well-heeled.

The Perfect Chicory Latte


The Ethical Hedonist certainly experienced a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation, after a gently soothing and languorously uplifting, 5 Elements massage. The therapist succeeded in melting away knots of  tension and tiredness with a gentle combination of effective, east meets massage techniques and the application of delightful, aromatic essentials oils. To our secret joy, there were no yoga or exercise classes taking place on the Sunday we attended! Yes, we wanted and needed to do nothing at all, to be still.  So, we took the opportunity to bask, curling up in a pod chair to read Gerald Durrell in absolute peace and serenity. We also enjoyed the comforting, soaked Bircher muesli, with slices of bright, emerald kiwi fruits and cranberries, an inventive, energising salad and chicory latte, all in the light, airy café at the front of Bhuti. It’s all about low key, cocooning luxe, with sharing tables, and serene, leafy views over the Georgian rooftops towards London’s great river. All in all, it was a thoroughly organic experience that left EH in better shape than when she checked in, and it was just as well, as it took an astonishing six and half hours to travel back home – the joys of Sunday train travel!




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