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Time to Detox and Let Go Says Nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery

April 10, 2015 in Features


Time to Detox and Let Go Says Nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery

Springtime has finally arrived. Now is the time when the earth is bursting to life with new growth and ever increasing daylight hours. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the expansive energies of early spring make it the ideal time to detoxify.

Here are a my top six detox tips:

The liver is the grand filter and essential detoxifier organ. The state of health of the liver will determine how efficiently it’s able to release toxins out of the body. Common signs of liver congestion may include: headaches, skin disorders, anger, impatience and moodiness.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the flavour sour helps to target and open up the liver detoxification pathways. Therefore, sour foods such as lemons, limes, raw sauerkraut and green apples help the liver to detoxify and maintain balance. Other key liver detox foods include: garlic, beetroot, artichokes, onions and avocados.

Chlorella is one ideal superfood to add into a detox programme as it’s prized for its remarkable cleansing and rejuvenation properties. This ancient green algae repairs DNA and RNA within the cells, along with removing heavy metals and carcinogenic compounds from the body. Add to juices or eat alone in between meals. It’s high protein content also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels.

Mineral rich seaweed is another amazing superfood and is very beneficial during these times of ever increasing exposure to radiation (mobile phones, computers, TV’s…). Different types have different health properties, all of which help to nourish the body and eliminate toxicity. Importantly, seaweed is able to both enhance and protect the health of the thyroid gland, along with helping to remove radiation and escort heavy metals out of the body.

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Colon health is key when it comes to detoxification. When the colon is sluggish, then toxins from food waste may be reabsorbed through the bowel wall and back into the blood stream, which then perpetuates further toxicity and internal ‘murky pond syndrome’. In order to increase the food transit time, include plenty of fibrous vegetables (both raw and lightly cooked). It’s also a good idea to consider colon cleansing support such as; aloe vera juice, psyllium seed husks and triaphala (used in ayurveda medicine). For deeper cleansing, consider consulting with an experienced colonic hydrotherapist to assist in the through removal of toxic waste build-up.

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According to eastern medicine, green foods are known to enhance the health of the liver and assist in opening up its detoxification pathways.Therefore, water rich-rich green leaves, green vegetables, wheatgrass juice and green vegetable juices are considered to be an integral part of any detoxification programme. Moreover, the colour green is equated with peaceful and harmonising emotions among indigenous tribes – and is the colour of the heart chakra.

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Dry skin brushing is a practical technique which helps to assist in removing surface toxins and old skin cells, while helping to increase lymphatic flow. As the skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination, regular skin brushing can help to eliminate toxins, and keep skin soft and glowing. Whats more, it can even be applied to the face(2 or 3 times a week) as long as the brush is very soft and natural.

Use an all natural dry skin brush before showering. Starting from the feet, gently brush on the outside of the legs in large sweeping motions, move up towards the heart, raising both arms and continue to brush each arm on the outside down towards the body. Aim to incorporate this invigorating way to start the day several times a week.

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Detoxification means to let go, and release what it is that no longer serves us on different levels including food, drinks, addictive patterns, old stories and toxic relationships. In doing so, we allow the space to welcome in the new, better appreciate living in the moment and live life full of exuberance, creativity and joy filled moments. So let it go.

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Elizabeth Montgomery

Holistic Nutritional Therapist




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