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Come To The Ethical Hedonist Green is Sexy PJ Party!

January 27, 2016 in Arts & Entertainment



Come to The Ethical Hedonist Green is Sexy PJ Party!


In Bed with The Ethical Hedonist, Journalist, and Fair-trade Champion, Alison Jane Reid.

In Bed with The Ethical Hedonist & Star Girl Reporter, Alison Jane. AJ is a Fair-trade and Organic Food and Farming Champion.  AJ is pictured  wearing a silk kimono by Marina Ignarski, vintage La Perla silk PJs and bow headband by Jennifer Ouellette New York.  Pictures throughout by Mike Osborne.

Dear Readers, due to technical issues, and the fact that quite a few of our readers didn’t have the right plugin to watch the hangout, we will be rescheduling the magazine evening with some wonderful artisans and star producers – watch this space!

This is an exclusive crowdfunding evening for our magazine subscribers. Go to @Patreon now and become an Ethical Hedonist monthly supporter for truly authentic, world class journalism and storytelling –   https://patreon.com/EthicalHedonistMag

Oh, January is difficult. There’s endless darkness, biblical rains, the tax man and at least another three months before we can even contemplate wearing a stop the traffic frock to make a bishop want to kick in a stained glass window!

I’m Throwing a Green is Sexy PJ Party!

At times like this, there is only one thing for it – I’m throwing a Google, green is sexy pyjama party – and you, my lovely readers are invited. Put the date in your diary now – January 31st at 8pm GMT, 3pm New York.  Let’s say bye, bye January, in the style of old Hollywood! Prepare to skip back to the gilded age of Your Girl Friday, in the spirit of Bacall, Monroe, Hayworth and the divine Cary Grant. (Please note this is a broadcast, Google hangout party, not a real party).

Wear your Satin PJs and Bring Your Favourite Teddybear Too

AJ's teddybear Anton and Kismul the Cat Will Be Treasured Guests at Our PJ Party!

AJ’s teddybear Anton and Kismul the Cat Will Be Treasured Guests at Our PJ Party! The whimsical frog cushion is by Marina Ignarski, and you can buy it in our EH Magazine Atelier  

Now the dress code is awfully strict. You must wear your very best satin, silk or pretty cotton pyjamas (or wool, flannel and linen for the boys) and dressing gown, and bring your teddy bear or toy cat too! As you can see, I often write in my La Perla satin pyjamas, a treasured present from one of my favourite fashion houses.

 Franky wears a silk fan scarf by Textile Designer Marina Ignarski, available in the Ethical Hedonist Atelier Now.

Franky, the rescue dog wears a silk fan scarf by Textile Designer Marina Ignarski, available in the Ethical Hedonist Atelier Now.

Star Girl Reporter and Her Approach to Glamour and Creativity

A star girl reporter always feels inspired when she is wearing satin and pearls; it’s my oh so sensible approach to everyday glamour and nurturing creativity of the highest order. (Alas, don’t get on the tube in your PJs to go to the office, unless you work at home).

Tune in  for Live Storytelling from the Inspiring World of Ethical Hedonist Magazine

I’m throwing a party for all kinds of good reasons. The main one is to introduce Ethical Hedonist Magazine, and myself to all our wonderful new readers, all around our remarkable planet. I want to enthrall you with stories about our wonderful artisans that we champion in the new Ethical Hedonist Fairtrade Atelier, and talk about how this inspiring, quirky, Fairtrade magazine champions the artisan and local consumption in a green and sexy way. Most importantly, we also champion journalism! It’s a highly skilled profession, and an important one. My colleagues report from war zones such as Syria, and expose corruption and injustice – where would be without journalists? So far, as the founder and editor-in-chief of Ethical Hedonist, I have personally mentored more than 15 graduates and undergraduates, and my dream is to do a great deal more in 2016.

A vintage dressing table in the EH Atelier, jam-packed with organic, sustainable and Fairtrade Luxury from Pukka Herbs to Bach Flower Power Perfume and Vintage Treasures

A vintage dressing table in the EH Atelier, jam-packed with organic, sustainable and Fairtrade Luxury from Pukka Herbs Teas and Superfoods  to Bach Flower Power Perfume, Inlight Organic handmade luxury skincare and Vintage Treasures – all available to buy in our EH Atelier Shop.

Help Me to Champion Ethical Journalism and Inspire the Next Generation of Reporters

In the past four years, I have written, and researched and commissioned more than 500 inspiring features on sustainable living from conservation to couture; slow food to how to live like a Downton Abbey Duchess. Now I need your support. Talented journalists must be paid for their work. We are trained, professional writers. Journalism is a profession, in the much the same way as medicine, the law and teaching. I want to personally ask you to become an Ethical Hedonist subscriber in return for wonderful rewards to help secure the future of the magazine, and help me to do a great deal more to turn our world sustainably, fashionably emerald green.

Keira Knightley’s First Kiss

Keira Knightley Fine Art Poster created by Alison Jane and Mike Owen.

Keira Knightley Fine Art Poster  – Photo Mike Owen, Fashion Direction Alison Jane Reid – Order your in the EH Shop

So what can you expect at the Ethical Hedonist PJ Party? Well, I will read a sparkling, life-affirming new extract from my forthcoming Star Girl Reporter memoirs – this will be the story of Keira Knightley’s very first kiss! Yes, back in the day, I did a fairytale interview and fashion story with Keira, at Queen Victoria’s Castle, Osborne House. I can reveal that Keira is very down to earth. We mostly talked about boys and spots and feasted on locally caught fish and chips on the promenade for dinner, and Keira told us rather naughty jokes!

Fairtrade Luxury Shopping that Gives Back in the Ethical Hedonist Atelier 

I will discuss and answer questions about the magazine and we will be live in the Ethical Hedonist Atelier Shop, brought to life in my whimsical, English Eccentric home! The shop will be filled with lovely local, organic, sustainable, vintage and Fairtrade treasures from Pukka Herbs teas and superfood supplements – to handpicked artisan fashion from London, Salamanca and the Isle of Wight. We will also have our artisan fine art prints of Keira Knighley and other icons, from my days on The London Times, with star photographer, Mike Owen. You will be able to order and buy all these one of a kind artisan treasures in The Ethical Hedonist online emporium. My friend and talented local artisan, Marina Ignarski, a graduate and teacher in fashion and textile design, will join me. I will be talking to Marina about the inspiration behind her sensuous, sublimely feminine scarves, cushions and kimonos, in shimmering silk – all made on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Animals, nature and fashion symbolism inspire Marina to create timeless, heirloom, wearable art.

We can’t wait to see you at home with The Ethical Hedonist – January 31st 2016. You will need a gmail and google + account to join our Google hangout virtual party and then we will send you a personal invitation to attend.  See you all on the very last day of January – in the meantime, have a wonderful, very Ethical Hedonist month filled with inspiration and creativity.

Visit Our Wonderful Ethical Hedonist Fairtrade Shop Now

A Big thank  you to Mike Osborne for being so patient  during our photo shoot. You know what they say, never work with animals!

Mike Osborne – www.mikeophoto.co.uk


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