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A Year of Iconic Ethical Journalism on Kickstarter

September 20, 2016 in Arts & Entertainment

Will You Fund The Next Year of  Ethical Hedonist Journalism on Kickstarter?

I have a dream, a big, bright sustainable, organic and ethical dream and it all started with a tiny organic bakery at university in Bangor, North Wales in the eighties. This culinary jewel of a bakery baked marvellous cakes and sourdough bread at a time when the only bread widely available tasted like sawdust and glue. My pilgrimages to that tiny, revolutionary bakery were rather like tumbling down the rabbit hole into a magical bakery run by Hobbits. It changed my life forever, inspiring my life-long passion for environmentalism and organic food and farming. Why? Because it showed me a vision of how delicious, vibrant and extraordinary real food could be; healthy, delicious food that should be available to everyone. It was my eureka moment.

Alison Jane Tastes Slow, Rare Breed Lamb with Michelin-Starred Chef Andy McFadden.

Fast forward to 2016 and I am turning Ethical Hedonist Magazine into a trailblazing international magazine and interactive publishing platform read and watched all over the globe by people like you for its iconic, one of kind feature writing, storytelling and campaigning journalism.  We’ve just completed an exciting new re-design of the magazine  to make it very easy to navigate, find all our interviews and features and improve speed and loading time. Now we are ready to fly. It’s all about old school journalism and new school social interaction, and I need your help to reach for the stars and take it to the next level with our forthcoming funding campaign – a year of iconic, ethical journalism @Kickstarter

Meet Our Media Partner, Team 4 Nature

Burning Bright by Claire Milner

With the support and backing of @Team4Nature300  our new media partner, we are excited to announce that once we have successfully completed our funding round, we will be expanding our monthly coverage on – conservation, natural history, endangered species and sustainable agriculture with inspirational interviews and news features on the big topics you want to read about: including interviews with the heroes of conservation around the globe, reviews, interviews, special features, comment pieces, and news stories on the important issues and topics around – protecting endangered species, anti-poaching, climate change, preserving habitat and bio diversity.

Ethical Hedonist Journalism on YouTube

ITV Presenter Ben Fogle talks to Alison Jane Reid

Your pledges will enable me to film more exciting interviews with Christian Bell, my partner in the magazine, who spent five years working at the award-winning Raindance Film Festival. Check out the interview we did with Ben Fogle here – http://ethicalhedonis.wpengine.com/2013/08/24/an-interview-with-ben-fogle/ (Shot with just one camera, when the second camera failed at the very last minute!) We will also continue to offer mentoring and internships to multi media students at City University and Winchester School of Art.

More Interviews with Role Models and Green Icons

Our Iconic Poster of Colin Morgan, Styled as a homage to James Bond. Picture Mike Owen. Fashion Direction Alison Jane Reid

I want EH to be the magazine everyone turns to for inspirational reporting and storytelling on: ethical icons like Sir David Attenborough, Prince Charles, Will I Am, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Di Caprio, Colin Morgan and Michael Sheen to name just a few our heroes and interview hot list! Together with our admired reporting on – conservation, environmental protection, slow fashion, natural health, organic living, renewable energy, green money and the kind of eco innovation that puts a smile on your face because it is so ingenious and clever and will help to transform our cities into green, low carbon, super sustainable hubs.

For Fashion Lovers – The Story of Slow Fashion

Jenny Agutter, Star of Call the Midwife with Creative Director, Lucy Tammam and Journalist Alison Jane Reid at London Fashion Week

For ethical fashion lovers, this crowd funding round will also fund research, writing and filmed interviews on a major new piece of fashion journalism on The Story of Slow Fashion – a movement I first helped to champion in You Magazine back in 2004/5 with an interview with Sienna Miller and then Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson and the daughter’s of British rock n roll royatly from Sting to David Gilmour.  You can read more here – http://ethicalhedonis.wpengine.com/2016/08/12/meeting-theresa-may-slow-fashion-feature-kickstarter/

Our 4th Birthday Crowd Funder on Kickstarter

So, to celebrate our approaching fourth birthday, we are getting ready to fund the next year of spectacular, unforgettable ethical and iconic magazine journalism on @Kickstarter and we are asking for your support and pledges. Our aim is to deliver more monthly iconic interviews, features and news stories on the topics you love and champion the profession I love with a passion – journalism. Together we can achieve anything, let’s harness the power of sustainable, innovative green thinking all over the globe with people power!

This is a snow leopard in Mongolia, slightly covered by fallen snow.

For the past four years, I have set up and run the magazine myself, with some wonderful undergraduate and graduate interns along the way, Christian, our fantastic film maker and IT wizard and some very talented, ad hoc contributors. It was the hardest thing I have ever set out to do as a journalist, purely through lack of funding. For the past twenty years, my iconic features have been read by millions in The Times, You, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Lady and Country Life. Just think of the global potential for Ethical Hedonist Magazine! Today we need to get serious and ensure the magazine is financially sustainable now and into an exciting future. To achieve this, we need more regular, consistent and long-term help, and we need to be able pay our core team and some talented new journalists to write for us on a revenue sharing basis.

It doesn’t stop there.

Renewable Energy Image

We already offer regular financial support to our marketing undergraduate, Ana Maria, to help her while she studies for her degree in Fashion Marketing and Pr at Winchester School of Art. Now our aim is to extend this to two part-time graduates in journalism or English, so that they are able to work at the magazine and receive invaluable, paid work experience and mentoring as they embark on their careers in journalism and media. With the huge pressure many students and new graduates face with tuitions fees and the cost of living, this is so important. It’s simple we need to be able to attract the brightest editorial interns and make it very attractive to intern at Ethical Hedonist.

I am Proud to be a Journalist

AJR with Patagonia and the Make Do and Mend Van Spitalfields 2016

Will you join me and help crowd fund the magazine I have launched with zeal, passion, a government enterprise loan, many sleepless nights, my redoubtable mum and my life’s savings? I am proud to be a journalist, and I ask you to support this emerging and inspiring Fair-trade, sustainable, organic magazine now approaching it’s fourth year. My illustrious track record in journalism as a feature writer on icons and sustainable champion for twenty years speaks for itself. Read my LinkedIn profile here – https://goo.gl/X7iNaU

Make A Small Donation or Pick a Brilliant Reward to Fund Ethical Hedonist and Fund An Ethical Magazine and Journalism Revolution!

We need lots of people to give a small amount of money or buy an exciting reward to help fund Ethical Hedonist and secure its future, free from vested interests and to keep the magazine as inspiringly independent as possible. If there is a reward you would like that harnesses my storytelling telling and creativity, or that of the team, get in you touch and we will do our best to include it. Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comment box. Crowd funding pledges will start from £3.00.  We would also love to hear from businesses that would like to pledge in return for harnessing the skills of the Ethical Hedonist Editorial Team.

A Community Energy Project in ????

Become our Patron for a Small Donation and Help Secure Three Magazine Jobs and Help Me Champion Conservation and Sustainability and Thousands of Small Producers in the UK and Around the Globe. 

Our aim is to raise a minimum of £60,000 to fund the next year of Ethical Hedonist Magazine content. This is the minimum amount we need to raise to go forward with Ethical Hedonist.

This would enable me to work full time at Ethical Hedonist as founding editor, fund our operating costs and continue to repay a government backed startup loan used to launch the magazine in 2013/14.  It will also enable us to continue to support Ana Maria, our undergraduate in marketing at Winchester School of Art, and fund two part-time , longer-term journalism internships for the brightest undergraduates in multi-media journalism. We are also holding talks to launch Ethical Hedonist Awards, with the focus on championing environmental journalism and photo journalism – watch this space.

Alison Jane, The Ethical Hedonist with some of her guests at The EH Slow Pukka Party

One of my dreams is to establish a charitable fund for internships and award bursaries to journalists and photo journalists of all ages to work on assignment for the magazine.   Most importantly, we will be able to expand our editorial coverage, freeing me to focus on writing the features you love so much. We would also need to be pay for website innovations, get help with SEO, pr and marketing so that more of you can find the magazine and become truly inspired – together we can achieve incredible goals and truly turn this extraordinary planet a vibrant shade of dazzling emerald green! Get ready to #FundEthicalHedonist on my birthday, October 17th 2016!

Yours with great excitement, Alison Jane, founder and editor, Christian Bell, IT and film maker, Ana Maria, marketing and social media intern, plus our contributors, including money journalist Rebecca O’Connor, editor of Good with Money and Alex Trenoweth, our resident astrologer, and interns Katie and Kehinde.

Pictures from the first three years of Ethical Hedonist Magazine by – Alexandria Hall, Sam Lane, Elisabetta Landoni, Claire Milner Art and Ethical Hedonist Magazine.  Copyright. All Rights Reserved September 2016.

We would love to hear form you – please leave questions and comments in the comment box.






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