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Wow! Zandra Rhodes Designs an Organic Star Print Dress Worthy of Twiggy!

August 19, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment


Iconic British Fashion Designer Zandra Rhodes talks about her Happy Women Collection for People Tree

Iconic British Fashion Designer Zandra Rhodes and Safia Minney talk to Alison Jane Reid about her Happy Women Collection for People Tree


Win an Iconic Zandra Rhodes for People Tree Heirloom pop art dress, based on her revolutionary Royal College of Arts sixties prints. Zandra’s bold, psychedelic prints were considered too wild for the prim fashion establishment when they first appeared. Then punk exploded into the national consciousness, and Zandra became the crown princess of fashion counter culture, while Queen’s Freddie Mercury stalked the stage like a princely matador in her theatrical masterpieces.  Now Zandra is a fashion superstar,  a Dame of the British Empire and the eternal style rebel.

Today she is shaking up the fashion world by showing that fashion fashion can be cool, organic and an catalyst for a new fashion revolution.

To celebrate we have Zandra’s People Tree Happy Woman Collection in sumptuous organic cotton for you to win. To enter, create your own definitive sixties look, in homage to the Princess of Punk using only vintage treasures and a dash of upcycled, make do and mend fashion flair! No fast fashion please! Then tweet to me @AlisonJaneReid and email us your photos and give a brief, paragraph description of how you created your outfit  – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com

The coolest looks will go into a draw to each win a Zandra Rhodes Happy Woman dress. The closing date for the competition is September 2nd 2014 at midnight.


Wow! Zandra Rhodes Designs a Seriously Cool Organic Star Print Dress

Zandra Rhodes punk princess and eternal fashion comet is about to achieve what no died in the wool hippy chic will ever to do for sustainable fashion. Make it cool and sexy! For la Rhodes has done something rather daring, that will have her peers trailing in her au courant, pink fabulousness.

Zandra, a true artisan, who still produces her delicious, inimitable prints by hand in her rambling Bermondsey atelier, has dusted of her incendiary pop art prints from the sixties and created the most covetable, I want you now capsule collection of 2014.

Zandra Rhodes with the star print dress with Twiggy style peter pan collar we are all going to desire!

Zandra Rhodes with the star print dress with Twiggy style peter pan collar we are all going to desire!

And yes, you will seriously yearn for her wish upon a star dress in silken organic cotton. I can just see a latterday, saucer eyed Twiggy wearing it, or girl of the moment, Cara Delvigne. So whom has she teamed up with? No, not Top Shop, Hennes or some other High Street leviathan. Step forward hot Fairtrade Fashion marque, People Tree.

Now, if that isn’t an act of agent provocateur, fashion rebellion I don’t know what is.

Remember this moment. It will have profound consequences for the fashion world. The collection of four gorgeous pieces made with Agrocel organic cotton and produced by Assisi in India, will go into twenty outlets in late summer, for  AW 14. That’s right – An organic collection by a legendary designer. The times really are a changing.

Watch Alison Jane’s Exclusive,  Fascinating Interview with Zandra Rhodes and Safia Minney, CEO of People Tree Here

The prices are brilliant too. Both the star print dress and Omo man dress will retail for less than £100. I predict a queue of stellar designers desperate to follow in Zandra’s glittery wake, and rush to bring out their own statement pieces championing organic cotton growers, artisan craft skills, Fairtrade and yes, that hitherto, deeply uncool-cool idea that it is okay for fashion to care. The age of conscious fashion is set to become very, very important indeed.

The Zandra Rhodes Happy Women Collection for People Tree will be available from June 2014

Pictures by Undergraduate Intern Hayley Rorrison








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