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Oval Farmers’ Market, St Marks Church Kennington SE11 4PW

February 26, 2016 in Features

Lara Morley

Oval Farmers Market, St Mark’s Church, Kennington, SE11 4PW Every Saturday 10.00am until 3pm,

In a perverse sort of way, I could argue that the arrival of Tesco in Kennington has been very good for The Oval Farmers’ Market. Make a beeline for this vibrant, exciting Saturday market, and go early, because there is currently nowhere else in this fascinating part of London to rival the market for such a surprising and delicious celebration of local produce, scrumptious cakes and rather glorious, Beatonesque hats that would tempt even the most discerning fashion maven.

Oval Farmers Market

Foodie and Fashion Stars at The Oval:

Biodynamic vegetables (that’s turbo-charged organic), fish straight off the fishing boats in Kent, amazing cakes, exquisite vegan and vegetarian food, proper bacon and beautiful, craft-inspired hats, bags, belts and scarves from Mamacha – a Fairtrade project in Peru, www.mamacha.co.uk – are just some of the highlights waiting to be appreciated.

The market is situated in the grounds of St Mark’s Church and has proved such a hit with locals in an area that has sadly become a culinary desert, having lost most, if not all its independent food shops since the arrival of you know who!

Can you do a weekly food shop?

Yes, you most certainly can. I do have one request. Can we please have a very good organic meat stall please?

The Best Stalls

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic Farming

Look out for the biodynamic vegetable, herb and fruit stall – the quality of the produce on offer from Perry Court Biodynamic Farm is just extraordinary, and the display deserves to win a beauty contest for the most luscious looking vegetables, strawberries, cherries, salad leaves and herbs. www.agbrockman.co.uk

Old Post Office Bakery

Have you ever tasted an organic pain au chocolat or brioche? Or a fat, handsome Californian sourdough – well you really should! This wonderful organic bakery, the oldest in London, is a magnet for bread connoisseurs and celebrates the fine art of artisan bread making. – The only dilemma? -Whether to go for a Brixton rye, pain levain or a delicious, malty fruit loaf? And maybe you need a spinach quiche for an al fresco lunch on the grass? www.oldpostofficebakery.co.uk


Somehow, Lara Morley’s eye catching, decadently pretty cakes just seem to taste better than the competition, and leave you longing for another slice. Try the tangy lemon and almond cake – a taste of Mediterranean sunshine – or the moist, luscious carrot cake with mascarpone icing, it’s less sickly than conventional icing. Naturally, there’s the most sinful fruitcake ever, shot through with a layer of marzipan. Cake heaven. www.cakeholelondon.com

The Honest Carrot

The Honest Carrot stall

Colourful, exquisite, surprising – those are just some of the adjectives that spring to mind to describe the spicy, healthful delights on offer from this exciting newcomer to the market. The rainbow treats laden with vegetables and delicate herbs and spices are a revelation, and will appeal to meat-eaters, just as much as vegetarians and vegans. The falafels are the best I have ever tasted, and I love the pretty bright pink nut and veggie balls. Everything is made using organic ingredients too. www.thehonestcarrot.com

Bath Soft Cheese Stall

Delicious organic soft cheeses direct from the organic farmer, including Wyfe of Bath , a cheese reminiscent of Gouda, only much nicer, and the perfect ingredient for a light as air omelette or toastie. Also Bath Blue, excellent in salads, and tangy yet mild Bath Brie. www.parkfarm.co.uk

Core Juices

Wonderful single variety apple juices pressed from varieties such as: Jonagold, Discovery, Bramley and Cox. Also seasonal berries including: blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. www.corejuice.co.uk

Roundwood Orchard Pig Company

Free range pork , sausages and very good dry cure bacon from Meopham in Kent.
For more information about The Oval Farmers Market and other markets visit – www.weareccfm.com

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3 responses to “Oval Farmers’ Market, St Marks Church Kennington SE11 4PW”

  1. Sophie Elder says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write such an in depth article, the comments were great and the producers mentioned are no doubt just as chuffed as us!

  2. Hi Sophie,

    I’ve wanted to write a review of the Oval Market for months. It’s a great example of a thriving market in the heart of London which brings wonderful farmers, producers and small businesses together with the people of SE11. Kennington is a very special, friendly place, and people really do care about where their ingredients come from and they appreciate the extraordinary quality and dedication of the producers.

    Alison Jane

  3. jo bonnar says:

    Hi there,
    Iam one the meat producers from Oval farmers market. I have just come across the review that you did last summer at the market on your web site .Although I do not regester as ‘Organic’ because of the long drawn out process and the expense we are very ethical in how we produce our meats.We are a small family farm on the Essex/suffolk border and we graze our sheep and cattle on the ‘natural England’ organic marshes in a little village called Brightlingsea.We only feed the grass that we cut on our land during the summer throughout the winter and we do not use chemicals to treat the land, neither do we feed any antibiotics to the animals or force feed grain.We produce high welfare standard meat which is reflected in the quality of our produce. Although I understand your ‘belief in organic’ sometimes small farmed, old fashioned method produced meat can be to just as high a standard.Im sorry we didnt have the oppotuinity to speak on the day but if you ever decide to come again ,my stall is ‘Grove Farm’.If you are interested we have a ‘Facebook’ page with lots of photo’s of the animals in their enviroment.Many thanks,jo bonnar.

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