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If Only All Hotels Were Like the Hoxton Holborn

December 3, 2014 in Featured

Hotel Review The Hoxton Holborn Hotel Personality

By Emerald Princess Journalist and Editor, Alison Jane Reid

Alison  Jane post yoga work out in her Hoxton eyrie

Alison Jane post yoga work out in her Hoxton eyrie

A trendy, youthful, slow luxury hotel group that cleverly challenges the tired, outdated notion of what a hotel can be. If you want to take in a hotel that fizzes with 24/7 personality, and offers the traveller a super cool, well-thought out cosy, home from home cocoon, then you will love the Hoxton. But it won’t appeal to everyone. If you prefer elegance rather than quirky, industrial design, and you like hushed lobbies and an aura of restrained elegance then you might prefer something more demure. The Hoxton is incredibly social and friendly, with a café, free laptops, a very handy insider guide to a handpicked selection of exciting local hotspots and the atmosphere of a campus playground for grownups. Having said that, once inside your room, you will be transported to Cloud 9 – the rooms are very well insulated and wonderfully tranquil. Most importantly, you can admire the hustle and bustle on the street – but you can’t hear it!

Glamour Factor – We just love the swish curtains that create the feeling of starring in your own movie! Location, Location – Your des residence is just minutes from Covent Garden and you make like a local and walk to Theatreland and the West End in 15 minutes.

The Emerald Princess loved the quirky bureau, featuring a dinky Roberts radio and her favourite Clipper tea supplies.

The Emerald Princess loved the quirky bureau, featuring a dinky Roberts radio, flat screen telly for watching David Attenborough and her favourite Clipper tea supplies.

What You Get – A gorgeously quirky, plush room that instantly feels like home. The double bed was very comfortable indeed and the focal point of your luxe eyrie is a quirky wooden dresser artfully styled with all the creature comforts to transport your stay into something rather special – a dinky Roberts radio tuned to the perfect chill time music check; a cute kettle and trendy mugs for the thoughtful Clipper tea supplies check; charming toile de jouy wallpaper and pictures to make you feel as if you styled it yourself check; apple for the teacher check, enough room to relax and do yoga, check.  It’s as if your granny styled your dream crash pad; the only thing she forgot is one of those handy, foldaway suitcase stands. (The hotel says they omitted it to keep things simple).

The retro monochrome bathroom at The Hoxton Holborn

The retro monochrome bathroom at The Hoxton Holborn

Bathroom – Minimalist monochrome wet room, with adorably cute toiletries that you do what to take home! The only minus to a perfect stay, wrestling with the shower taps to get clean. Though we were super impressed by the prompt arrival of the charming help! Value for Money –   The Hoxton offers terrific value for money- it also does something more than that – you get pampered in ways that really count and make life easier in transit. We love the free bottles of water and essential supplies on tap a reception. Also full marks for genuinely friendly and helpful staff. Price Per Night for two people –  From £69.00 for a cute ‘shoebox’, £99.00 for a snug room with more space and an average of £200 for a very roomy double. via www.booking.com We think The Hoxton offers great value when you consider all the little extras including free wifi, one hour of local phone calls, breakfast, tea and coffee supplies in the room. This is the perfect crash pad for for a high octane restorative treat, romantic weekend a deux or business trip. We say – keep your eyes peeled for great deals via the hotel’s website and bookings.com

The cute soap you will want to stash in your suitcase!

The cute, shipshape soap you will want to stash in your suitcase!

Star Features – A cute mini bottle of organic milk – for an Emerald Princess that earns huge brownie points! The bag you hang out the night before for breakfast supplies that include a pot of yogurt and granola and a banana. (Ed – this is great. Pet hate – hotels that charge £20 plus for breakfast on top of the room rate).

Sustainability Cred – If the Hoxton keeps to their sustainablity pledge, then we are suitably impressed. Here is their mission statement: To recycle all glass, paper, cans and plastic (80% of our rubbish is already recycled ) To recycle some of the more unusual things such as batteries, light bulbs and print cartridges. To reuse or donate anything else we don’t need, such as wire coat hangers and lost property. To meet monthly, discuss our progress and constantly look for new ways we can be even Greener (Recycling of food waste is top of the list). To plan to convert more of our lighting to more sustainable energy saving methods. To use automatic sensors to ensure lights are off when no one’s around. To buy the most energy efficient appliances. To recycle cooking oil. To use recycled paper in our offices. To use ecological cleaning products. We are testing a cool device that uses water and an electrical current to clean! To use water based paints. To promote walking and cycling to work. A lot of the Hox Team cycle, walk or run to work – that’s why they’re all extremely fit. To work with Heart of the City on corporate social responsibility initiatives. To partner with suppliers (such as our laundry company Royal Jersey) who are environmentally sound.

Verdict –  I love staying in hotels. I love the fact that I don’t have to clean them and that they are a pristine blank canvas where I can think and dream, and yes, feel a bit spoiled.  In reality, I am often disappointed by the homogenised hotel box, with its cheap, generic hotel furniture, poor quality toiletries I don’t want to steal and an absence of a few, carefully chosen treats or luxuries that transport an average stay into something utterly memorable. Within five minutes of arriving at The Hoxton, I had put the kettle on, made a cup of Clipper organic tea and I could feel my tired mind and body feel grateful. As the music of chilltime transported me, I couldn’t help smiling, and thinking how clever the people are behind this new hotel. Why? Because they realise people are living hundred mile an hour lives, and need to be able to switch off instantly.

Then, I congratulated myself that I had indeed found my  perfect ‘ emerald princess’  home from home in the heart of London, the most exciting city on earth –   I will be back! To find about more about The Hoxton Hoborn go to – www.thehoxton.com




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