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Who Will Win The Voice? Scotland’s Springsteen? Or Will i Am’s Cinderella?

April 4, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
The Finals in The Voice BBC 1 Tonight

The Finalists in The Voice BBC 1 Tonight – Sasha, Stevie, Lucy and Emmanuel

Talent shows and tv competitions are the trickiest things to predict. Who will win The Voice on BBC 1 tonight? In the age of being social, it is not just about having a voice that can shatter a chandelier or make your heart break to smithereens; it’s about how good your social network is.

Karis Thomas Performs ???? in the quarter final of The Voice BBC 1

Karis Thomas Performs Riptide  in the quarter final of The Voice BBC 1

How Good is Your Social Network?

This is the only reason that the most exciting female singer to come of Wales since Dame Shirley Bassey, Karis Thomas, doesn’t have a place the final. Her version of Vance Joy’s Riptide makes we want to dance around the house! She’s adorable. She got the talent, the tattoos, and an au courant, Frozen sort of beauty, and an inspiring personal story.

Karis is on fire when she performs. You feel that music is her life. Her absolute passion.  What power and soulful emotion for a girl is still only sixteen.  But she doesn’t quite have the outer confidence or network to win The Voice just yet. And maybe she doesn’t need to win a talent show. With a dash of luck, and the right musical mentors, she will go on to break many hearts with a voice that belies her birth certificate. There is certainly a vacancy for a female soul singer who can sing as if she has lived every word, every note.

Team Ricky's Finalists Stevie McCrorie and Emanuel

Team Ricky’s Finalists Stevie McCrorie and Emanuel

Scotland’s Springsteen

So, with Scotland riding high after Britain wakes up to the articulate intelligence, charisma and power of Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party. If it’s Ms Sturgeon for PM, then it’s Scotland’s time in the sun.  I predict that fireman turned the Scottish Springsteen, Stevie Mc Crorie, will win The Voice tonight; based on an unstoppable tied of emotion, national pride and hero worship. Plus who doesn’t love Stevie? Unless, the Peter Pan of music and the hippest sustainable cat on the planet, will.i.am. ,is massing his thirteen million plus followers on twitter to support his very own, delightful Cinderella, Lucy “O’Byrne in a pretty damn magical classical coup!

will.i.am finds his Cinderella in Lucy O’Byrne

Lucy is Will’s Pygmalion,  the usherette, who turns out to be a classically trained soprano from Dublin, who sings like a young Julie Andrews with such marvellous phrasing and already looks and behaves like an diva.  She is all poise,  molten tresses and star quality and she is so modest.  It would be a fairytale come true if she did win – ‘she’s the real deal – Bam! Bam! Bam!’

The Judges in BBC The Voice - Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones, Rita Ora and will.i.am.

The Judges in BBC The Voice – Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones, Rita Ora and will.i.am.

Oh and just watching Will behave as if he is a kid all over again, when Lucy does her thing, is like taking a trip to Neverland. It is so sweet.  ‘It reminds me of going to Disneyland as a kid with my mom,’ he says with a Cheshire cat grin.  ‘That’s the only place where you get to hear someone sing like Lucy these days’ – well Lucy has a our vote for sheer, breathtaking virtuoso talent and for being an endangered species then, and because she could become a mega star and marry fellow ginger, Prince Harry. Result!

Sasha and one hot duet with Sir Tom Jones!

Sasha and one hot duet with Sir Tom Jones!

As for Emmanuel, he is a prince amongst men, but I am still not sure whether he wants to be a rock star or a soul singer. Of course he can sing, and he has heartthrob written all over him…. and Sasha will have a career inspite of  her tears – she’s Wolverhampton’s soul wonder! Oh! And that duet with Sir Tom Jones was seriously smokin – yeah!

P.S.We just love Sir Tom’s swell elegant suits, doesn’t he look hot? The sexy fox! We hope they are Made in Britain. We would love to know who Tom’s tailor is?

The Final of the Voice BBC 1 Tonight  www.bbc.co.uk  Pictures Courtesy of BBC Pictures


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