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The Emerald News – Supermodels Eat Steak

September 17, 2014 in Eat Local & Organic

The Emerald News – Supermodels Eat Steak


The age of the ‘foodie supermodel’ is upon us…



The emerald princess is hugely excited about her upcoming healthy seasonal feast with EatFirst, the company bringing healthy food to London Fashion Week (and our supermodel spy)! www.eatfirst.co.uk

As fashion week draws to a close we bring you heartening news, the commonplace idea of the supermodel feasting on a lettuce leaf just isn’t true!  London’s fash-pack is watching meticulously as supermodels’ finely clad physiques are thrust under the spotlight but it’s the ‘supermodel diet’ that is talk of the town. Yes, you heard right, our darling long-legged amazons of fashion love to eat and then hit the runway; the age of the foodie supermodel is most certainly upon us – how refreshing!

Gisele Bundchen, diehard fan of red meat and raw food, combines her two foodie passions in her favourite meal of steak tartar with marinated mushrooms and broccoli – carb free yet devilishly tasty.

Kate Moss, another fan of carb-free living, keeps it simple with grilled chicken and veggies at a typical mealtime, giving her time to cook up a quick bite when flitting between catwalk and after parties.


Alessandra Ambrosio, mother of two with a washboard stomach most of us could only dream of, enjoys filet mignon, rice, beans and ice cream on a daily basis. If we were a little envious before, we’re positively emerald now.

Miranda Kerr, avocado enthusiast, mixes the green wonder fruit with sugar, milk, and strangely enough a glass of Vimto, Ethiopian style. Well if it’s good enough for Miranda…


Finally, fashion’s ‘IT-girl’ of the moment Cara Delevigne makes us wonder if she’s even human – not only does she have unique beauty, killer connections and a godmother who goes by the name Joan Collins, she’s got a metabolism that would put Usain Bolt to shame. Regularly gorging on hamburgers and corn on the cob wrapped in bacon (yes, bacon) Cara keeps her energy sky high for strutting her inimitable stuff on the hottest catwalks around.

Sod the diet; we’ll take bacon, ice cream and a side of Ethiopian Avocado for good measure…


Online fashion sees robust growth as consumers become seemingly addicted to online shopping

Whilst London is still developing a reputation as one of the tech capitals of the world, we are already definitive global leaders in the fashion sector – by utilising new technologies Fashion is generating billions for the British economy.

The British Fashion Council’s constantly developing digital pillar is driving the British Fashion Industry towards becoming worldwide influencers in creativity, business and innovation. Online sales are a vital innovation in order to achieve greatness on the global stage, and statistics just in from market research company, Mintel, reveal that the market for online fashion continues to see robust growth as consumers become more accustomed to shopping online.

Figures show that:

–        Since 2013 UK sales of online fashion have increased by an impressive 14.5% to reach £10.7 billion in 2014

–        Online sales in the UK account for approximately 17% of total spending on clothing and footwear, up from 13% in 2011

–        The forecast for the market remains strong with sales expected to reach £19 billion in the UK by 2019

–        Today as many as seven in ten (70%) internet users in the UK buy clothing and footwear online, making clothing and footwear the most purchased item online

–        Tablets are becoming increasingly popular both for browsing and buying with 20% of online shoppers in the UK purchasing clothing via a tablet in the last 12 months

Tamara Sender, Senior Fashion Analyst at Mintel said ‘today’s Brits are increasingly moving between devices when shopping online, as well as using mobile devices to help them shop whilst in-store. As consumers combine different channels to shop for clothes, retailers have to ensure that shopping is truly seamless and that they give customers a consistent shopping experience whatever channel they choose to use.’

It is evident Brits are choosing to forgo their umbrellas and shop Autumn/winter luxuries from the comfort of their own homes – we can’t say we blame them.



Swedish Blogger ‘Rodejber’ joins the achingly stylish troops at online boutique Number 22


From the moment Number 22 exploded onto the online boutique scene, there has been a hubbub of excitement surrounding the divine, quirky-chic pieces handpicked from all over the globe – and the newest fashion drop is no exception.

Swedish blogger favourite ‘Rodejber’ is the latest ethically precious designer to join the achingly stylish troops at Number 22, championing serious style credentials along with sustainable spirit.

Stand-out pieces from this Scandi-Style genius include the Poste Leather skirt, Caput Embroidery Dress and the Clavi Camisole.


Made from recycled leather, this skirt screams vintage for the grown up girl. The Caput Embroidery Dress is impossibly pretty and, made from Tencel, a highly sustainable fabric, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was silk. Finally the Clavi Embroidery Camisole, also made from Tencel, with its sensual neckline and scalloped hem, is set for cult product status within the fash-pack this London Fashion Week.


To grab a piece of the lust-worthy action visit: http://number-22.co.uk/






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