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Object of Desire – Organic Silk Pillow Talk a la Cary Grant

March 16, 2016 in Features

Object of Desire –  Organic Silk Pillow Talk a la Cary Grant

The Good Life - Lying in a hammock filled with the softest organic, fairtrade silk pillows

The Good Life – Lying in a hammock filled with fluffy pillows encased in the softest organic silk pillowcases

Calling the modern Cary Grant and Doris Day! How would you like to float away on organic cloud number 9? On a sensuous organic silk pillowcase , fashioned from the finest artisan, fair-trade, Chinese silk, the colour of midnight or snow?

On a cold March day I received a delightful epistle from fellow journalist turned organic silk bedding producer, Karen Warner, from the dreamily sounding Susurrus, which means a low hushed sound: a whisper or murmur: like the sea drifting over the sand, or the soft sigh of silk against your skin. After living in China, Karen and her family have returned to a windswept cottage on Shetland to teach and nurture her fledgling, cottage industry organic silk company.  Sericulture, or silk production is mentioned by Pliny and could be as old as 7,000 years. The goddess of silk is said to be to Lady Hsi-Ling-Shih, wife of the mythical Yellow Emperor, who ruled China 3,000 BC. The Lady is credited with the introduction of silk production, rearing and the invention of the silk loom. Silk is prized for its ability to react to temperature, keeping us warm in the depths of winter, and cool in summer. Silk protein is even used in hair and beauty elixirs, for its moisturising and smoothing properties.

The Secrets of the Silk Loom

The secrets of its production have been closely guarded by the Chinese, and as artisan production gave way to mass production, the quality plummeted, and it is only now that silk is once again embracing its artisan roots, where organic or wild peace silk is produced, creating silk that is kinder to the moth and far more beautiful, durable and sumptuous to touch and behold.

Are you dreaming of that cloud yet? This organic silk is so soft, velvety and luxuriant, it gives a whole new meaning to the promise of a fun pillow fight!

We Loved Susurrus So Much We Put them in the Ethical Hedonist Fairtrade Emporium!

Susurrus is based on Shetland, the land of the Northern Lights. Inspired by her back packing travels in China, Karen has designed this week’s I didn’t know I had to have you, Object of Desire – the organic GOTS certified Chinese silk pillowcase; a very hard to find organic beauty come sleep treasure for the boudoirs of the most discerning ethical gods and goddesses.  In fact I was so impressed with the story and quality of Susurrus, that I decided to feature them in our fundraising, Ethical Hedonist Emporium.  You can visit our  Organic, Artisan,  Fairtrade Store to Buy Your Pillowcases Now  We will include free Pukka Herbs Tea and Superfoods Samples with every order, while stocks last.

Recline On a Bed of Organic Silk

Midnight Blue Organic Silk Pillowcase

Midnight Blue Organic Silk Pillowcase – please note that pillows are not included.

How did I live before discovering the dreamy, luxurious sleep that comes from reclining like Rita Hayworth on a dreamy expanse of organic silk? Poorly, that’s the truth! This is the kind of simple, elegant, ethical luxury talisman, and essential piece of travel kit that could follow a woman or man everywhere. Silk is very durable and hardwearing, especially when it is organic silk, which boasts longer, more luxuriant filaments.

Karen’s lovely pillowcases come in two timeless, elegant hues, midnight blue and ivory. These heavenly, luxe pillowcases are made from silk spun and sewn in Sichuan Provence, in Western China, by Alkena, an organization that is fully certified organic by GOTS (Global Textile Standards).

The Perfect Organic, Fairtrade Wedding Gift

Ivory White Organic Silk Pillowcase, with hand-rolled edges.

Ivory White Organic Silk Pillowcase, with hand-rolled edges.

We think the latter, would make a very handsome wedding present, while every latterday Cary Grant should flaunt the midnight blue model! Have you cooed over Cary in the film – A Touch of Mink with Doris Day yet?

Silk is renowned for its ability to promote restful sleep and for being a girl’s best kept beauty secret. It is also great for keeping your hair from turning into an unruly, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof bird’s nest, a la Elisabeth Taylor. Sleep on silk, and they say you will never wake up looking less than a goddess, as silk is renowned for its skin smoothing properties, helping to keep it all a glow and miraculously free of wrinkles. We’ll take seven please.  One for every night of the week!

What Makes Susurrus Ethical, Organic and Sustainable ?

GOTs certification includes social responsibility criteria and things like water and energy use throughout the entire process from farm to finished product. The company has improved the natural habitat by planting lots of trees, other than mulberry, creating bird nesting sites and improving wildlife diversity. Stable jobs have been created in an area that suffered from unemployment. The silk is never sold at discounted prices, so that stability is maintained.

Certified-organic silk is still pretty rare and does, they say, create a superior silk thread – longer, smoother than silk made conventionally, which involves chemical boosters.

Karen has built a personal relationship with the company. Sissy sends Karen the pillowcases and our heroine makes ribbons with the leftover silk and packages them up in lovely, elegant recycled boxes.

You can also by a silk pillowcase direct from the producer here – http://susurrusorganicsilk.com Use this Exclusive Ethical Hedonist Code for a Limited time 5% Discount. 35Y7IGMTKMDF    N.B. This offer does not include Pukka Herbs Tea and Supplement Samples.





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