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EH Mag Eco Luxury Atelier is Declared Open!

August 19, 2014 in Eco Luxury Shop
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More exciting news! Horray, the one of a kind EH Mag Eco Luxury Atelier shop has now opened its magical, gilded doors. Step inside and experience a different way to enhance your life and help transform another life right here in the UK and around our extraordinary planet.
We have jam-packed the shop with a glittering cornucopia of eco luxury, Fairtrade and Made in Britain ethically precious treasures. From ethical luxury fashion that supports an artisan producer and their family, to luscious organic skincare, Made in Britain artisan gifts and the most special gift of all – a personal birth chart with our very own stargazer par excellence, with Mayo School alumni, Victor Olliver. The EH Magazine shop is the place to discover the best of everything with sustainability and authentic values at  the heart of everything we do. When y0u buy from the shop, you are generating important revenue for EH Magazine  and supporting a small producer or a talented creative striving to get back on their feet post recession.  Here are some highlights:
A Cologne Fit for Pharoah – Worth Stealing!
Discover the perfect date dress – an heirloom fashion masterpiece by the Princess of Punk Zandra Rhodes for People Tree and my favourite, utterly exquisite artisan men’s cologne, created from a top-secret recipe fit for a pharaoh by Inlight Organic Skincare in Cornwall. Cleverly, it also makes the most effective shaving balm and pampers your senses too.  This is the most authentic way to recreate  a holiday on The Amalfi coast or The Marche. Buy it for your boyfriend or husband and then steal it! We have tried everything – from exquisite, Made in Latvia wonder organic skincare from Madara,to disappear wrinkles (yes, really) to proper Made in Britain hankies emblazoned with delightful, hearts, pheasants or majestic stags. Oh, and all my lovely interns want everything from Nancy Dee, but most especially Gloria  – a goddess dream of a maxi dress, which hugs, flows and drapes to perfection. You have been warned.  This is a dress to break hearts in.
When you buy from the EH Magazine shop you help to fund the magazine – and all the small artisan producers we champion, creating a direct social impact. You also help me to support, mentor and train young graduates into a career in journalism and the creative arts. So what are you waiting for? Happy, sublime shopping – Alison Jane
N.B. Apologies for the picture quality on some images in the shop. We are doing our best to find out why, and improve them!
The next instalment of Alison Jane and Vickie’s Organic Beauty Webinars – How to Be a Golden Organic Goddess
Watch the Video Here:
Hey, it is still summer, and to celebrate we have the latest installment of my Emerald Carpet Beauty video series with my friend, fashion accomplice and talented makeup artist Vickie Ellis. This week Vickie shows you how to create a  Golden Goddess Look.  Soak up Vickie’s artistry and clever tips, on YouTube and then hot foot it over to the shop and snap up our best-kept secret treasures and join the EH eco organic goddess set. 

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