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Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress at Young British Designers

April 17, 2015 in Features

Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress By Kirsty Ward at Young British Designers

Young British Designer Kirtsy Ward’s distinctive collection features a long lacy beacon of divine, sustainable style elegance. Written and researched by Femke Gow. Edited By Alison Jane Reid

“Fashions fade – style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

The Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress  –   A miraculous piece of fashion star dust; delicate yet diversely appropriate – and it’s intriguingly slow and sustainable too.

Kirsty Ward’s collections gravitate around a merging of jewellery and clothing, blurring the lines between where one ends and where the other begins. Materials as varied and unexpected as rivets and hinges, often adorned with streams of silk and Swarovski crystals, are layered between luxuriously sheer fabrics. Ward’s eclectic designs include the handmade Long Sleeved Nude Lace Maxi Dress  ; an elusive, Miss Haversham like cornucopia of lace and verdant green detail to be worn on any occasion, rendering the person upon whom it so kindly and so exquisitely sits effortlessly beautiful and timeless from within.

Marvellous British lace, personality and whimsy

The maxi-dress features a round-neck with contrast jewel green piping detail to neckline, wrists and hemline, and lends itself to the imagination of the wearer to accessorise. You could wear a small petit-coat over your shoulders with a waist-piece for elegant evening-wear that flaunts its translucent grace, or an oversized knit and chunky boots for daytime perusing. With a keyhole open fastening to the back and a slightly relaxed fit, the dress slips you into comfort, but never slouches, with a pronounced hemline that ensures its grace and structure.

A dream of a dress made with heart

As a sustainable dress, Ward’s lace maxi dress is made entirely from the heart. As with other Young British Designers, everything is handmade in London, using lace from a British supplier and hand-made green cotton binding. Every stitch is cared for, and the dress is created without straining our beautiful planet, its resources, or its people.

Ward’s aesthetic celebrates bold cuts, defined structures and powerful embellishment. Originally from Oxfordshire, she completed her BA in Womenswear in Manchester, then achieved a distinction in MA Womenswear at Central Saint Martins, where she developed her penchant for unconventional structures and an emphasis on form.



The dress is now sold out, but you can discover some other wonderful pieces by this designer here.



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