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Goddess Natural Hair Colour Tips: The Jane Asher Sixties Chick Look

June 18, 2015 in Featured

Goddess Natural Hair Colour Tips: The Jane Asher Sixties Chick Look

Theo Bambacus, Colour Maestro for Herbatint and Grip Salon, Wimbledon Village, Shares His Top Tips for Achieving Fab Natural Hair Colour at Home.


Hands up, who wants to look like a latterday Jane Asher? With her mirror, strawberry blonde locks, gazelle like grace, perfect, heart shaped mouth and a Beatle as the ultimate fashion accessory. Yes!, we thought so.

Meet Theo Bambacus, a man who understands what sublime, natural hair colour can do for a girl and can create any hair colour look in the rainbow! Theo is the image of a cool, 21st Century organic and natural Hair Whiz Kid. He shops at Borough market and lives a vibrant, healthy organic life. He is the head colourist at Grip Natural and Organic Hair Salon, London and he is an expert for Herbatint and Colourherbe natural hair colour. Theo works like a Picasso of hair, and knows how to bring out a girl’s god-given natural assets, to add a halo of light and tone to the hair, harnessing the magical botanical powers of plants, herbs and flowers, for a sun-kissed, golden goddess look.

Natural Hair Colour  a la Jane Asher, Consort of a Beatle


We love the sixties vibe created for our editor, AJ,  with a dash of strawberry blonde highlights, a la Jane Asher in her days as the girlfriend of a Beatle! Read on for Theo’s insider emerald tips on how you can achieve a groovy, stellar natural hair look at home.

Editor’s Note –  Theo finished my hair with Intelligent Nutrients – www.intelligentnutrients.co.uk  shampoo and styling aids and I smelt like a verdant, aromatic, botanical garden, all the way into town.  It’s nothing less than aromatheratopia for hair…. being an emerald princess is positively life-enhancing. AJR.


Alison Jane at The Philanthropy Club, Hair by Theo Bambacus, Using Colourherbe Natural Hair Colour

Alison Jane at The Philanthropy Club, Hair by Theo Bambacus, Using Colourherbe Natural Hair Colour – Fashion Reportage – Alison Jane’s Royal Rose Dress By L Saha, Coming Soon to the EH Mag Shop!  – Picture Alexandria Hall

Fashion Photography By Alexandria Hall     www.a-h.photography/



 Theo’s Top Tips for Natural Hair Colouring at Home

Q. How do you pick the right colour for your hair/skin tone?

A. Generally everyone looks best around their own natural hair colour or 1 to 2 shades lighter or darker (nature knows best!) If you have pale skin and blue / green eyes copper tones are very appealing, Olive skin and dark eyes suit mahogany tones. Goldentones suit almost everyone!

Q. Are there any special techniques for colour application to get the best results?

A. When colouring previously coloured hair always try to apply the colour on the re growth only as colour on top of colour will go darker. If your ends are faded then apply colour to the ends for the last 5-15 minutes only. Try to take small sections and apply the colour evenly and always go back over it in case you missed any. If you are applying colour for the first time apply it right through from the roots to ends and comb it with a large toothcomb to ensure even coverage.

Q. Are there any tips for prepping your hair before you apply colour?

A. Always do a patch test before you colour your hair for the first time just in case you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.I would always suggest colouring dirty hair rather than freshly washed hair, your scalps natural oils will help protect you from sensitivity that may arise in certain individuals.

Q. What are some suggestions for keeping your colour vibrant?

A.Try to avoid the sun, swimming in chlorine pools and too much heat from styling tools like straighteners and curling irons.

Q. What type of shampoo/conditioner should you avoid using post-treatment?

A. Any products that contain, sulphates, petro chemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and silicones. Herbatint Normalising Shampoo and Royal Cream Conditioner will keep your hair in the best condition and your colour vibrant for the longest period of time.

For More Info on Herbatint Natuarl Hair Colour – www.herbatint.co.uk

To Discover more about The Philanthropy Club – www.philanthropyclub.com


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