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October Horoscope by Victor Olliver

October 1, 2014 in Conscious Astrology

October Horoscope by Victor Olliver

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Ethical Hedonist astrology

Horoscope by Victor Olliver

October 2014


March 21-April 20

The month starts dynamically enough with ruler Mars-Uranus pushing any project that can lead to a personal breakout (4th-6th): you’re excitable, bolder than ever, up for a new challenge – if it’s a holiday we’re talking about, then it’s the whitewater rafting type, not laidback hotel spa. A creative personal project is also well starred 7th-11th for growth. The Lunar Eclipse in your own sign on the 8th, with Moon conjunct Uranus 7th-8th, is explosive and triggers internal energies that require careful handling for the full benefit. Such can be intensity of feeling that you intemperately disrupt a relationship or do something impulsive that damages you and/or progress. The underlying urge is for a change in life circumstances, yet you’d do better to use heightened intuition to think through how to get what you want in a more measured way. It’s just you won’t be feeling very measured. The Scorpio solar eclipse on the 23rd, conjunct Venus at its Scorpio ingress, also has an ‘other people’ theme – and may be pertinent to the immediately above. On this day or in the fortnight to one month or so ahead, there may be a need to discuss with ‘partner’ (business or intimate or adviser or close friend) important matters hitherto swept under the carpet. Things have to be aired.


April 21-May 21

The key features of this month are two eclipses which for you focus much attention on the past or private domains and on relationships. Ruler Venus has just embarked on its Libra journey in the house of management: to the 23rd, your role in life seems to be that of negotiator, endeavouring to bring peace among co-workers or colleagues (or family, in some cases). Socially, life revolves around “work”. But a few of you may actually just put the feet up – frankly, you’re in the mood to be laidback. Even the most dynamic areas of your chart are internal, in the main, not apparent to nosey-parker social anthropologists. The Mars-Uranus trine, 4th-6th, draws attention to spiritual, sexual or financial themes and your inclination to part company with the past or try something new. Aries Uranus, in Pisces’ natural house for a long time yet, is slowly working its revolutionary fervour on psyche – a complex amalgam of memory, experience, habit and Something Spiritual. The significant Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 23rd, conjunct Venus as it ingresses its own traditional house in Scorpio, should offer a highly beneficial advance in a month of accelerated improvement in all types of relationship, personal or business. “Improvement” can also mean the ending of bonds that are dysfunctional.


May 22-June 21

The Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th introduces a disruptive element via Moon’s conjunction with a super-energised Aries Uranus in its traditional home. A friend or group could unexpectedly call on you for help which places you at odds with self, given the fun you’re having away from the world. The risk here is of giving too much of yourself to others, notwithstanding the spiritual brownie points to be earned. It’s worth mentioning that for a few of you, news of the pitter-patter of tiny feet could be heard soon…. In a month of pronounced contrasts of temptations, 11th-18th actually favours appreciation of your personal and creative merits from other people – public included. Mars, in Venus’ traditional home, still impels you to actively seek out useful people. And social boldness can conceive an opportunity for you to progress a personal project. The Venus theme also shapes the important Scorpio Solar Eclipse of the 23rd when this planet of cooperation conjuncts Sun/Moon in Virgo’s natural home. This is an excellent time to tackle any diet or exercise challenge. And events around this time will urge you to make peace in the workplace, or improve professional relationships – always a good idea to help maintain optimum health. The 21st-29th period is one of pronounced social opportunity arising from work or daily routine or a time to sort out tricky topics in certain relationships, provided you see both sides of an issue.


June 22-July 22

Work-life balance could be one of the major themes of October. Both Libra Sun and Venus transit your own traditional house of domestic concerns and personal security to the 23rd. This doesn’t mean you’re turning into the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. But certainly the home is a source of great pleasure and/or your mind is on redecoration and ways of raising home value. And when Mercury reverses back into this chart sector on the 10th (to 25th) you’re given a second chance to re-consider any family or property discarded option; or to revisit an emotional concern. You can afford to take your time. What may not help is an underlying restlessness – with Sun opposite Uranus 7th-8th and then Moon conjunct Uranus during the important Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th: career and home matters intensify on these days or later in the month. Some of you may feel pulled away from family by a sudden development at work – leading to conflict, possibly – and others may actually feel more empowered at home. Or, you’re tempted to make a very rash decision affecting home or career or both. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 23rd, conjunct Venus, is the start of what can be a rather lovely month ahead, with pleasant repercussions around April 2015, in some instances. Ostensibly, the focus is on personal passion mediated through creativity, romance, sport/hobbies, or one’s children. No matter what’s happening at home or work, there is also the domain of self and the need to express a love of something – for many this is a career (such as writing novels); for others, the thing they do to stay sane.


July 23-August 23

Start of month finds you busy-busy. There’s a lot on. Emails and texts to answer (or delete, unread – inadvisable) and possibly official paperwork to crawl through. Micro-dramas could be

piling up: The Case of the Neighbour’s Nuisance Cat; The Sister Who’s Threatening to Boycott her Gay Son’s Wedding; The Mystery of the Missing-in-the-Post Passport Photo. Or variants on these themes. It would be a good idea to sort out anything that has the potential to develop into a monstrous time-waster, if not addressed appositely, before the 8th. That’s because on that day the significant Aries Lunar Eclipse offers some sort of rescue. Or, if not on that day precisely, sometime in the rest of the month. It may feel like a rescue, initially. You’ll be feeling very restless, tempted to do something very out of character, such as booking the next flight out to wherever a destructive tropical cyclone may be brewing, just for the hell of it. Certainly, you’d be wise to do something different around the 8th, just to break-up a stale mood. The very important Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 23rd in your house of home and family, close to Venus’ arrival here, does signal not just domestic changes but a major development in a partnership, if you’re in one. Because of the Venus conjunction, you could be deciding to begin a partnership – or ending one. Or a joint decision is made which grows in importance around April 2015 – perhaps to do with a shared property.


August 24-September 22

The significant Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th (colouring the rest of October) occurs in your other money house, the one to do with sharing, loans and legacies. Because Uranus is close by, a very sudden event could boost resources, or affect worth in some way. Stay calm! The Mercury retrograde advises fact-checking. In this phase (11th-18th especially) a financial gain very much helps your push to progress home or family plans. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus on the 23rd probably also has a materialist theme, though more linked to deals, negotiation and research. This is a remarkably positive time, not in the least impeded by Mercury’s move direct on the 25th in your income house: after this date you’ll find the way smoother to communicate business or cash ideas; and as you enter November, it’s a safer time to sign contracts. Some Virgos may find a new business partner, new agent or other adviser. An important development from this time could surface around April-May 2015. Helping you 21st-29th is Sun conjunct Scorpio Venus in Gemini’s natural home: make the most of magnified social graces and opportunities to charm people round to your way of thinking; build bridges; and use friendships and other alliances to discreetly pursue financial (or other) aims. Really, October should turn out to be a month to remember for turning a financial corner.


September 23-October 23

Excitement is in the air – what could it be? Life momentum may have speeded up last month. Or, you just feel ready to start again: the elixir of re-birth. Your ruler Venus is back home, in Libra, in the 1st house of the self. Sun’s there too. And Mercury retrograde returns on the 10th. So, this is a time about you, what you see in the mirror, how you see yourself. And having a great time. This is your time of the year. The Libran qualities are in their prime: the instinct to build bridges and create harmony and beauty. Your capacity to stand back from situations for a cool, dispassionate assessment can be applied to self as well: no one should be surprised if this month you take a step to improve the body beautiful by way of spa pampering or cosmetic surgery. Socially, too, you’re in expansive mode. Efforts to get your particular message across about a cause or personal dream (say, to colleagues or neighbours) could bear fruit 7th-11th. On the 23rd is the year’s second important Solar Eclipse, this time in Scorpio, conjunct Venus, in your house of

income and moveable assets. Finances are the big theme – and probably connected to a partner (business or marital) or to a business. Very likely the news is good, but with eclipses, nothing can be taken for granted. Careful decision-making is required when your instinct may be to prevaricate.


October 23-November 22

Whatever’s going in your life, it’s likely that there is a heightened hidden, cryptic, secretive or confidential theme – it’s as if you’re pushing for something behind closed doors. Finances are connected in some way to this – perhaps you’re seeking a pay rise or a better remunerative package. The 11th-18th could see a positive result. The potentially fortuitous Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 23rd, highlighting the Sun’s and Venus’ entry into your sign, will be impactful, not just on self but on close relationships and partnership. Recent soul-searching may have led you to a sharpened awareness of the need to express your ideas and perspectives a lot more effectively, and to find life arenas capable of matching ambition. If you’re unhappy with your lot, the eclipse can feel alarming – like a wake-up call after a heavy sleep. Venus’ involvement with the eclipse could draw key relationships into your assessments of what in your life is working or not. If this sounds a painful time, it probably won’t feel like it. The Sun-Venus conjunction, starting in Libra and ending in Scorpio, is a long one (21st-29th): it softens persona, spotlights your seductive or winning side, so that few people will guess at the inner revolution taking place. For many, a romantic entanglement or mood dominates the last few days of October.


November 23-December 21

Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th introduces a rather excitable life element. And it’s valid for much of the rest of October. Amid all the social activity, the risk increases of over-reacting to perceived insult or oversight within a group situation. Volatility is likely because Uranus is close to Moon. Try not turning into a drama queen. Hobbies, creative pursuits, children and even love life may also crowd in on time available – a case of personal pleasures versus shared aims. You may need to balance out your daily schedule to avoid upsets. The 13th-14th offers a lovely interlude to urge on a personal expansion or travel plan of any kind via friends. The year’s second and important (Scorpio) Solar Eclipse, on the 23rd, is one whose value you’ll probably appreciate or understand, as someone with likely advanced spiritual or psychological interests. This eclipse, conjunct Venus, occurs in the house traditionally associated with Pisces, and your own ruler, Jupiter. It signals a new phase, taking you well into November, when you’re contemplating life to date, your own values and goals. It can also trigger a secretive tendency, either because you’re absorbed in plotting and planning or because you’re in the grip of some doubt. How it manifests will vary with each person, but should be regarded as an opportunity to prepare mentally for a much more active time from third week of November.


December 22-January 20

Careerists among you will be in your element, with Sun still in the house we traditionally associate with Capricorn, the 10th. It’s the place where our role and standing in society is defined. Venus, too, is here (like the Sun, to the 23rd), so for many Cappies, work is generating many

social opportunities; or there’s a pronounced responsibility on you to present the most positive face to colleagues, bosses or public. The home itself beckons with the significant Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, valid for much of the rest of the month. An unusual domestic or family problem or challenge may require your attention; or you’re thinking of making a move. This will be a chance to make up for too much time dedicated to career. On the 23rd, is the important Scorpio Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus – effective well into November, with likely repercussions six months from around this time. Events or a mood will incline you to socialise more widely, not just for the fun of it, but to further professional or idealistic goals. It is probable you’ll make new allies, particularly with Venus close by. But you may also decide to end certain associations which no longer serve your purpose. In the last few days of October, social life could become a lot more elevated by the company you keep, with pronounced spiritual overtones. Or, a message for the mass media can be communicated effectively.


January 21-February 19

Even Aquarian prisoners will be feeling adventurous. But let’s focus on Aquarians out of jail – that’s most of you, hopefully. With Sun and Venus in Sagittarius’ traditional house (in Libra), foreign culture or travel, international communities, or any area of life that represents new terrain, will be preferred. A partner or close friend may be the conduit to a challenging and stimulating new way of looking at life. You may feel as if you’re a student again, re-exercising the brain cells over a new hot topic. The significant Aries Lunar Eclipse on the 8th – valid for much of the rest of this month – is especially pertinent to you because Moon is right next to your ruler Uranus. In a sense, and emotionally, you are even more like yourself, which is to say, restless, erratic, highly intuitive yet super-rational: yes, slightly peculiar. If life is nothing as it should be, you’ll be kicking up big-time. Hence the ongoing need to think big and dream and plan. Yet this eclipse does advise you to scale back somewhat and relax – perhaps deal with sundry paperwork as “therapy”. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 23rd, conjunct Venus, occurs in your career house, where Saturn has dutifully plodded since October 2012, ensuring you apply yourself more resiliently to aspirational goals. This eclipse does signal a new burst of career or status energy. On this day, or in the month ahead, you could be changing job or launching a career-based project.


February 20-March 20

If you’re reasonably clued-up on personal needs, you’ll be taking steps to understand self a lot better. What does that mean exactly? What are you supposed to do? It could involve reading a book about the mind, behaviour or the mystical. It might require the aid of a therapist to hold your hand. At another level, you could be burrowing into your own financial situation, working out what’s do-able or not, and why. With Sun and Venus skipping through Scorpio’s traditional house (to the 23rd), there’s fun with a partner to be had; but also, you’re calibrating your own range and power for future orientation. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse, conjunct Venus, on the 23rd, marks a distinct change of mood for the month ahead – refreshing in its potential breadth and depth, because it occurs in the house of new horizons. Foreign travel may be required to further aims; or, in this phase, you decide at long last to take up a challenge, if only to escape restricting routines and expectations. Venus’ involvement may draw you to like-minds who share your religious, spiritual or philosophical perspectives. And much pleasure is to be had from breaking

out of a life too ordinary. The long Sun-Venus conjunction 21st-29th accentuates the social side of life. Some of you will be taking a partnership to a new level through travel. Sharing a new faith with others maybe an alternative feature.

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