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I Love Lucy OByrne and will i am The Real Winners of The Voice 2015!

April 5, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
Opera Soprano Lucy O'Bryne with Emma Willis and will.i.am - The Voice Final 2015

Opera Soprano Lucy O’Bryne with Emma Willis and will.i.am – The Voice Final 2015 Pictures By Guy Levy, Courtesy of  the BBC



I Love Lucy OByrne and will.i.am. The Real Winners of The Voice 2015!

Never underestimate the public’s ability to choose sentiment over magical, fantastical, out of this world, super power talent. Did you notice how shell-shocked all four judges looked when Lucy O’Byrne didn’t win?

Lucy’s Lights Up The Voice Stage

Lucy O’Byrne, the astonishing soprano from Dublin, and will.i.am’s extraordinary protogee on The Voice, should have been the outright winner last night. Lucy’s talent and virtuosity seemed to intensify in power as the battle unfolded. And what gowns!  Lucy went from Cinderella usherette to diva in a series of flight of fantasy, luminous evening dresses, worthy of Covent Garden. (One even lit up, bet that was Will’s idea!).

Not Choosing Lucy is Choosing a Cabbury’s Creme Egg Over a Priceless Faberge One

Stevie McCrorie is talented, and I am a proud Scot, but choosing Stevie over Lucy, is like going choosing  a Cabury’s creme egg over a priceless Faberge one.  Lucy O’Byrne’s performances were transformational for everyone who witnessed them. A  remarkable flowering of soaring vocal chords, star power, charisma and a voice that as will.i.am said in awe of Lucy, ‘how do you do that with your voice? How is that even possible? You are educating the nation’.

will.i.am. and Lucy O'Bryne peform Carmen as hipopera on The Voice FInal, BBC1 2015

will.i.am. and Lucy O’Bryne perform Carmen as hipopera on The Voice FInal, BBC1 2015

As for that fantabulously fun hipopera duet and reinvention of Carmen with will.i.am, please, please will, use your super powers to unleash this as a single so we can be transported anytime we want to. You and Lucy are great together.  We all want to listen to Carmen reinvented and be surprised and captivated by the fantastical collision of two different world’s that enchanted Great Britain one Saturday night in Spring 2015 – classical opera and hip hop.

Lucy Byrne and will.i.am at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Will.i.am, is right. It is about all about pushing boundaries, about creating magic and maybe, one day soon we will all be clamouring for tickets to see will.i.am. singer, philanthropist, environmentalist and mentor perform at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden,with Miss Lucy O’Byrne – and there endeth a modern fairytale with the next exciting instalment still to come.

Do you have what it takes to win The Voice 2016- Entries are now open – www.bbc.co.uk


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