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Did You Know That? Jane Seymour Vintage Bond Girl

February 17, 2016 in Arts & Entertainment

Did You Know That? Jane Seymour, Vintage Bond Girl

Did you know that Jane Seymour, Bond girl, accomplished painter, and green gardener, is the original vintage fashion queen? When Jane was a struggling actress, and had very little money, she would scour London’s flea markets and junk shops for interesting and exquisite second-hand clothes. ‘We didn’t call them vintage back then’ she laughs.

Later, when she became famous, she was presented to Princess Margaret, who noticed that she was wearing an original, eighteenth century frock coat. ‘My dear girl’ said the Princess, who was known for her waggish wit, ‘that’s a beautiful coat you are wearing; but don’t you think it belongs in the V&A – rather than on you?’ Jane has kept her exquisite wardrobe of precious antique fashion treasures, and she intends to pass them on to her lucky children.

That’s wonderful Jane. If you decide to have a sale or give anything away, can you invite us round for a cup of tea and to help out? We could offer a very good news home to any of those stunning dress and fripperies you would love to upcycle!

If you are looking for for one of a kind, rare vintage and couture treasures, then visit the Ethical Hedonist Emporium, where Alison Jane is selling some of her archive collection to help raise money for the magazine – www.store.ethical-hedonist.com

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  1. Marina says:

    Read this in my lunch break at work. Brilliantly written and a perk to the day!

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Thank you Marina, You’ve made my day! That’s fabulous. Keep reading. Tell your friends an please put a link to the magazine or a favourite article. AJ

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