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Time for a Bloody Mary Made with The Tomato Stall’s Sun Ripened Isle of Wight Tomatoes

July 16, 2014 in Eat Local & Organic


Time for a Bloody Mary Made with The Tomato Stall’s Sun Ripened Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Thanks to the Tomato Stall, the anaemic English tomato has been banished forever, in favour of  juicy, organic beauties grown on the sun-drenched Isle of Wight and then turned into the most exquisite jewel pink tomato juice  – the perfect base for an alluring cocktail that would impress even Papa Hemingway.   Yes, that’s right. The best organic tomatoes and gourmet tomato delicacies are grown and transformed with a dash of tomato alchemy on Queen Victoria’s sun-drenched favourite island in the Solent.

Let’s celebrate with a Bloody Mary made with Tomato Stall Tomato Juice, which can be organic or conservation grade – with the most intense flavours of high summer. No one knows who really invented the Bloody Mary. While the name is linked to the ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots, beheaded by Elizabeth 1st and to the actress Mary Pickford.  But who cares, so long as the cocktail is just right.  The Tomato Stall has produced a collection of  scintillating summer cocktail recipes to tantalise your taste buds, focusing on the natural flavours of tomatoes grown the slow way, to develop a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and succulence.

Using only the highest quality fruit that has been freshly picked by hand only metres from where it is processed, The Tomato Stall’s pure tomato juices boast natural flavours that are full and sweet. Both the red variety and the golden ‘Sunshine Juice’ are made using only 100% tomatoes, nothing from concentrate with no additives, salt or nasties, producing an exceptional quality mixer fit to mingle with the delectable quality spirit of your choice.

Sweet and low in acidity, as well as being delicious just 150ml of The Tomato Stall’s juice counts as one of your 5-a-day, so there really is no reason not to mix things up this year. Why not try The Ultimate Bloody Mary, The Bearded Mary or the summer cocktail of the moment, The Sunshine Mary? Or for something truly special, try the Absolutely Bloody Fabulous, a refreshing summer tipple which combines The Tomato Stall’s brand new and unique Tomato Cordial with gin, basil, lemon and a splash of Champagne.

Alternatively, if you’d rather leave the cocktail making to the professionals, top London bars including the Big Chill Bar in Kings Cross, The Bloody Oyster bus bar (currently on Waterloo’s Southbank), 10 Greek Street, 8 Hoxton Square and The Shed in Notting Hill are all shaking up some seriously refreshing tomato-based drinks, as is the Four Seasons in Hampshire which is launching a cocktail menu exclusively inspired by local ingredients.

You can buy both The Tomato Stall’s Pure and Sunshine Tomato Juice online at www.thetomatostall.co.uk, in a range of independent farm shops and delis, or at the many farmers’ markets the company attends – check out the website to find your nearest stockist or market.

For more information, recipes and updates on The Tomato Stall follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IsleofWightTomatoes and on Twitter and Instagram at @iowtomatoes.


The Ultimate Bloody Mary


50ml vodka


The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Tomato Juice

2-3 pinches cayenne pepper

2-3 pinches freshly cracked black pepper

Pinch chopped celery leaves

Pinch sea salt

Pinch onion salt

6 dashes Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce or Bionica Worcestershire sauce (vegetarian option)

2 dashes Tabasco

20ml fresh lemon juice

10ml fino sherry


Method: Throw all ingredients several times between an iced cocktail shaker to aerate and chill but not to over dilute the texture of the tomato juice. Serve tall over ice garnish with salted tomato and celery.


The Ultimate Bloody Mary w bottle_med


The Bearded Mary


125ml The Tomato Stall red tomato juice

75ml Stout

4 dashes Tabasco

4 dashes Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce or Bionica Worcestershire sauce (vegetarian option)

3 pinches black pepper

2 pinches sea salt

25ml lemon juice

10ml Martini Rosso

3 torn sage leaves



Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice slowly stir to incorporate all ingredients. Strain into a chilled steel cup with no ice. Garnish with olives, sage leaves and celery leaves.


Bearded Mary w bottle_med


The Sunshine Mary


50ml Vodka

125ml The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Golden Cherry Tomato Juice

50ml fresh pressed pineapple juice

10ml cider vinegar

15 ml lime juice

4 dashes Green Tabasco

Pinch chopped tarragon

2 pinches sea salt

2 pinches black pepper


Method: Roll all ingredients in a cocktail shaker gently to chill and combine ingredients. Strain over ice garnish with pineapple and chopped yellow tomatoes.

Sunshine Mary w bottle_med

Absolutely Bloody Fabulous


25ml gin

15ml lemon juice

15ml The Tomato Stall Tomato Cordial

1 pinch sea salt

1 pinch black pepper

2 torn basil leaves

Chilled Champagne (approx 50ml)


Method: Shake all ingredients except champagne, fine strain into a chilled flute and top off with champagne, garnish with salted tomato slice and basil leaf.


Absolutely Bloody Fabulous we bottle_med


Product Pricing:


The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Tomato Juice 200ml – £1.50

The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Tomato Juice 500ml – £2.50

The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Golden Tomato Juice 200ml – £1.50

The Tomato Stall 100% Pure Golden Tomato Juice 500ml – £2.50

The Tomato Stall Tomato Cordial 250ml – £4.25


Recipe creation by top mixologist Dean Work from The Finnieston Bar, Glasgow.


Bars which were noted as stocking The Tomato Stall juices:

  • Hampshire Four Seasons – will use red juice within their new cocktail menu from 18th August
  • Big Chill Bar, Kings Cross – golden juice is available
  • 10 Greek Street and 8 Hoxton Sq – both juices are available
  • The Bloody Oyster bar bus – golden juice is available
  • The Shed, Notting Hill – golden juice is available



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