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John Simm – The Quiet Prince on Solitude, Acting and The Beatles

August 15, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment




John Simm talks to Alison Jane Reid

Leading British Actor John Simm. Portrait by Jason Joyce

Happy Friday Hedonistas! Who said that high summer is a dull, quiet time of year? It certainly isn’t the case at EH HQ. As EH takes off I am very excited to bring you news of one of our finest British actors John Simm.

Watch my exclusive broadcast interviews with John Simm here –  on EH TV – http://youtu.be/Iks_BK1KrT0?list=PL5DZSDGuLnRhza9eXPQmI5UKONuJ96NK0

John tells me he has been on a “workathon since February this year, which has taken him back and forth to LA, Derbyshire, Manchester and London.” Not that he is complaining. John has been doing what he does peerlessly. Utterly immersing himself in exciting new and returning dramatic roles which will doubtless get under our collective skins ruthlessly, when arguably, our finest star not to court a career in tinseltown will once again dominate the small screen. It all kicks off with Intruders and the return of  Peter Moffat’s The Village. What a treat.  John’s recent tour de force in Prey, as the framed police detective made for uncomfortably brilliant, claustrophobic viewing. It was almost as if we could hear his heart beat and his mind and body in a state of  siege and hunted torment. Though dare I say, I thought he acted everyone else off the screen!

Away from the day job, John is looking forward to a well-deserved little break with his family in September, before embarking on an exciting new project at the end of  the month.  John has been very supportive of me and EH and he has given me his blessing to research and write an in-depth profile on his life and career for the magazine. He has also agreed to help me with new material and insights to make the feature topical, compelling and bang up to date. So please start donating. I hope you will become  patrons of a very special profile interview and feature that will be as memorable as my interviews with Colin Morgan, David Attenborough, Gordon Buchanan and Camila Batmanghelidjh. I can’t wait to get started! If you want me to research a particular role, please tweet  me @AlisonJaneReid or email me at the EH HQ -ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com

Please note,  this is a time consuming, very special feature project which will require around 7-10 days research and writing. To the lovely fans who have already donated, please spread the word. You can donate via our paypal button on the homepage. Or via our new magazine crowd funding page here below.  When you donate to EH Magazine, you are supporting a journalist with a 20-year track record at the top of British journalism. Alison Jane champions hundreds of small producers around the world and mentors young journalists. Support a new magazine that is truly authentic and inspirational.




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  1. Done! Wishing you the best in this endeavour, and looking forward to reading your profile on one of my favourite actors.

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Hi Elaine, Thank you for being so brilliant and supportive. I have five university students onboard this week. So we will be setting the world on fire with my plans and feature writing adventures including John Simm. Please spread the word. Warmest Good Wishes, Alison Jane

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