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The Love Couch with EH Dating Guru Mr Wrong!

January 20, 2015 in Featured

The Love Couch with EH Dating Guru Mr Wrong!

How many frogs does a girl have to kiss before she finds her Prince, her Benedict? Her Mr Right?

Mr Wrong -  The Ethical Hedonist's Star Dating Columnist, and Secretly Mr Right!

Mr Wrong – The Ethical Hedonist’s Star Dating Columnist, and Secretly Mr Right! Fabulous Illustration by Vicky C Scott

Meet our sparkling new Dating Columnist, Mr Wrong!  What a girl needs is a secret agent in the enemy camp – a brilliant window into the male psyche. Mr Wrong cuts through the maze of modern dating dilemmas, separating the Darcy’s from the Wickham’s – with the precision of a Pershing missile laced with the acid wit of Tim Minchin and the widsom of the Dalai Lama.

A Cross Between OO7, Hugh Dancy and David Attenborough

It might seem counter intuitive, but who better than Mr Wrong, our laser-eyed new dating expert  to explain the vagaries of the male mind? – (And we will let you into a secret. Our Mr Wrong is really Mr Right, he just doesn’t know how great he is). Our male love expert is a Prince among men!  – a cross between 007, Hugh Dancy and David Attenborough – he’s a 21st Century Darcy! But like ‘ The Stig’ his identity will remain a closely-guarded secret.

He adores beautiful, smart women and his understanding of the feminine mind is almost spooky.

Now read his brilliant, no nonsense,  advice on how to separate the good men from the bad and liberate your love life!

In Vino Veritas

Dear Mr Wrong,

 I have been seeing a lovely man for 3 months now. BUT – we recently went skiing with another couple (he skis beautifully – I don’t). When we were on the slopes he was quite attentive at first, but I got the feeling that he wanted to go off-piste with our friends, so I suggested that. After that I was on my own except when the other girl kept me company. I didn’t mind, except that a couple of times in the evenings everyone had a lot to drink and he seemed quite aggressive and sneering about my skiing – I’ve only been once before so I know I’ve got a lot to learn. Normally he’s kind and does thoughtful little things for me, but that was another side of him I didn’t really like. Is it just that drink doesn’t agree with him? How can I get him to drink less without it seeming like I’m nagging?

Beverley, Warwick

Dear Beverley,

You didn’t like the way your man behaved to you when he drank on holiday, though you don’t seem to suggest that he regularly abuses alcohol. You think the drink is the problem here. It’s not, Beverley – in fact, it’s pointing out the solution.

One of the best tests for what to expect from a new partner is to get him properly drunk – and it sounds like this happened on your ski-trip more than once. Some men are sweet and lovely to their partners when drunk; others are boorish and aggressive. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and allows deep feelings and behaviours to bubble up to the surface – feelings that are normally controlled. But alcohol doesn’t make a good kind man into a rude aggressive one, or vice versa. You had the opportunity to glimpse what your man has been suppressing since you met him. I think that that is a side of him you will see more and more of the longer you stay with him. Think for a moment – is he actually as kind and thoughtful towards you generally as he was when you first met? Does he sometimes take you for granted now when he’s not drunk?

Verdict: He’s a Frog. Cut and run.

Be brave!

Mr Wrong

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