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The Emerald Princess Diary: Bubbles Heists David Morrissey and Daryl Hannah

September 18, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

The Emerald Princess Diary: Bubbles Heists David Morrissey and Daryl Hannah

Be Original Or Die – Madame Yevonde

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Hello Hedonistas! Welcome to my super glam, star-studded new diary column. It is time for your favourite correspondent to be your sublime, fly on the wall, social butterfly. Prepare to have you imagination stroked, tickled and transported… Imagine a column that features your favourite actors, film icons and A listers, and the very best parties, gallery openings and tips and trends on what’s really hot -from heritage Made in Britain luxury fashion to the coolest places to graze real food and drink – all wrapped up in a garland of first class storytelling and swish gossip!

Fancy living in Daryl Hannah’s Californian Eco-haven? Now’s your chance…

Amid news that Kill Bill star, Daryl Hannah, has an exciting new love interest – shush, we are not saying a word! – Only that her organic, rainbow-hued, rustic, California eco pad is on the market for offers in excess of four million dollars. During an interview trip to the Belize rainforest, Daryl painted the most evocative picture of the ranch to our emerald princess. The chill out sitting room features a living tree that goes up through the roof, because Daryl just couldn’t bare to chop it down, so the artisan builders lovingly built the house around it, while there’s a roomy hot tub to melt away the cares of a green goddess and the most exquisite, featured stained glass window. The grounds and gardens have views of the ocean and provide a heaven for her brood of rescued horses. We’re smitten – we’ll take it.

If you are ever stuck in the rainforest, we declare that Daryl is the girl you want on your team. She’s the eternal rock chick, and would be the perfect companion to hang out with, under the stars, listening to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Tom Waits… which is just what AJ and Daryl did in a forest teeming with creatures more magical than anything Disney could ever dream up.

The Driver

David Morrissey excels himself in his role as Vince McKee in ‘The Driver’

Now to news of actor  David Morrissey, that most sartorial of British actors, who plays a modern incarnation of the getaway driver in Danny Brocklehurst’s latest BBC project, The Driver, which airs on Auntie on September 23rd at 9pm. Of course, Morrissey has form playing charismatic criminals and psychopaths, and he doesn’t disappoint with a sombre, gripping portrait as Vince McKee. Vince is an ordinary man, alienated from his wife and family, and seduced by boredom and the worst kind of friend into a deadly world of fast money and ever more dangerous assignments. So, is this the new incarnation of The Driver inspired by Walter Hill’s filmic masterpiece of the seventies, starring Ryan O’Neill, surely one of the finest and starkly taut thrillers ever made?


The DVD that started it all back in the 70’s

The Driver

David Morrissey shows acting prowess as his character transforms from ordinary family man to criminal

The Driver features O’Neill as the laconic, brilliant getaway driver for a criminal gang who keep pulling off audacious heists. It is also a must see for a rare Hollywood performance by French film goddess, Isabelle Adjani, who is at the height of her beauty and mysteriousness. We want that swishy mane of ink black hair. Not to mention her sensuous wardrobe of maxi trench coats and floppy, hippy chic, Rive Gauche hats! The Driver is out on DVD October 13th, Price 17.99. You can buy the film version on Amazon, click here!

David Morrissey  Driver Ropes

Mr Morrissey pictured mid-heist

Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was Like Opening Your First Bottle of Champagne; Drinking it was Like Knowing Him – Winston Churchill…

Bubbles and Beauty Pampering

Bottles low res

Champagne on ice, anyone?

Oh, The Emerald Princess does think a flute of the finest organic champagne is the best daily medicine in the world. So, not even a date with Mark Darcy will keep her way from an evening in Mayfair devoted to the finest bubbles and beauty, with the promise of fabled levels of pampering from manicures to facials at stellar hair salon, MichaelJohn of Mayfair. She will also be making a beeline for an interview tete a tete with Howard Abernethy, founder of Finest Fizz, an all-round fizz wizard, who sounds like a character straight out of Bertie Wooster. If you like your champagne to be rare and authentic, Howard is the man to know. He’s an expert on all the really special artisan French fizz houses, and he will be tasting and sharing everything he knows about the very best artisan Grand Cru’s and Premier Cru’s from handpicked, tiny artisan champagne producers. October 22nd – 6-9pm- MichaelJohn, Albemarle Street, London, W1 – guest list only – W: www.finestfizz.biz

Leah Benrimoj & Rachael Grace Kay low res

Leah Benrimoj & Rachael Grace Kay enjoy a chilled glass of fizz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/finestfizz

Twitter: Finestfizz

Instagram: Finest_Fizz

Wenche Holst Manicure low res

Pampering with a side of bubbles – perfect!

Did You Know that?

Colin Morgan, the most exciting actor to come out of Northern Ireland since Liam Neeson, adores primates. He once confided to EH that the monkey is his favourite animal and he is particularly fond of the highly endangered Tarsier monkey, whose population was recently devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines… let’s all adopt these extraordinarily photogenic monkeys in Colin’s honour and help save them for extinction in their native habitat – for more info on how to save the Tarsier monkey – tweet to @ISPchallenge – they run sustainable adventure treks to the Philippines and are helping to raise money for the last sanctuary of this charismatic monkey.

Colin Morgan is an actor from Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Colin Morgan -copyright all rights reserved Alison Jane Reid/Mike Owen

Tarsier Monkey

Colin’s beloved species – the highly endangered Tarsier monkey

Quote of the day – “ I paint ideas, not things. My intention is less to paint works that are pleasing to the eye than to suggest great thoughts which will speak to the imagination and the heart and will arouse all that is noblest and best in man.”

George Frederick Watts – Victorian Painter


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