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Fashion Revolution: Va Va Voom, Regenerated Bee Handbag!

March 17, 2016 in Featured

Fashion Revolution: Va Va Voom, Regenerated Bee Handbag!


At last! I give you the va, va voom regenerated, slow fashion, bee handbag by sustainable Italian design boffins  – Regenesi. Luxury reinvented for a discerning, compassionate woman of substance. An ethical fashion icon of a bag to sigh and covet with a clear conscience, designed by Annalisa Caricato, a whiz kid of post modern Italian style.  This darling bag, embellished with jewel like bees clashed with tartan has succeeded in captivating my ethical fashion editor’s heart. Only in Italy and London would a designer clash bees and Scottish tartan, but leave out the vulgar, unnecessary bling that passes for style in an age of over consumerism and ever desperate, increasing hype. Hooray, the Italians are reclaiming the handbag, as a timeless, classical accomplice and friend that can and should go anywhere, and never lets us down. Elegance, whimsy and heritage details once again rules the fashion roost.

You can support this exciting ethical fashion project on Kickstarter now –  Bee Regenerated Luxe Handbag

This is a bag that takes my breath away for its beauty, innovation and sheer cleverness and practicality. David Attenborough told me we would invent ourselves out of trouble, and he is right. It’s already happening.  A slow fashion shooting star made from post consumer waste – the age of the luxurious fashion magpie thrift is upon us. In the future we will recycle, re-work and reinvent everything. Absolutely nothing will be wasted than can be harvested and re-used. You can play around with the bag, take bits off and put it back together in nine different ways. Oh! – The endless possibilities for different outfits, fun and style moods. Fashion has never been so interactive.

I love that this clever, elegant bag  sounds as if it has been baked by talented artisans,  rather like a cake, rather than stitched and assembled. The ingredients include: scraps of regenerated leather coloured with chestnut flour, reclaimed wool, latex from rubber tress for softness, water, salt and fat! And yet there is nothing primitive, homespun or basic about this handbag. I could just see Sophia Loren with the sixties, circle version; an iconic, eye-catching accessory to match the heart-stopping beauty of one of Italy’s most enduring goddesses.

A Slow Fashion Handbag for Michelle Obama and Thelma Flintstone

This is a bag for Thelma Flintstone, or Michelle Obama. For glamorous fashion revolution cave girls everywhere; that means you and me my lovely readers. I will have to have one. It’s the bag I have been waiting patiently for among a sea of vulgar, much hyped bags, with all that unnecessary bling on the outside that just makes them look cheap and the opposite of desirable. I demand a bag that comes with ladylike allure, sustainable provenance and the timeless appeal of Made in Italy with a dash of whimsy; but not too much, after all, this is Italy.

The bee bag and its lovely cousins are one of the most exciting fashion projects on kickstarter, and if you hurry, you can buy one for half its retail price until April 4th 2016. Take a look! There are ten more bags in this collection, one for every mood and fashion occasion. www.shop.regenesi.com


The Bee Regenerated Bag in Detail

Designer Annalisa Caricato

Material: Regenerated Leather + regenerated Wool

The File Bag comes as one classic handbag with additional flaps and a leather shoulder belt.

About Regenesi  the Italian Design Studio Behind the File Regenerated Bags

Regenesi designs, manufactures and markets original design products – with a reputation for quality – produced from post-consumer recycled materials. The intention is to promote “sustainable beauty” inspired by Italian flair for design, beauty and elegance.
We make household objects to fashion accessories.

The common thread lies in the innovative use of post-consumer materials – previously employed only for goods in everyday use or incorporated in non-visible product components – that are used, from now on, not only in a functional, healthy and appropriate ways but also to generate something attractive and up-to-the-minute. Aluminium, glass, plastic, leather and cardboard – when treated with innovative processing techniques that ensure quality standards identical to those of virgin raw materials – thus becoming desirable objects.

The Age of the Responsible Luxury Consumer

The company is responding, in this way, to the raising attention for eco-sustainability, an ever more widespread and growing demand in the modern world. The ambition is actually to promote the imprinting of Italian design and the quality of a product that is also ethically attractive – on a worldwide community of “responsible consumers”, leaving its mark in a field in which we are the envy of the world and one that is perceived as an enormous value, the Italian Life Style.

The collections are created by the best-known international designers, such as Denis Santachiara, Giulio Iacchetti, Marco Ferreri, Matali Crasset, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, who – through interpretations with unfamiliar materials and a different creative approach – have produced objects with the potential to excite and release new energy.

Creating Opportunities for Tomorrow’s Design Stars

Regenesi is also interested in giving opportunities to up-and-coming young designers, both through projects undertaken with Italy’s best design colleges and with the international community, progressed through the company’s website.

Partnership arrangements are currently in place with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Venice.

Products are for sale online at www.shop.regenesi.com and, on certain occasions during the year, at temporary showrooms in the major European cities. These occasions will be announced directly on the events section of the site.



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