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Lifesurfing Astrology with Victor Olliver

August 3, 2014 in Conscious Astrology

Lifesurfing Astrology with Victor Olliver for Ethical Hedonist

The Ethical Hedonist is delighted to introduce Alison Jane’s talented colleague – Victor Olliver as our resident stargazer. Victor has a diploma with distinction in astrology from the Mayo School of Astrology in London. Victor and Alison Jane worked together at Mirror Group and more recently as The Lady. As an editor at  Woman’s Journal, Victor’s interest in astrology was nurtured by the celebrated astrologer Patric Walker and by the late, and much missed astrologer, Henrietta Llewelyn Davies. Victor recently created a birth chart for Alison Jane, which she describes as ‘profoundly accurate, intelligent and wise counsel.’


August 2014


March 21-April 20

It’s not like you to navel-gaze, to mope and stare (through a pair of uber-chic Louis Vuitton lightweight titanium shades, natch). But let no one be fooled, least of all rivals. You’re plotting. You’re biding your time. You’re just a little bit dangerous. Ruler Mars is redirecting energies into stealth and observation. By around mid-month you’re ready to strike out – and career or social status is likely to be the beneficiary. No matter the obstacle, success of some kind is most likely – thanks to your own guile, not happenstance. Meantime, life does lighten up with Venus in the Sun’s domain from the 12th. Yum-yum. Romance, holidays, one’s kids, creative projects: one or more will be the source of joy – the 17th-18th is an especially lovely time for distant travel or reaping the rewards from passionate expression. Make the most of it because in the fourth week a new responsibility must be borne; perhaps a mark of promotion or respect. A month of brilliant contrasts.


April 21-May 21

August mid-summer finds you in furry-kitty mode, all loving and cuddly. People may well tweak your ears and tickle your chin, you’re so cute. That could be annoying. It’s all because ruler Venus –planet of harmony and beauty (and lolly) – is in that part of the solar chart that defines the home, the family and your own sense of security. Natural instincts will be to fill one’s shelter with home-made blended potpourri herbs and oils and give the distinct impression that the ghastly singing von Trapps have got competition. Around the 17th-18th you could be embarking on a new adventure or plan that improves, enlarges or gets you away from home: or, a business venture gets the go-ahead or delivers a profit. The only blot could be the reaction of outsiders, perhaps at work or in your social world – they may think you’re being a bit too ‘homesy’. Well, tough. It’s your life. From around 21st, partners (business or intimate), advisers, foes or close allies will require more work for their cooperation. So, razzle-dazzle them as only you can.


May 22-June 21

Long before science geeks made the discovery, Geminis knew that gossiping is a true sign of intelligence. What better way to exercise the brain than tittle-tattling (call it engaging in ‘social anthropology’)? With ruler Mercury in your own solar house till mid-month, goodness knows what mischief you’re up to – but it sounds like fun. If nothing else you’re building up valuable data on colleagues and others which could prove useful later. Quite bizarre discoveries could be made around the 8th (oh, do tell…) but you may want to curb your tongue on the 9th for there’s the risk of upsetting some stuffed-shirt (probably at work). Do not be tempted to blackmail, please. In the second half of August, domestic and career matters prove more preoccupying. The 19th sees some kind of muddle in either – avoid making decisions on that day. In the last week, matters are much improved. Your serious application could very be rewarded around the 25th – perhaps at long last you’re attending to a matter long neglected. A work opportunity is possible.


June 22-July 22

Crabs are surprisingly ambitious creatures. No one should be fooled by your gentle, evasive persona. August focuses this thrusting side of you on financial matters at for the most part. Yes, of course you want more money. But Aquarius Full Moon on the 10th (effective for about a fortnight) is likely to prove to be a drain on your private purse – there could be a bill to settle or old Aunt Agatha needs a loan to tide her over till the casino re-opens. Doubtless, this will leave you prickly. Yet, mid-month should see a dramatic improvement in income or assets (or you’ve succumbed to extravagant temptation and bought a Bentley Mulsanne – such lovely wood veneers). Most blessed are business partnerships or activity with a strong social component. 24th-27th is likely to be a serious time, even if you’re on holiday or in the grip of love or lust. Something requires you to think clearly and carefully. The successful crab sidles this way and that – so sidle cautiously and you’ll get what you want.


July 23-August 23

The average Leo (if there is such a person; probably not) will be full of her or himself. Now, that’s not a put-down. Whether you know why or not, August holds a promise of improvement – you may just feel this as a vague excitable mood. With expansive Jupiter in your sign till next summer, it’s no wonder. In the first week there’s a sense of mind-expansion which has a self-liberating quality. Then from the 12th, Venus transits Leo, orienting you to the vanity mirror and asking who’s the fairest of them all. The answer could point you to a health spa (Champneys looks much improved, darling – but still no wine at lunch time), the gym, cosmetic surgery or a fashionista makeover of the Harvey Nicks variety. Certainly the 17th-18th of the month looks highly positive: in this short phase something of your charm, gorgeousness, business canniness or social connections works in your favour. Virgo New Moon on the 25th (effective for up to a month) augurs a great time to initiate a financial plan.


August 24-September 22

‘Soulful mood’ is not a euphemism for ‘oh-my-god-the-misery’. Far from it. Without the time to reflect on life events, and the capacity to re-visit the past through memory, ex-lovers and déjà vu, what a wretchedly repetitive life we’d be forced to live. We really would just be Duracell Bunny slaves. So, cherish the tendency in yourself this month to ponder and go-over. Full Moon on the 10th (effective for about a fortnight at least) is a time for resolutions: to lose weight, get trim, sort out a boring work situation or change course in some way. From the 23rd the mood alters quite dramatically as the Sun enters your sign: a typical feature of this is a more positive outlook; a derring-do mindset. The 25th – and for the next two weeks or so – is a time of beginnings, arising from a determination not to repeat an error or fall for a confidence trick ever again. Make the most of any opportunity to help another; do not begrudge the time. Because, believe me: through such service, an opportunity to grow and progress is found.


September 23-October 23

With ruler Venus right at the top of your Sun chart, you are this month’s queen bee. The old Harpers & Queen magazine used to have a society maven who wrote a column called Jennifer’s Diary; it listed all the parties she went to and the notable names encountered. You are Jennifer revived. Envelopes, you’re attending the opening. Even when Venus moves into Leo on the 12th, you’re still out there, seeking new contacts, bringing people together – and more importantly, doing yourself a favour by demonstrating your social value to your bosses, peers and other observers. The 17th-18th is an especially significant time for enlarging your social circle and perhaps finding a contact with the capacity to help you break out of any restrictive environment. If from the 23rd you feel a growing wish to be alone a lot more, worry not. Life opportunities will drag you out. 24th-27th could see a financial matter in need of attention, however. The way to deal with? By the rules. You will profit as a result.


October 23-November 22

‘Combative’ is one word to describe you in August. Co-ruler Mars, fresh in your sign, inclines you to militancy, greater forcefulness or determination. It’s not that you’re looking for a fight, necessarily. But there’ll be less messing about, more direction. Results are sought. And on the 7th, little-known ‘nurturing’ dwarf planet Ceres enters Scorpio: with Mars nearby, action is the comforter (be this an office bust up or just physical exercise). What discomforts you is not doing something. More than probably the ‘battle’ area is career. And here’s the good news – career progress is a real likelihood. The last week of August calls on you to moderate ego-expression to avoid needless conflict, especially in work matters. Naked ambition has its adherents but in real life it’s not a pretty sight. During 24th-27th you may have cause to understand fully the need to aim for slower, more secure progress – or else face day after day of corrosive collision with authority or bosses. This is where your astrologer advises: ‘A glass of wine [Chataeu Canon-La Gaffelière St.-Emilion 2010 is recommended] will calm you down, dear heart.’


November 23-December 21

Well, we are restless souls, aren’t we? I feel sorry for anyone who has to live or work with you. Nothing will be quite right because at heart you want TOTAL change in some department of your life. You’re fit to be tied! And it’s all because ruler Jupiter is now resident in the part of the sun chart it traditionally lives in – for the next year. So that’s maximum desire to make a break of some kind – to take up a new study, or move abroad or sue a conman or migrate to anything really that represents a major challenge. There is calmer news you’ll be pleased to learn. 17th-18th marks a particularly pleasant time, either with partner or socially. Travel or people overseas – or places of international culture (may I suggest Turkey?) – inspire you, whetting appetite for more. Career matters are highlighted by Virgo New Moon on the 25th, effective for the next month or so. Positively this can be a period of enhanced opportunity for promotion or new work. Yes, it looks as if you are on the move professionally.


December 22-January 20

It’s simple with you: you’re not taking prisoners anymore; the time has come for (metaphorical) decapitations of the useless. This is because ruler Saturn continues to apply its rigour to ideals, dreams, principles – and to the kind of people you mix with professionally or for other public purpose. If someone is no longer on your wave-length, not supporting you, their days are numbered. In addition, Mars in Scorpio indicates that much energy is being channelled into seeking new allies and finding means to realise political, benevolent or social objectives. 14th-16th is an excellent time of opportunity to establish new friendships compatible with the bigger changes taking place in you. Virgo New Moon on the 25th may be indirectly linked to the last point, in that a new mood of adventure or challenge shapes perspective in the next month. Travel is the most natural expression of this. But other scenarios include many other possibilities, such as deciding to write a book. In essence you’re seeking the exotic – the Maldives still float and I love their island of Thudufushi – hint hint. Certainly, breaking with routine should become a priority.


January 21-February 19

Career (or status) and key relationships are the twin big themes of your August. 1st-4th is a marvellous phase to push ahead with any career project provided (and please get used to hearing this) you’ve a realistic sense of the people you’re working with and/or a shrewd measure of your capabilities. Try to avoid the occasional Aquarian syndrome known as ‘know-all-ism’. Rewards at this time could indeed be financial. But returns of a moral or spiritual nature may also be expected – as if you’re doing things that suit your set of ethical values, not necessarily just those of the grasping, materialistic world. A super-powered Venus certainly helps you spread love and light from the 12th. Despite possible tension in certain work bonds, you’re striving not to pick fights or lose through needless conflict. 17th-18th is an excellent time to enjoy a flourishing relationship of any kind. The Virgo New Moon on the 25th in Pluto’s old house is excellent for sex life. Get a room!


February 20-March 20

In conclusion, then, this will be a moody, funny old month – but with some rich pickings. Do you wish to read on? You’d better. I started with the conclusion because that’s the mood you’re in: no messing; cut the chase. This is most unlike you. Normally Pisceans are great at faffing – just walking to the car is a safari of distractions. But not now. What’s going on? On the surface you appear to be preoccupied with daily life and work, mooching along on a bureaucratic or domestic treadmill. Your hidden thoughts however are very much elsewhere. Mars is transiting the chart spot to do with exotic dreams and faraway places – and the 5th-8th phase does hold the possibility of some kind of escape. Thereafter you’d be wiser to dream and plan with caution. The rich pickings I mentioned lie in the distinct possibility of finding a partner (business or romantic or ‘friend’) with whom to face a situation – be it work or something else – from the 23rd. Now that’s exciting.

Website: www.victorolliver.com

Victor Olliver’s Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015 is now available on Amazon as eBook or paperback: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lifesurfing-Your-Horoscope-Forecast-Guide-ebook/dp/B00KHUE6US/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_1_kin?ie=UTF8&qid=1405447420&sr=8-1&keywords=lifesurfing+2015

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