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Speedfit Miha Bodytech Supermodels Best Kept Secret

October 30, 2014 in EH Spy

Speedfit Miha Bodytech Supermodels Best Kept Secret

Written by Leila Glen Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.18.15

From Tapeworms to Vibration Platforms and toning footwear, mankind has never wavered in its pursuit of a ‘quick-fix’ route to getting in shape. While some of us are simply looking to tone, others are, quite frankly, looking for a miracle.

Even so, climbing into an less-than-stylish high tech suit, laden with electrodes, seems just a little extreme, right?

Wrong! This revolutionary way of working out makes it possible to achieve your ideal, healthy and toned body without having to spend excessive amounts of time at the gym. Tell us more, you say?! Despite offering a workout experience more bizarre than the thigh master fad of the 80’s, the MihaBodytech revolution has been sweeping through Europe like a fitness-frenzied wildfire – and its recent arrival on UK shores is no exception.

With supermodels, the entire Bayern Munich football team, Usain Bolt and Heat Magazine’s ‘Torso of the Week’ Rafael Nadal amongst the machine’s greatest aficionados, the fitness glitterati are hopping, skipping, squatting and jumping their way onto the Miha bandwagon. And after one single 20-minute session resulted in spending a night on the sofa rather than face the stairs, I don’t blame them – this thing really works.

Oliver Schmidtlein, owner of OS training and therapy centre in Munich and FC Bayern München fitness coach says:

“We use the miha bodytec in our facility with both leisure and competitive athletes. We also use it for specific back problems. Using the miha bodytec alone or in conjunction with conventional training methods leads to new levels of endurance and performance. EMS training allows a stronger and more intensive contraction of muscles than purely arbitrary contractions, increasing potential in the area of speed, for example. Endurance, maximum strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy – we develop individual training procedures depending on the programme and intensity.”

The machine not only vastly improves strength, fitness, endurance and body aesthetics, it is also a highly regarded piece of rehabilitation equipment.

Uwe Veronik, Physiotherapist at the world famous Müller-Wohlfahrt Centre for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine explains the therapeutic uses of the pioneering Speedfit technology:

“The application of miha bodytec EMS technology for therapeutic body and joint treatment vastly improves our training and therapeutic options. Highly effective and easy to use, the miha bodytec opens up a wide range of usage options, from the passive to active high-performance training, from rehabilitation patients to high-performance athletes. Innovation and hi-tech for our patients and athletes.”

Rafael Nadal Wimbledon Mens Final Winner 2010

Rafael Nadal – Wimbledon Mens Final Winner 2010 and EMS fan

Usain Bolt - fastest man in the world - training with the Miha Bodytech machine

Usain Bolt – fastest man in the world – training with the Miha Bodytech machine

Watch Usain Bolt EMS training here!


When I first heard about EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training, I was unsure – sceptical even. But the proof is in the supermodel shaped pudding – Irina Chaboaeteva, Instagram hit and ‘fitspo’ is no stranger to Speedfit’s pioneering technology.

Russian Supermodel Irina Chebotaeva keeps her enviable figure in check using the Speedfit Bodytech machine

Russian Supermodel Irina Chebotaeva keeps her enviable figure in check using the Speedfit Bodytech machine

Likewise, Monika Kolb, fitness trainer extraordinaire, co-owner of Kolb Speedfit Miha bodytech and 2nd place  ‘Miami Pro Bikini 2013’ trained solely with the Mina Bodytech machine in the last two months running up to the competition; her phenomenal results are true testimony to the power of EMS.

Monika Kolb (pictured middle) 2nd place at Miami Pro Championships 2013

Monika Kolb (pictured middle)
2nd place at Miami Pro Championships 2013

The idea is that electrodes connected to the suit – which has been sprayed with water to conduct the electricity – will stimulate muscles deep inside the anatomy that aren’t reached in a conventional gym workout.

Metabolic and enzyme activity is increased as the electronic pulses stimulate deep and surface muscle groups, simultaneously reducing excess body fat as well as increasing collagen production and blood flow to the skin – a full body workout crossed with a sort of high tech seaweed wrap – if you will…

Once you’re suited and booted, your trainer will put you through a fitness regime combining stretches and fitness exercise, all the while receiving muscle contractions from the Miha bodytech system.

The electric shocks are involuntary (the little zaps of electrical magic are relentless) which means the slothful among us feel the pinch whether they like it or not.

In short, the Miha Bodytech machine ensures that you work to your full potential, and get an effective, intense workout in the express time of 25 minutes. Yes, it sounds too good to be true – can we really tone muscles and burn fat in 20 short minutes? The statistics say hell yes.

In a 2013 German study, Forty-six women with abdominal obesity were assigned to either an active control group or the EMS group who performed 3 sessions of intermittent, EMS training every two weeks. After 12 months, the EMS group showed positive effects on the parameters of sarcopenia and regional fat accumulation. Furthermore, lean muscle mass changed favourably in the EMS group compared to the control; intergroup abdominal fat mass was between −1.2% – – 5.9% for the EMS training group versus 2.4% ± 5.8% for the control group. 

So, if you’re short of time, fed-up of conventional gym workouts or just serious about getting in shape, EMS training is one ground-breaking method that actually works! Don’t get me wrong, its not the easy way to a hot body – I was drenched in sweat within minutes – but what’s a little discomfort compared to slender thighs and a peachy rear-end?

Contrary to its supermodel fan-base connotations, Miha Bodytech certainly isn’t about posing, it’s about building a strong, toned and healthy physique for life.

Think of it as the city’s fittest power players’ best kept secret.

Oh, and the black outfit is really flattering…



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