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Interview with Chef Andy McFadden The Harry Potter of Slow Food

February 17, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

Real food is my passion. Food that makes your heart leap and your mouth water.  It is why I started this magazine. Everyone should be able to eat healthy, delicious, vibrant food and Michelin-starred wonder boy, Andy McFadden deserves to be a role model in the same way that Jamie Oliver spoke to a generation and enticed people to learn to cook.  Showing us all how to cook healthy ,nutritious recipes from forgotten, Cinderella cuts that are nutritious and affordable. Given how much food gets wasted in the Western World, it is wonderful to see how thrifty and extraordinarily inventive McFadden and his brigade are  in the kitchen.

Get ready to be inspired, surprised and enthralled by Andy McFadden, the Harry Potter of the Slow Food Movement and the Michelin-starred chef Patron at L’Autre Pied in the heart of culinary London. Andy is completely passionate about the slow food movement, which champions our rich food heritage, celebrates the art of good food husbandry and high standards of animal welfare  to produce delicious, authentic, regional specialities that champion our culinary legacies from the Marche to  Marylebone.

Alison Jane Tastes Slow, Rare Breed Lamb with Michelin-Starred Chef Andy McFadden.

Alison Jane Tastes Slow, Rare Breed Lamb with Michelin-Starred Chef Andy McFadden. Picture By Alexandria Warren Hall

It’s all about having fun with ingredients and declaring no to waste. Andy is an inspiration to watch in the kitchen, and he never, ever, throws anything away – even turning onion skins and limes into Alice-in-Wonderland elixirs and foodie jewels to flavour his sublime Michelin-worthy food.

Andy transforms everything from aubergines to pigs cheeks into unforgettable dishes that take the diner on an extraordinary odyssey of taste, colour and alchemy. McFadden likes his food to look ‘organic’ rather than two pretty or contrived. To that you can add  an exciting new culture of healthy deliciousness, that is all about letting intense flavours and painterly colours seduce all your senses.

Scottish Hand-Dived Scallops a L'Autre Pied.

Scottish Hand-Dived Scallops a L’Autre Pied. Picture By Alexandria Warren Hall

To that you can add puddings that would delight every modern Barbie and her Ken!

Andy is a member of the Chefs Alliance and we filmed the interview minutes after he enthralled visitors to Borough Market with his recipes for Cinderella cuts of meat that are delicious, well-priced and bursting with nutrition from the slow meat wizards –  The Ginger Pig.

Chef Andy McFadden with  talented protogee, Joseph O'Neill.

Chef Andy McFadden with talented protogee, Joseph O’Neill.


To find out more about Andy’s Michelin Star Cooking or to book a table go to – www.lautrepied.co.uk

Food and Portrait Photography Alex Warren Hall – www.a-h.photography

Hair, Makeup and Grooming – Vickie Ellis –      www.vickie-ellis.co.uk


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