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Flirt Like a Bond Girl, Shoot Like a Bond Girl and Get That Bond Girl Look.

January 20, 2014 in EH Spy

London Shooting Club portrait photographed by Oxfordshire and Lo

Perfect those sexy, devastating flirting skills and learn to shoot like 007 or one of his siren adversaries at this unique dating seminar.

Author, cultural anthropologist and flirting expert Jean Smith takes the art of flirting to daring heights with her new seminar ‘Flirt Like A Bond Girl/Shoot Like Bond’ which takes place at Archer Street, Soho and the Shooting Targets during Valentine’s week.

The first seminar takes dead aim at some of Bond’s most famous lovers and how they use their charms for leathal effect.  This will take place at Archer Street, from 7pm-9pm, with complimentary glass of wine on arrival, on Wednesday 12th February. The perfect way for movie fans to pick up those all important flirting tips during the month of love.

Jean says: “From the enchanting innocence of Domino and the vulnerable Honey Rider, to the gung-ho alpha female embodied by Pussy Galore, we have a lot we can learn from Bond Girls, particular the iconic characters from the earlier movies. “These women can be more than male fantasies. What would they be like if they were living in our modern world? My talk is about how women can use all the ammunition they have to get the man they want.”

The experience culminates with an afternoon tea and a shooting lesson with tuxedo-clad instructors, at the Shooting Targets on Saturday 15th February.

Jean, will join the owner of the London Shooting Club, Clive Hetherington  to co-host the day of shooting.

Jean added: “Being busy, having a lot of fun and throwing yourself into interesting pursuits are great ways to boost your attraction to the opposite sex, and in doing so you retain a great deal of power and control. Counting gun shooting among your hobbies and being a mean shot is certainly going to keep the conversation going on a first date, possibly even culminating in a second.”

Tickets for the ‘Flirt like a Bond Girl’ experience are available in two parts: £30 for the talk, including a glass of wine, at Archer Street on 12th February and £65 for the afternoon tea plus shooting co-hosted by Jean Smith and Clive Hetherington at the AC Shooting Targets on Saturday 15th February. Alternatively, tickets for both days are £80. All levels are available from www.flirtology.co.uk or www.shootingschool.co.uk/

stella-fitted-dress-c8ee2f9014c5 (1)

Get that gorgeous Bond girl look with People Tree

This beautiful Stella Fitted Dress, £68 from People Tree is the best dress for Valentine’s night. This dress is wonderfully understated and sexy. The tummy flattening detail around the waist gives the the dress an interesting edge, while the sexy low cut neckline and inky black colour keeps dress looking both alluring, elegant and classic. Wear with some smoldering cat eyes or a classic red lip for a look that could slay with one pout!

A fabulous cleaning tip

Is dust obscuring the picture from your TV? Finding it hard to watch your favourite Bond film? This wonderful cleaning tip from Dyson will solve that little problem!  Use a soft dusting brush attached to your vacuum cleaner to remove the layer of dust on the screen and admire a clearer picture.



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