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Kitty Ferreira Fashion Heroine We Think You’re Swell!

March 13, 2015 in Featured

“ I like to think fashion can tell a story not only based on style or an era, but based on values” Valerie Goode – Creative Director, Kitty Ferreira

Oh, we couldn’t agree more! We have a serious fashion amour on with the novel, sassy and rather inventive world of sensuous, slow luxe, Made in Britain Fashion marque   Kitty Ferreira     Don’t you just adore the name?! It hints at glamour, rebellion and a dash of daring.

We secretly think that Kitty’s grandmother probably worked at Station X during the war, and was a bit of a boffin, when she wasn’t painting seams up her legs, to look like smart stockings, during rationing. We can just imagine her expertly flying down drainpipes to meet up with suave officers and go jitterbugging all night long.

Kitty Ferreira Silk....

Kitty Ferreira Silk Blouse and Seventies Style Pants

This season, the soignee, upcycled luxe label has all the right pieces for the urbane girl about town who needs marvellous outfits to take her from the office to aromatic cocktails at The Cafe Royal. Look no further, for a marvellous interpretation of seventies, Studio 54 glamour, with painterly trousers and a gossamer, yet marvellously glam blouse, a la a young Jerry Hall – to a sensuous, form-fitting, day into night silk dress in this season’s hot shade of yellow gold…. It does lift a girl’s spirits to be thinking of Spring! And, would you believe, this exquisite, retro glam inspired collection is created from luxurious, end of role fabrics, and is then lovingly eco hand dyed with onions and pomegranates! We bet that gets messy! It will also spark some great conversations and admiring glances.

Yellow is the Colour of the Season! Model wars Kitty Ferreira silk blouse and vibrant yellow skirt

Where Did You Get that Headpiece? Model Wears Kitty Ferreira Silk Blouse and Pencil Skirt

So Kitty Ferreira, we think you are rather swell. We love your clever, intelligent approach to modern luxe dressing up without wasting a scrap of precious fabric. You really do offer the independent, thinking fashion maven something playful and a bit different, with an innate sense of luxury and luscious, gloriously womanly styling details, with a drape here and a pin tuck there. We especially adore the delicate details on the pretty silk prints and the Delice dress is a slice of feminine power dressing that is going straight on our wish list.

To Take a  Look at the New Spring Summer Collection, click here  Kitty Ferreira


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