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Love Me Do in a Rare Beatles Memorabilia Dress Up for Auction!

March 20, 2014 in EH Spy


Love Me Do in a Rare Beatles Memorabilia Dress Up for Auction

If you have a passion for collecting antiques and one of a kind pieces, you will find an amazing bargain at the next Catherine Southon Auction.

This fabulous auction features everything from beautiful paintings, sculptures and art to exciting collectibles.

Music fans should pay attention! Catherine Southon is pleased to announce that she will have not just one, but three rare Beatles memorabilia included in her upcoming auction.

By far the most sought after is the 1964 NEMS record player, which is one of the earliest Beatles merchandise – only 5,000 were made.It is estimated to fetch between £1,000-2,000.

Also from around 1964, is the boxed set of car mascot Bobb’n Head Beatles dolls, which is expected to sell for £300-400. The set is in its original, slightly damaged box and each Beatle plays his instrument.


Ethical Hedonist is particularly interested in  the amazing fashion on display. The most exciting offer on the aution table is a 1964 Dutch Polka Dot mini dress in beige and white, featuring the faces of John, Paul, George & Ringo printed in black vertically next to a guitar. This stunning dress could easily be worn this summer as that the 60’s trend is in full swing!  It’s in excellent condition and a size 10/12, and it is estimated to fetch £150-250.


The Chateau in the Shirley Hills, Surrey CR0 5RE.


Wednesday, 26th March 2014 at 11.30 am.

For more information on the sale items please visit: http://issuu.com/catherinesouthon/docs/catherine_southon_march_2014


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