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A Spring Feast of Organic Food Delights and Festivals

May 8, 2015 in Eat Local & Organic

Abel & Cole

Abel and Cole salad Box

What is the secret of happiness? Eating vibrant, delicious food, grown in season that feeds your body, soul and heart. Seek out the freshest, Uk grown organic food, from small, local producers. A box scheme is a brilliant way to start, as you don’t have to hunt down all the ingredients! It’s the foundation for making delicious healthy food with ease. Try  Abel & Cole, a go to EH favourite for organic produce grown with love and passion and lots of imaginative ideas to get you making delicious, nutritious meals in minutes.

Abel and Cole Super New Salad Boxes

Abel & Cole go out of their way to make our hunter gatherer instincts fun and ever changing with the seasons. They have just introduced their new Super Salad box with recipes carefully chosen by recipe guru Rachel de Trample and inspirational nutritionist Vicki Edgson.

The box includes three vegetarian salads each week for two people, priced at only £19.50. To add an extra dash of excitement, the boxes change weekly. For example, this week’s box includes tantalising Moroccan spices that will take you on a Moroccan odyssey, with citrusy lime for an added kick and crispy shallots.

While it has been said that good food takes time, it doesn’t have to occupy an entire evening hunched over a stove. Prep time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes while cooking time ranges from one to ten minutes. Soon, you will be cooking like the Hemsley sisters  – with recipe cards and step by step instructions included.


Daylesford Summer Festival

What if there was the prospect of a perfect day out? Eating the most vibrant, delicious organic and slow food, grown and harvested with love and passion, which operates in a different universe to a soulless supermarket aisle? Well, welcome to the world of Daylesford Organic Farm.  It has never been a more exciting time to embrace local, organic and seasonal food, with the emphasis on provenance, husbandry and the art of truly living well.  No one does this better than Daylesford Organic – yes, it’s time for the annual Daylesford Summer Festival in the heart of the British countryside.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with creamy, handmade, artisan ice cream, a sizzling barbecue with  assorted organic meats, boasting marvellous taste and provenance, straight from Daylesford’s farm, as well as the Prosseco and Léoube bar.

Lollipop Decorating, Pedal Cars and Seed Planting

For children, Daylesford offers a fun, yet didactic experience with lollipop decorating, vintage pedal cars and seed planting. You never, this could change a child’s life and spawn the next generation of farmers and producers!

This is a festival that offers a myriad of activities for everyone, from live music and entertainment, to behind the scenes organic tours, educational Q&As for the insatiably inquisitive and fun, inspirational live cooking demonstrations. It’s the perfect family day out that will delight the tastebuds and show you how life-enhancing going local and organic can be.

Daylesford Festival – Saturday 15th May 10am  – 5pm – for more infowww.daylesford.com



Eco Pod

We are in love with the Ecopod! How chic! How novel! How innovative! It’s the emerald princess garden of the future. And what a talking point to make all our friends sustainably green with envy. It’s the perfect way to potter around the garden, from the comfort of the sitting room – genius! We want a wall of cute Ecopods in every room, to show off our goddess, green gardening skills.

While we can reluctantly admit that we would rather spend our time tending to our tresses than the greenery in our garden, the EcoPod has surely been sent by the sustainable gods!

Gardening for Sustainable, Social Butterflies

What really makes the Ecopod exciting, and innovative, is its clever self-watering function, a must have for ethical butterflies and those who are always on the go. Its sleek, contemporary vertical design means that it is complimentary to any house décor and a sublime space saving solution.

If you’re not already singing the EcoPod’s praises, it is also easy to fit, remove, move and clean. Add pumice, soil and your plant of choice,then, all that is left for you to do is for you to sit and admire the fruits of your labour as it blossoms into a garden of verdant, edible beauty. Your garden is sure to be a talking point and the envy of your friends!

The EcoPod costs £14.95 from Genie Gadgets

Research by Intern Arnelle Patterson. Edited by Alison Jane Reid


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