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Can’t Sleep? Blissful Sleep Tips in the Heat of Summer!

August 8, 2014 in Featured

Can’t Sleep? Blissful Sleep Tips in the Heat of Summer! from Warren’s Evans Sleep Guru


Tips for achieving a perfect night's sleep, with Warren Evans Sleep Expert

Tips for achieving a perfect night’s sleep, with Warren Evans Sleep Expert

This summer has been filled with the vast cobalt skies and endless possibilities for summer frock wearing and bare legs. Heaven! The Ethical Hedonist has seriously yearned to go native and live in a pretty bell tent in an organic flower meadow and listen to an orchestra of crickets and birdsong before drifting off to the world of Queen Mab. Well, that is the ideal! The truth is rather more unc0mfortable, sticky and frustrating.  Sleep is supposed to be magical. It just happens. The idea is to hit the pillow, immediately fall asleep, and eight hours later jump out of bed as the Emerald Princess, restored and ready to go. Alas, whilst  we bask  in a heavenly Mediterranean climate, which is ideal for alfresco picnics, and topping up on vitamin D levels to metabolise calcium, and build healthy bones, sleep just isn’t happening! It’s way too hot and humid to cool down and drift off to sleep.

The Ethical Hedonist has been tossing and turning at night, which isn’t good for creativity, and so it was time to call in the sleep guru – Dave Gibson, who is the resident sleep expert at Warren Evans, glorious British bedmakers. Long summer days are  life-enhancing, however,  our love affair with the sun can quickly fade when we can’t sleep because it’s too hot and humid to cool down and stay serenely asleep.


A Neutral wooden bed is given a vibrant colour accent with colourful rug, bold cushions and bright lamp.

A Neutral wooden bed is given a vibrant colour accent with colourful rug, bold cushions and bright lamp.

So, Alison Jane spoke to David Gibson, Warren Evans sleep expert and he  has kindly shared  his top tips and advice to help you and all the family maintain a good quality of sleep during these sultry high summer nights.

Did you know that sleeping well is all about a balance in temperature in the bedroom? No, we didn’t know that either!

“The most important thing you can do to aid restful sleep is  to try to achieve is a room with a balanced temperature. A room that is too hot will prevent you sleeping but equally, a room that is too cold affects sleep, ” explains Dave. ” Your body temperature naturally falls during the 2nd stage of sleep, reaching its lowest point about four hours after the onset of sleep. If the room gets too cold (below 54 degrees Fahrenheit/12 degrees C) you may wake up.”

Dave Gibson’s Top Seven Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep


  1. Keep windows and shades completely closed during the day. Most people think that opening them will help circulate air – but actually it has the opposite effect. Keep them closed to help reduce the temperature in the room
  2. Go to bed cool. If you feel cool you are likely to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. A cool shower before bed will help but if you are still hot then use an ice pack (wrapped in a towel) on the back of your knees or neck which is a quick way of cooling your body. For rapid cooling, put your feet in a bucket of cold water before bed or put on a pair of damp socks. Or try putting on a damp a thin sheet to cover you, as they do in the Middle East.
  3. Hydrate. Drink enough water in the day. If you are dehydrated, you are more likely to get a headache/body ache prior to bed. Coffee/tea don’t count as they are diuretics and you need an equal amount of extra water to flush the caffeine they contain through the kidney. Of course, if you drink tea/coffee too late the caffeine will also keep you awake at night.
  4. Move the air around. Open windows at night when the air temperature reduces. If you can afford it, buy an air conditioning unit (which can also act as a dehumidifier). If not, use a fan to create a cross-draft. If it’s unbearably hot then add a cold wet sheet between you and the fan or even a bucket of ice in front of the fan to further reduce the temperature.
  5. Keep bedding light. Banish the duvet and blankets and opt for the light sheets like cotton and silk. If you are sharing a bed then use separate sheets to avoid the extra potential of disturbing each other as you are more likely to toss and turn and uncover your feet to help keep you cool. If you go for no sheets at all, keep one at the end of the bed that you can pull on if you wake and are too cold. You may need to swap your foam rubber pillow during the summer as it absorbs heat and can get very hot. An obvious one, but rethink what you wear to bed!

6.Block out the light. A light room will also prevent you from falling asleep. Try dark, heavy blinds to filter out the light if you are going to sleep before dusk. Also try a sleep/eye mask to make sure your regular sleep routine isn’t broken. Avoid the temptation to stay awake longer in the lighter nights, as routine tends to be the best way (in the modern world of the electric light bulb) of ensuring that you get to sleep easily. Also block off all sources of LED light sources. Switch off or turn them over. Don’t switch on the full light to go to the toilet etc it wakes you up.

7.Allergy management.Pollen can be a massive problem in the spring / summer keeping us awake. Combat using an air purifier and close the windows as soon as possible in the morning to stop the pollen coming in. Shower before bed, including washing your hair, to remove pollen. Anecdotal suggestions are that local honey can help with allergic responses too.

Warren Evans is a Hero Ethical Hedonist Company – they go that extra mile to craft Made in Britain Beds with a sustainable ethos in the heart of London. For more info visit –






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